The psychology of gang stalking, and the difference between conspiracy theory and delusion

If you’ve spent enough time on the Internet (or read the New York Times yesterday), you might have come across the phenomenon of gang stalking – the alleged stalking of particular individuals by organized groups. It might seem like gang stalking is a sort of conspiracy theory, and that we can maybe understand it in the same way that we think about things like the 9/11 Truth Movement and beliefs in UFO coverups. I’m not sure about this. There are some pretty major psychological differences between the two. It’s probably not helpful to conflate run-of-the-mill conspiracy theories, which are not considered to be an indicator of psychopathology, with gang stalking, which is widely considered to be the product of delusional thinking.

In gang stalking, large gangs of perpetrators will (allegedly) use subtle methods of manipulation and harassment – muttering hurtful phrases or insults while passing their target on the street, repeatedly driving past the target’s house, preventing them from sleeping by making loud noises at odd hours, and so on. Many people who claim to be victims of gang stalking (search YouTube for a reasonably representative sample) allege more exotic stalking methods – in particular, “electronic harassment,” the use of advanced technology to torture, annoy, or even control the mind of the target from afar.

If you think this sounds pretty far-fetched, you’re not wrong. Stalking is real, of course – there’s no denying that. And there are situations where multiple people participate in bullying or even stalking – often close friends or family members. But “gang stalking” – the type that involves muttered insults, dozens of strangers working together, electronic harrassment, secret hand signals – is not really an accepted thing. In fact, suspicions of gang stalking are considered to be markers of delusional disorders like paranoid schizophrenia. In a 2015 study, Sheridan and James examined 128 reports of group (gang) stalking in an online questionnaire and found that all of them – every single one – exhibited delusional qualities.

From an examination of free-text responses, all 128 group-stalked cases fell into one or more of three categories:

  • cases where the resources or elaborate organisation required to carry them out made the alleged activities highly improbable (e.g. hostile operatives being inserted in victim’s workplace and their children’s schools; 24-h electronic surveillance involving teams of men in black vans; surveillance by cameras placed throughout the city; staff of shops and libraries being amongst the group stalkers; everyone in the street being ‘plants’ acting out roles towards the victim; ‘more than a thousand’ people being involved; traffic lights being manipulated always to go red on approach; repeated sexual assault during sleep; horns on the street hooting to bring attention to particular sentences on the radio; collaboration between diverse agencies, such as the Automobile Association, a building society, a website and neighbours),
  • cases in which the activities described were impossible (e.g. minds of friends and family being externally controlled; use of ‘voice to skull’ messages; witchcraft focussed through gold objects; insertion of alien thoughts; organised electronic mind interference; remote removal of bank notes through electronic attraction; invasion of an individual’s dreams at night), and
  • cases where the beliefs were not only impossible, but bizarre (e.g. docile family dog replaced by exact double with foul temper; remote enlargement of bodily organs).

Gang stalking victim advocates maintain that any resemblance to psychosis is either coincidental, or the result of the very real harassment itself – that the sophisticated influencing technologies can mimic the symptoms of schizophrenia by inducing hallucinations, paranoid thinking, and so on.

Yet the “influencing-machine” delusion is a common enough one, with a long history. While 21st-century delusions involve mind manipulation via satellites, nanotechnology, and neuroscience, delusions during the Industrial Revolution involved that era’s high technology: the loom. The first known (or at least strongly suspected) case of paranoid schizophrenia, that of James Tilly Matthews in the late 18th century, involved persecution via a mind-control machine called the “Air Loom,” which allegedly controlled its targets’ thoughts and behaviour through the careful manipulation of magnetic fluids.


The Air Loom, with its operator and targets.

At first glance, gang stalking seems like a conspiracy theory: a group of powerful individuals come together in secret to carry out a sinister and deceptive plan. And under that definition, it is. But even beyond the involvement of mental illness, there’s a crucial difference between delusions of persecution (like gang stalking) and conspiracy theories. In most conspiracy theories, the victim of the deception is usually a relatively large social group: Christians, men, African-Americans, the general public, taxpayers. Conspiracy theories are stories about one group trying to outmaneuver another. In persecutory delusions, the target is the self. While conspiracy theories say “they’re out to get US,” persecutory delusions say “they’re out to get ME.”

But for all the psychological differences between gang stalking and the rest of the conspiracy world, there is some crossover between them. Gang stalking proponents seem to have provided some of the raw material for more mainstream conspiracy theories – perhaps thanks to the efforts of gang stalking victim advocacy groups, the references to electronic harassment and mind control that pop up after mass shootings often adopt some of the language of the gang stalking subculture. There’s an interesting (though not, to my knowledge, very well-supported) hypothesis that psychoses like schizophrenia serve an important function in traditional cultures and in the evolutionary history of humanity: they provide a connection to a world other than our own, enrich us with insights that we wouldn’t otherwise have had, and give us ideas about how the world might work beyond what we can see. Maybe “targeted individuals” and other sufferers of delusional disorders serve a similar function in the world of conspiracy, providing raw material for speculation in the form of almost-spiritual insights into a world of power, evil, and high technology that goes beyond what the rest of us can grasp.

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  1. eff u says:

    bought prime waterfront real estate unknowingly in corrupt area of northern georgia 2017. it started with weekly break-ins, but escalated to full-on gangster stalking. my neighbors very powerful crime family (drug and human trafficking including on my property), and local sheriff and county personnel on-take. their organization actually multi-state. weird people and events follow me everywhere now. last week in texas, strange men with guns drawn roamed my brother-in-law’s yard impersonating law enforcement. two weeks before that, weird van covered with antennas parked outside friend’s place in florida for days. last year in georgia, ran off highway and guy pointed gun at my head. he was arrested. never had gun brandished until last year. now, regular thing. gang member contacted me a few weeks ago offering their protection services. confederates of america? never heard of them and too old to join dumb gangs. aryan brotherhood, christian identity, and ghostface at heart of turf war. they use churches, construction, hospitals, and real estate to launder $s in the name of jesus. i’m just an engineer at major wireless carrier and being gang stalked. took me months to figure out their white power hand gesture, which looks like ok or bloods sign. then, there was the constant honking. wish i was crazy. mob scarwy. sheriff phoned and said our waterfront acreage terrible and we should give it to them and forget about, but not before inquiring how much we paid for our farm. seems like solid motive to me. no one cares about constitution or laws in these parts. it’s all relative. someone has to die before feds care.

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      That story is a complete ROGS BINGO.

      Its too bad people like Dr. Mike Wood are gang stalking denialists, because they are providing official cover, and legitimize actual criminals, and Ku Klux Klan types too.

      What you describe hits several key points of the ROGS analytical framework:

      1- real estate is at the center of your story
      2- police corruption working with community policing, and actual gangs to control turf
      2- money laundering in the name of Jesus….gawd thats funny, and true. Take a look at the “reformed” born again huckster, and former Columbo crime family capo, Michael Franzese:

      As you might guess, some of these “ christians” now take orders from the mob

      4- corrupt sheriffs are a HUGE element in gang stalking, because they are all political, and all on the take. By their very role and function in society, they are unconstitutional, a throwback to British corruption (Robin Hood and the dirty Sheriff of Knottingham). They should be abolished in the USA, because its true-they are “chiefly” behind local racketeering, and gang/drug/ money laundering protection rackets.

      Please write to me at www(dot)researchorganizedgangstalking(dot)wordpress(dot)com

      because your case is a ROGS BINGO.

      • SissyKim says:

        Idk how they would target someone like me. I am a loner and an introvert and have no political position or important jobs. I am over educated and thats about it. I did however kick out a narcissistic sociopath of a husband who was in the military and is bipolar. Alot of this started then. Which is called a narcissistic sociopaths harassment smear campaign. So, basically it develops into “mob mentality”. Here, its a community problem. Not all of the community. Most likely people with underlying pathologies. Like bipolar disorder and voyeuristic disorders. Many of them, as I researched them in my observation of them, have addictions problems with drugs, sex/porn/molestation/domestic violence and alcohol abuse. They all seem to know each other and defend and accept each other they way they are…broken. Long term studies done on the criminal mind and behaviors describe these peoples actions as typical. Different levels of criminal activity. I think “community policing” is a mimicry of political behaviors. The power they get in the community thru leader participation the more corrupt the community is and the more tolerant they become of these behaviors. It became here so loose with the rules of policing that numerous people began being attacked and quite openly. One in a high position took a stand and exposed it. One has to hold the people involved individually responsible. What do they covet? Money so their jobs and reputation. The exact things they take from you. What they fear being taken from them is what they take from you. So, essentially you have to make that threat back covertly and with help as they do. Long story short, working with others and not alone on this, I have a rather quiet neighborhood again. It pops up here and there and reputation repair doesn’t come easy or quickly. But, the root of the problem lay in a few peoples hands and I now know who they are. Lets just say they sleep with their lights on now.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:


        Good for you. Yeah it is what you say it is-local mobs of corrupt people allied with police power.

        The reason the policing is “loose ” in these cases is because the localities are all using Fusion Centers to target individuals electronic communications, and police know that if they are caught, none of these cases would stand up in court, because of the illegal, domestic spying; but also they can get sued.

        This is how democracy died in the west. Policing via harrassment, fueled by police acting illegally.

        I would like you talk to you privately for more details about your case if you are willing, because everything you have described is accurate across the board, and very descriptive of church /state/police sponsored gang stalking. Others in this thread describe it similarly too.

        Especially interesting is that you mention the personal problems of those who do the weird gang stalking stuff.

        I have found in every legitimate case that GS are frequently working off a drug /alcohol /sex charge, working as informants for one or another police/military agency (OSI informers at the USAF is the classic example ).

        But also, quite interestingly, when you dig in to these cases, you find one or another “secret society ” involved, and that SS often has a mission statement against some perceived social ill.

        For example, Alcoholics Anonymous stalkers are against alcohol even in moderation. They are essentially Prohibitionists, a total throwback to the 1930s. And frequently the membership “old timers ” are retired cops, or other community members who also are members of other abolitionist groups.

        The Good Templars of the Amercan Swedish institute have a mission statement to force prohibition on societies, the Rotary Clubs claim to combat domestic violence, the Save the Wimmins groups target men and free agency prostitutes, etc. , etc.

        With little irony, these utilize highly gendered narratives straight out of religious texts, and reveal an extremist, conservative religous bias and social agenda too .

        So, what we are seeing in gang stalking is a resurgence of ultra -conservative religion, forcing itself on society, and using the types you describe to do the dirty work.

      • eff.u says:

        My gangstalking stopped coincidentally when Douglas Coe III came to our little N GA town in Sept. He flew over my house. Think they’re teeing-up for something.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        No, actually, EFF U, I think theyre teeing up to party in your ass, but I could be mistaken.

        Maybe its your mothers ass.

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    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Is that you, Edward “Joey ” Hu, trust fund kiddie, LAPD Asian police -gang associate, and San Bernardino shooting implicated gang stalker?

      Try not to drive yourself crazy on Flightaware (which is an excellent resource for tracking FBI /CIA/DEA flights over American cities )

      Hows that FBI snitching and gang stalking working out for you?

      I noticed that you got your law license reinstated. Good job! “For the People, ” right?

      LOL, FBI compromised public defenders – not a good look, bro.

      2+2≦≧ is confusing when you work with the Asian Law Caucus, ADL, AND FBI all at the same time.

      The narrative gets sketchy and confusing with you cyberstalking, online /offline harassing stalkers and terrorist manufacturers who are trying to work off some charges (like your methamphetamine bust, for example ) get caught, investigated, and exposed.

      Are you still listening Dr. Mike, or did your ass grow a manhole cover?

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  17. sissy kim says:

    I can pretty much explain a lot of this but its going to be hard to believe. Lots of people are seeing whats going on and recently 6 ebay employees were arrested for doing this to people. Harassing them online and even flying to their city to gps their car. This how far these people will go to be a part of crowd or seek revenge for someone in the crowd. Look it up. Google ebay employees arrested. Its pretty much neighborhood harassment and smear campaigns. And, as I have said before, there is a person or two behind it. They have social influence in the area and connections. But what it has become, and others know this too, is an internet delight. These neighborhood security apps like Nextdoor are not monitored. Not like twitter and fb are. They rely on self monitoring. So someone goes in and makes a neighborhood group and then people in the group make groups. I never have used it so I hear this is what they do. Then there is a feed of information. Just like you add people on twitter or fb and you see there stuff and can message them. Well on the neighborhood apps the group is supposed to turn in problem people for monitoring to the app admin. But problem is they are the problem. They are violating the terms and use conditions of anti bullying of the app use. But no one is turning anyone in. So they continue to connect and follow people and harass them and what ever they do. I know here I go outside and boom cars show up across the street and then people start walking by and more cars some from companies with logos and the people live right here in the area. No one is paying them to do this. They are just that kind of person. They women are catty and nosy and hateful insecure crazies. The police involved are corrupt. There is a lot of it going on in smaller communities and its easy to get people who like to harass people at work and clubs and church and where ever people go to help with this. After all the internet is where all the protesters communicate and child porn addicts. So why wouldnt they do this? They would. Its not the government its the government employees. What did you do? You got on the wrong side of a jealous or creepy person who like to spread rumors and harass people and create chaos. Just like the ebay employees they are very committed to doing this to people. I cant explain it any further then that. No CIA group no military group just creepy people who are involved as it get them off to watch you get scared or nervous. I said before they have personality disorders or mental disorders some higher up on the creepy scale. You cant fight them as a group. Even the ebay employees were charged one by one not as a mob. They are people who hate being held responsible for their actions so be careful of retaliation. And good luck getting the police involved or the courts as court and other government employees are on those apps and usually are not the smartest and are willing to violate their confidentiality agreement to be a part of something bigger then themselves and feel popular. It all kind of reminds of the movie Carrie by Stephen King. A mean BI and her bf and their group go after an outsider or someone that makes the mean girl feel threatened. King takes common human behaviors and blows them up so its a little different. But mobbing people and smearing them is human past time event as is gossiping is just going too far. You have to get proof they are doing this online and get their little hands slapped. They know they can get away with it but you have to deal with them one on one. Its not easy to do especially in small towns where people connect online and you cant defend yourself. Its very sneaky stuff.

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Hi SissyKim.

      Yeah, that eBay gang stalking story was classic, and like the Ahmaud Arbery murder, the gang of stalkers included retired cops, working with active duty cops too:

      You are generally correct said: “No CIA group no military group just creepy people who are involved as it get them off to watch you”

      But, a high percentage of these cases do in fact include retired military spies, police intelligence unit members, Infragard agents, etc. And, there is very little doubt that the FBI runs most of it through Infragard.

      Its very sad that Dr. Mike Wood has (irresponsibly) abandoned this thread, and its readers, but this is a trend across these types of blogs written by purported psychologists and others, like that famous gaslighting post online from “the Rational Liberal.”

      And that, in and of itself indicates evidence of the claim “psycholigists are in on it,” much to the detriment of legitimate research, and insight into this horrific practice.

      • SissyKim says:

        There is now researchers checking out the long term side effects of this abuse. I dont think its actual government agencies doing it but a bunch of creeps with personality disorders or other mental illnesses and broken thought patterns. Just like criminals have criminal thinking so do these people. Like I said its to “get off” on your reaction or to feel powerful within a group. Tribal identity. So best to not react. Every police station should be held to the ebay story. Its simple corruption and bad image that prevent them from investigating things so you have to go over there head. here is the pdf of the research. file:///C:/Users/dot1/Downloads/ijerph-17-02506-v2.pdf

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Sissy, thanks for that. Unfortunately, it appears that you have linked directly to your computer, rather than an online link.

        In my case, I actually was acquainted with two of the cops who murdered George Floyd, in Minneapolis. And, a bunch of other stuff, as those cops are a notoriously corrupt bunch.

        But in that area, I was also gang stalked by the Anti Defamation League sponsored Kommunity Kulture Klubs and Kovens (K4), and even a few neo Nazi types who worked in security and policing from the outlying areas.

        Equally, going above their head, i.e. speaking with the FBI, just opens the door to a whole new level of corruption and mayhem.

        So, leaving the US was the best option. The gang stalking stopped, just like flipping a light switch off, although they hack my devices and blog quite frequently.

      • SissyKim says:

        Ok but here is the link to the research.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Thanks so much. I cant wait to read it.

  18. Curtis Jennifer says:

    Thank you for a rare possiblity to read a genuinely well-researched material.
    I don’t often come across such articles. The final one was possibly the one at And
    the way you might have structures the text is brilliant.
    Indeed, this is an excellent go through worth recommending.
    Thanks a lot.

  19. Terree Wolfert says:

    I’m a federal whistleblower who won a huge class action suit against the largest health insurance company in the world and a second, more serious suit was in the works when the gang stalking started in 2013. It continues now. The three closest houses to mine were used for their “gangs”, my dog and cat were killed, tens of thousands of dollars in damages have been done to my property. The stalkers included electricians, plumbers, computer techs, burglars, auto mechanics, even seamstresses. They’d do things as diverse as rig my a/c so the condensation drained into the motor, to changing the hardware on my cabinets, to changing the fabric on my couch. And of course surveillance equipment was everywhere. I was unaware my neighbors were involved until 5 years in when I began interviewing private investigators and all 3 houses went up for sale the week of Thanksgiving and the tenants moved within a week of my first talk with a PI. It would take a month to list the things I’ve been subjected to but let me assure you gang stalking is real and those involved should get life in prison. I just pray I could catch one of them in my house so I could shoot them.

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Your case is spot on, especially that United Health is involved.

      I could only find the first filing in your case:

      These gang stalkers in your case are likely hooked in with the local real estate “mafias” run by police and firefighters, whose pension funds are tied to real estate but also the state health benefits pool too.

      Do you have a link to the final adjudication?

      Stay strong, and document them.

  20. Dan McGill says:

    Mike, I am going to try to be nice and start by saying that i hope your information base and your opinion on gang stalking has changed since this article just read was published in 2016. Gang Stalking and Targeted Individuals are no longer relegated to some sideline of psychology reserved for incompetents. It is very real, very confusing to the TI and operated to ensure maximum deniability. I am a victim and have been one for at least the past 8 years. Some of these stalkers have a conscience and have revealed the inner workings to which they are privy. If you have not taken another look since 2016, i urge you to do so. Your article could cause aa despirate victim to commit suicide or possibly murder. But there is also the possibility that you are a part of the goverment misinformation campaign just doing as you are paid to do. If that is the case I feel you have no conscience and arent interested in revisiting the issue. Please consider my suggestion. Dan McGill, a targeted individual.

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Mr. McGill, I would like to hear more about your case. Why were you targeted?

      As for Dr. Mike Wood, he seems to have fallen off the face of this blog, and he hasnt checked back in since the evidence started accumulating that he had written a fairly irresponsible article here.

      I mean, just read through the thread, its full of whistle blowers and actual victims of this practice, with only a few of the psychobabbling fruitcakes once in awhile.

      If nothing, this blog here is a testament to the often repeated phrase “psycholigists,are in on it,” and worse.

  21. Rock says:

    Incorrect its a black program used by large corporations on whistle blowers privately funded but mostly its for people addicted to drugs and live off their parents And cheat. Basically for people who think they are better like a narcissist but it has good intentions to ideologically change someone to a better person overall with ideological subversion. Using marketing and Ad agencies to personally influence your life like a brainwash. Its the wealthy elite way of checks and balances that mirrors your life so people in it act like you do so if you hate the way your being treated you have to accept your own need to and take responsibility not blame which is near impossible for the common personality type this happens to. Its a very odd form of philanthropy with fight club type silence. Its very real

    • Rock says:

      I know it has good intentions because my debt and bad credit was gone as soon as the GS started and it actually got me out of being homeless into housing and employment but it has contracted actors also who help in motivation and can also be a distraction on purpose to test your changes and progress but its the internet as well thats a big part that is what gets people to not believe it because its very true a lot is online but its going to embarrass you if you get high again, or be a jerk online to people for no reason it will reflect back so it helps you by ideological subversion with tuff love from society and also help you just have to take responsibility and blame for why your there which nobody can do as you see and they will be stuck until they change

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        re : “so it helps you by ideological subversion with tuff love from society”

        Try telling that to Ahmaud Arbery, who was stalked for years by an actual gang of cops, retired cops, and their relatives and associated “stalkers ” until they murdered him in cold blood.

        And, they tried to actually electrocute him with a Taser two years before they killed him.

        And really – look at the type of people you are defending here:

        Bro, thats not tuff love, thats institutional sociopathy.

      • sissy kim says:

        No. Its a community “norm” of abuse that is created by ur right a narcissist. They tend to be leaders like the ebay employees that were arrested for stalking a blogger. Thats gang stalking. But yeah someone did something they didnt like and they “bully” them into changing it or destroying their reputation. A harassment smear campaign. Look up the article on the ebay employees in the boston globe and in the middle is the fbi criminal complaint. It details all the emails and texts between the employees and what they were doing and what their motive was. Perfect example of how a culture of abuse develops in neighborhoods, communities, and work places. They use apps like twitter, facebook and especially the unmonitored Nextdoor app. They send out ur pictures and excuse/lies and then people in the community who like to bully others jump on board to be a part of the popular crowd and start mobbing and harassing and furthering the smearing. IDk about the guy in Georgia first I have heard of it but its possible as a lot of it is racially motivated according to complaints lodged against nextdoor. I was sick and weak and bullies love that they can kick u around and you cant defend yourself but just like the GBI is now investigating the Aubrey case further and finding corruption thats what you have to do is stand up for yourself as its usually in the community around you and the people who work there connecting on apps and using their position to access your information at various levels like health, banking, and such. Its not the government is the employees. Get it?

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Sissy Kim, you called that bullshit before I did.

        Debt collectors,are MAJOR gang stalkers. Alot of them hire ex -felons (convicted criminals ) in their online and offline operations, depending upon how large their gang is (including private investigators /retired police /FBI /etc. )

        I wanted to say that to “Rock ”above as he claimed he could “help ” me, but I thought I should wait for community responses first.

        He /it /them was active here just three hours ago, but you got here first😃

        So, yeah:

        The Feds are on these guys right now, good thibg. Stay active, SissyK!

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Rock, you replied just three hours ago. Where are you now? Sissy K. would like to have a word with you.

      Otherwise, your pathetic apeal sounds like any /every “juiceman ” ever. (poor Dr. Mike Wood, thinking that juice has anything at all to do with fruit, lol… )

      In the meantime, I want to ask you: what kind of beneath -dirt shitbags think that my eating /drinking /smoking /stroking habits, are any fucking piece of their business, ever?

      And then, again, how do YOU think that YOU can “help ” me?

      I have an actual army ready and at my request for aid.

      Who the fuck are you, exactly?

      But I think “the world ” is less than fulfilled by your false promises of “help. ”

      • sissy kim says:

        Yeah they seem to be open to the idea of catching these people. Harassment online or using it to it is epidemic. Having the fbi on the ebay people has helped around here at least. So they do fear getting caught and going to prison, good to know. But yeah that was meant for the other one not u again lol

      • Peoples Champ says:

        Ever read about fair game tactics by the scientology people? They had to stop calling it that but refered to it as game hunting… look like the same word at a glance. Game stalking and they are in almost every country often funded by local governments or cities under the community policing laws. Which was started by the communitarians. Talk to ex members and it should or might bring some understanding to it. Also Ever see lots of disney references or pictures or ads? Disney has a long history with the cia and free masons. The science people oddly had a oporation called snow white when they got into the government to reverse spy. Disney fandom is also a part of it so thats the connection. Communitarians are the 3rd party in government …. check this stuff out 🤙

      • Peoples Champ says:

        Your negative view on life will only mirror back at you from them in society. Test this out by being positive and do some volunteer work for a week and come back and honestly see if it is the same or different….. communitarians brother 🤙 their program not mine trying to help people understand doesn’t mean I agree with it also. Read the book 20/20 our common destiny written in 2013 and it also talks about gang stalking and mirroring which started in 2001 Seattle

      • Peoples Champ says:

        Peoples have actually gone to have even better lives from GS and become GSers and why you don’t see those stores. Basically spending the time online like this will never stop it and what’s the plan of you plan to do so? Wait for it to be shut down and your free? Communitarians are in government so not gonna happen. Try to turn it around they think your negative view is the problem not me. Online harassment I’ve never had what is that? See it all time talked about but that’s not GS then. It’s disinformation online to keep you stuck like most are. All the communities like reddit are the GS posting disinformation… what’s your plan. People are sick of us talking about our selves all the time and gang stalking. Isn’t it mostly why you discuss? It was for me for two years….it sucks ass I’m trying to show another way is all ❤️

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Um, no, gang stalking DOES NOT help anyone, anymore than any other form of stalking, and in fact, it contributes to a wider social malaise, augmented by fear, and then, total apathy in the population.

        As for “online harassment I’ve never had what is that?”

        In case you missed the memo, the western spy agencies are monitoring online speech of their citizens, spying on their Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.

        Then, western spy agencies filter that data to federal, state and local police who then use illegal spying tactics run from Fusion Centers to stalk people online, wiretap their communications devices, and then, follow them around OFFLINE too.

        Plenty of corporations, NGOs, and political PACs also employ private contractors to harass critics and activists online and offline too, EXACTLY as we saw in the eBay case too.

  22. Peoples Champ says:

    The reason Mr Wood is not responding is because he’s smart. This entire comment section has only made GS worse and covered every possible reason for and who but there is no official explaination leaving people to assume off events or theories we share in common so we affirm it as real with other articles post’s that validate our beliefs but NOBODY ACTUALLY KNOWS WHY… You can’t deny that so everyone here and everywhere else talking about it has only created it! This is something I absolutely Mr Wood knows and understands….we can only blame ourselves….now I’m ready for the rude replies to keep it going 💯

  23. Peoples Champ says:

    You could also say GS is exactly what muslims dealt with innocently put on the terror watchlist! Fucking horrible and conspiracy kills and tortures muslims indirectly by spreading conspiracies about them and or jewish illuminati. It only stops when you stop believing it or it becomes real in your life 💯

  24. Don S says:

    yep..this is one of the disimformation sites,creating doubt. What a moron. to claim this is built on delusions. I remember my 3rd accident and being mobbed and ran down on my motorcycle. I crushed my leg and never said a word about gangstalking. But the first mri was for a brain scan claiming I was delusional,,LOL.. These people are nothing but scum criminals and will answer for all the pain and sarrow they caused families and the TIs they tortured.. God will sort them out… Truly

    • ROGS says:

      Your story is 100@% believeable.

      Yes police, and FBI/DHS/Mi5/ etc. agency asshles and their friends, family, and associates are who gang stalkers are. And they do get away with murder.

      We need to organize, starting with tracing them and their associations to others, then naming them publiccly, and then, hunting them down, within the law.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        ROGS/ has been deplatformed by WordPress, after I traced and named several an actual “gangs” of “stalkers” directly connected to and employed within:
        – intelligence agencies
        -forensic psychology and cold case investigations
        – major police departments and state/federal agencies
        -retired cops, private investigators, and their associated NGOs and “fraternal orders”who work in the,“deep state” harassing citizens.

        After I named some high ranking–and very wealthy– gang stalkers, WP claimed that a gang of anonymous “someones” complained about my blog, and that I violated their TOS because I named these police gangs, and their associates, as well as some of their victims, and the specific police-state crimes, as we saw with Ahmaud Arbery, and the eBay case.

        Gang stalking IS criminal activity by police and their associates,,and accomplices.

        The new ROGS blog is being restored at:

        Dr. Wood, care to discuss this topic further, or will you continue to irresponsibly leave this piece of disinformation hanging here on the internet like used toilet paper on a tree in the wilds?

  25. Natasha says:

    Well. I was stalked by the owner of a cloud company. Called him out to law enforcement and voila, he created a gang stalking situation. It is real. If you think about it, Hitler and Nazi Germany was gang stalking of epic proportions. Take a refresher social psychology class, my friend. Gang stalking is Easy with technology and the guy I pissed off has access to it all and funds. He’s a dangerous human. They do exist, and often are in positions of power.

    • sissy kim says:

      U are 100 percent correct. I had mail workers ripping up my mail this is usps and fed ex and ups. Yet u have proof and they tell u that u are lying or crazy. Unreal. Its a new way to harass others and be creep and dangerous. If the cops get called its only worse in the days ahead as some of the cops are involved, not all but a few. These people work everywhere and are often times the supervisor, business owner or team leaders as the back stab their way up the ladder like most creeps do.

      • Rog S. says:

        Post office and UPS are major gang stalkers. FBI and Homeland security weaponized them after 911.

        And dont forget the NGOs that are afilliated with police, especially the retired police and firefighters, and the police unions and Fraternal Order of Police (they are psychotic bullies and harassers )or the various Lions/Rotary/Knights of Columbus /Anti Defamation League “Clubs”, and the 12 step program nuts from AA,NA,SA, etc.

        And the DVIC groups too. All weaponized, all are part of “community policing ” online and offline.

        Tragic for democracy.

      • sissy kim says:

        Correct. Not all police or fire fighters are but they know about them and they cant do anything as the sheriffs and chiefs are usually leading it. One sheriff got booted here as one guy kept filing complaints against him and an office worker was embezzling money and his son got on as a deputy and got a homeless guy run over by a car. So that branch is clean so far. But, it takes balls to turn them in. It never stops and certain political leaders are doing it to people like Fauci and stuff. Makes u wonder how long it has been going on to begin with.

    • Idk can't say says:

      I’m so sorry that happened to you maybe we can talk idk bout putting my number but yeah bruh these people are crazy as hell I mean mean and rude I am dealing with a similar situation. Have my sympathy x100

      • Just a guy says:

        Get a camera, hidden camera “wild life ” type, and some sound recording devices. Compile solid evidence/films /photos /license plate numbers, etc.

        Post fliers publicly in your neighborhood. Inform the neighborhood watch people of the situation. Go to the police after you collect evidence.

        Chances are that it IS the neighborhood watch groups and the police doing it but evidence will prove it.

        Read “Fightgangstalking ” dot com, comresearchorganizedgangstalking (dott )org, and gangstalkingresearch (dot )wordpress (dot ), written by journalists and former security personell.

        The rest of the sites-especially Targeted Justice – are basically psychobabbling garbage, and religious gibberish written by current and former police, military, and intel groups.

  26. Idk can't say says:

    Yeah this is true gang stalking does exist.

  27. sissy kim says:

    Here the offenders are the neighborhood watch. Have to wait for one of them to take it too far which i did them turned him in. Then they all back down at least for a awhile but it will build up again as they get away with it. Its actually called mobbing or psychological harassment. Started in the post office and has crept its way out into the streets and other work places. Pretty much for the reason, I beleive for most work place shootings. They target a socially stunted person and they snap. I dont fit in here I am educated and hate bars and bowling so I am a misfit.

    • Rog S. says:

      Bowling, lol. Remember that story about the guy who fell asleep , for many years, and the bowling trolls? Rip Van Winkle.

      At its heart, the legend has a dysfunctional woman, and her billions of children, and gang stalking, embodied by bowling dwarves.

      Thats who gang stalkers are -and then, Rip wakes up to a new world, free from them and their kin.


    • Rog S. says:

      Honey, if you can, move away from there, or, start documenting them with film, photos, and.other methods.

      What they are doing is crazy criminal behavior, and with GOOD evidence, you can send them to jail.

      • sissy kim says:

        Oh I have documented it and the police just say get ppos. I can see where its my neighbor and the landlords of the house she rents. The wife landlord is stone cold crazy and she is using others to gaslight for the crap shes been doing for years. We want to move and have been fixing up the house. But as of today they have managed to ripe up like the 38th piece of my mail upon which no one does anything. Makes me see how socially connected these types of people are. They love to hate. I got the mail carrier in trouble for her doing this and now she gives my mail to people in the group and they rip it up and put it in my box. Clever dogs arent they. Cops know and some are part of the group. They dont realize these situations lead to violence.

    • Rog S. says:

      i just saw this.

      Are you a member of any minority group? Is it racial harassment? Contact one of the organizations who monitor hate crimes. They have their own gangs, and might be able to help.

      Since real estate is involved in nearly 60% of cades I have studied, it could be red -lining activity. There was a case from the East Coast where a white couple was stalking a black single mother.

      And, real estate stalkers,are indeed well connected.

      And sometimes it is just one stalker -I think you are honing in on who it is.

      Look at this case:

      • Rog S. says:

        From the article – notice the shenanigans with the mail:

        “10 month-long harassment campaign against the couple that included listing their house for sale on real estate sites, stopping their mail at Christmas, sending valentines to the neighbors wives from Rice and posting online a photo of Ruhter along with their address advertising for strangers to have sex with her while her husband was at work.”

      • sissy kim says:

        I know who it is. Its a couple here in the community that have known each other since they were kids. They awful, spoiled and mean and have always been bullies. They know and have known the people in the area for decades and I have not. So its a social group of people with group think or something and they are cruel and heartless people. No not racial. I think just a jealous insecure woman and her creepy husband and their drinking buddies. I think this is going on all over the place and for some reason people try to explain it away. However, the last year or so has shown us how divided people can be and how much time these types of people are willing to spend on nonsense and self defeating behaviors.

    • Rog S. says:

      It looks like you nailed it. A very common scenario.

      You must live in a small town.

      But its just amazing to me that psychologists deny that gang stalking is real. Thats a clue about how out of touch they are with “reality, ”spending there sad little days denying the quite common events of community gang stalking.

      Hang in there! Some of us are changing that narrative, and the Tampa Bay Times just won the Pulitzer Prize for its series about a corrupt sheriff in Pasco County Florida, USA

      That series is titled “Targeted ”of all things.
      Compare that with this Woods post above, which denies the practice, and we see who is actually “crazy. ”

      Yup _ psychologists who deny that gang stalking is real are nucking futs. And, sort of sadistic and sociopathic too.

      • sissy kim says:

        Its called a narcissists harassment smear campaign. Much like u are seeing Trump do to those who won’t help him or do his bidding for him. The attack on the capital is exactly what is going on. Call it trickle down effect or toxic cultures that have developed. The attacks on Dr. Fauci and other health officials is the more aggressive version people are seeing in their communities. I have had mail ripped up everyday and the police do nothing. They eventually stole my mail box and no one did anything. But then my mail box showed up laying in the road. The police said they would look for it. I have not heard one peep out of them after my harassing neighbor whom I believe is at the root of this and she ex military, accused me of threatening her and her kids and driving on her lawn. I have cameras all over the place to keep them out of my yard. I have body cameras for when I mow the law and dash cams on my car. I proved to the police I never did anything but they have never charged these people and believed them even though 6 months later they have never shown the police the “video” of me driving on their lawn. SO why did the police even approach me about doing something they never proved I did? Good question. The root of the problem here is the prosecutor. Again, trickle down theory. Hes not charging people for crimes mostly far right and people are actually getting murdered here. Its a medium sized down that is a mess like so many places right now. It really doesnt look good for the world right now with people attacking people socially and spreading false theory about things they dont even understand. Has anyone ever been charged with any of the threats against Dr. Fauci? I bet not.

  28. Trent says:

    I am being stalked by the people that I know as my parents they have been previously diagnosed with Munchousen’s by proxy syndrome and something else that I don’t remember exactly what the doctor told us anyhow my parents use technology to facilitate the physical stalking and they use bump keys to gain entry to my house and they also use computer email comprising tactics to monitor all of my communications and activities with the intent to plan and execute various activities of harassment and vandalism it really sucks ass and I have never been safe for a long time now
    Whenever I reach out to the police the police involuntarily hospitalized me as being mentally ill and then I am abused by the medical providers and they pick up where curt and Betty leave off
    I have come to understand that curt and Betty are enjoying this situation of being able to destroy my life and body without consequences for the illegal activities in my opinion I believe that they are suicidal and have chosen me to terminate their lives however I don’t want any part of that scenario
    Betty and curt are persistent and insistent that they are being given messages from the president to harass vandalize terrorize and assault me trust me my life is not any fun anymore because I can’t figure out how to stop them and if I try I end up back in the hospital for more abuse and I am not going to do that anymore
    I am in need of a solution to this problem but so far nothing has happened to control their violent activities
    If you can or could help me get out of this hostage situation I would be forever grateful
    Trent M

    • Ryan says:

      I’m sorry that is not what’s happening in reality…’re parents love you and thats fact. The things you said above are a opinion of what’s going on first hand or not it is an opinion only not fact. Exaggerations to minor psychosis…….I know I am right because you’re saying exactly what I used to say in the same boat as you are now. I said Munchausen and everything else you did almost until I decided to get my own life going and grow up some. You are thinking and reacting in a negative mindset and all you’re parents want you to do is be happy and get a life meaningful to yourself going. Sometimes it takes more than our parents to get the ball rolling but you’re parents love you and that’s not debatable! You will be fine and are fine and wish you the best in life and in luck friend 💯

    • Ryan says:

      This is happening to many people for many different reasons…..some examples are narcissism, obesity, drug addiction, living off parents too long, cheating, depression, and many more but GS is real but 90% of the things we say happen are actually just what we think is happening in our heads and again I know that for a fact because it happened to me and still is…..there are things we all need to change and when I say things like psychosis I’m not throwing out random words….we all in early stages of this have minor psychosis and you don’t realize till you snap out…..ideological subversion is why but it’s purpose is not evil like I once thought. Bringing a person to the brink of sanity and experiencing GS unlocks hidden potential we never knew we had… changes you’re life in a good way and once you start changing for the better even in small ways so does it….it’s a mirror of yourself……that’s fact and I can tell what stage people are in by the replies. People saying 15 years aren’t lying…..they just haven’t changed and stuck in their ways……the cult of we ❤️

      • Ryan–in an extremely localized context–that of parents gang stalking their kids–your advice is perhaps welcome to this sufferer, but generally–and extrapolated into larger society? You are basically condoning brutal conformity campaigns, targeted at individuals–and whose methods are not limited to mere gas-lighting, but can also include murder attempts too.

        And, you are suggesting that one version of morality simply deserves to have a green light as it tramples the rights of others.Such was the case f the Whistling and Whittling Clubs of Nauvoo–in LDS Utah; or the many lynching parties that have followed your advice–exactly how does a black person “change their conduct” so that they are not black anymore?

        History has shown us where that advice leads-Nazi Brownshirts trashing Jews–Jews and communists trashing white Russians during the Holodmor–and so many other examples it bears noting that your advice might ONLY be acceptable within one single family–yours in this case.

        You are also overlooking family dysfunction, and its well known partner in crime, “scapegoating” within such families, where bad parents hide their bad parenting by creating the myth of the “bad child” or the blacksheep.

        But as we see in one mass shooting after another, whole communities with these “belief systems”–exactly your own as stated–have caused one after another mass shooting, due to stalking their targets as you prescribe. In fact. gay people have been stalked endlessly, since forever in this way–and they cannot simply shut off a switch and say “gee I am not gay now!”

        America’s first mass shooting by a man named Howard Unruh was exactly that scenario–a purportedly gay man who shot people who had harassed him–and they were NOT his family.

        Do you have any advice in those cases?

      • Ryan says:

        Hello, so I want to say again that this happened to me and still is wether you believe it or not it’s true because why would I even be here wasting my time let alone know about it. GS is very real and not fun to go through but we are not victims. Once you become a victim of something it will forever effect you’re life. This is also a community of people who perpetuate the problem with wrong assumptions and misinformation that is re affirmed by others in the same situation looking for anyone to relate to. I know this again because I’ve been through it and it is very real but if you really really really really really think about are these thoughts true or make sense at the time with group affirmation? The best way to describe it since it’s very real but not as dramatic as we say it is this……..people lead you to the door but we are the ones that open it and drive ourselves crazy entering the room……I say this stuff from all love and from a caring perspective as well as a realistic one……everything will be ok but it’s up to us to make it ok……one love

      • says:

        Sure, as I said, in cased like yours, your parents have an obligation to parent you as they see fit, within the law.

        But I cannot stress enough that community policing DOES NOT act within the law, nor does it have a right to target, stalk, bully, harass, intimdate, or cause fear in its targets.

        And community stalkers certainly do not have the right to murder people, as we saw in the Ahmaud Arbery and so many others.

        Its one thing for your parents to break in to your bedroom, trash your porn stash, or toss your weed in the toilet, and quite another thing entirely when community stalkers break in to targets houses.

        I correspindence with a man who is a target of long term, intergenerational targeting by the Ku Klux Klan-his uncle is the man who provided german shepherd attack dogs to the Bitmingham police department.

        Those dogs were specially trained to target ONLY black people. Martin Luther King was himself targeted by those dogs- but he was also targeted by a long list of bad people who worked in policing:
        -military intelligence
        -the FBI
        -the B’nai Brith/ADL
        -the CIA

        In other words, highly organized groups of white supremacists and racists made his life “unlivable.” And they murdered him too.

        They used all of those hand signals that you read about online, and there are even photos of this activity in all major media.

        They stalked him, and other civil rights protesters, brighted him with their car headlights, and wrote him strange, evil paranoia inducing hate mail- they tried to run them off the roads, and worse, they lynched them too.

        Most importantly, they used 24-7 “directed energy attacks” in the form of telephone wiretaps, and lots of radio chatter as they tracked his movements, and his relationships- and some of the informatiin they used for blackmail, and turning his friends and relatives against him.

        Apples and oranges, Ryan.

        And so the guy I mentioned who is being targeted now, Richard Moore of the North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association is one such case, as others on his side of the family including “the worlds best civil rights photographer,” whose work Charles Lee Moore- were targeted too for being sympathetic to the cause of black human beings.

        And I have watched the videos where he films members of a volunteer fire department stalking him. That department, a thin disguise for typical Klan activity.

        Does that sound like your story at all?

        So, put context to it and we see that what you are talking about is something different entirely.

        I believe your story too, what you describe is quite common actually. And your family only wants whats best for you, I am sure.

        But its not necessarilly the same as highly coordinated attacks on targeted individuals by malevolently evil, armed and trained complete strangers in intelligence capacities.

        Ryan, can you see the difference?

        One lakeve is a great idea, but it seems to have some loopholes in understanding for those who espouse it.

  29. Pingback: Pseudo Law: how does it apply to gang stalking cases? – and are one and the same site

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