The psychology of gang stalking, and the difference between conspiracy theory and delusion

If you’ve spent enough time on the Internet (or read the New York Times yesterday), you might have come across the phenomenon of gang stalking – the alleged stalking of particular individuals by organized groups. It might seem like gang stalking is a sort of conspiracy theory, and that we can maybe understand it in the same way that we think about things like the 9/11 Truth Movement and beliefs in UFO coverups. I’m not sure about this. There are some pretty major psychological differences between the two. It’s probably not helpful to conflate run-of-the-mill conspiracy theories, which are not considered to be an indicator of psychopathology, with gang stalking, which is widely considered to be the product of delusional thinking.

In gang stalking, large gangs of perpetrators will (allegedly) use subtle methods of manipulation and harassment – muttering hurtful phrases or insults while passing their target on the street, repeatedly driving past the target’s house, preventing them from sleeping by making loud noises at odd hours, and so on. Many people who claim to be victims of gang stalking (search YouTube for a reasonably representative sample) allege more exotic stalking methods – in particular, “electronic harassment,” the use of advanced technology to torture, annoy, or even control the mind of the target from afar.

If you think this sounds pretty far-fetched, you’re not wrong. Stalking is real, of course – there’s no denying that. And there are situations where multiple people participate in bullying or even stalking – often close friends or family members. But “gang stalking” – the type that involves muttered insults, dozens of strangers working together, electronic harrassment, secret hand signals – is not really an accepted thing. In fact, suspicions of gang stalking are considered to be markers of delusional disorders like paranoid schizophrenia. In a 2015 study, Sheridan and James examined 128 reports of group (gang) stalking in an online questionnaire and found that all of them – every single one – exhibited delusional qualities.

From an examination of free-text responses, all 128 group-stalked cases fell into one or more of three categories:

  • cases where the resources or elaborate organisation required to carry them out made the alleged activities highly improbable (e.g. hostile operatives being inserted in victim’s workplace and their children’s schools; 24-h electronic surveillance involving teams of men in black vans; surveillance by cameras placed throughout the city; staff of shops and libraries being amongst the group stalkers; everyone in the street being ‘plants’ acting out roles towards the victim; ‘more than a thousand’ people being involved; traffic lights being manipulated always to go red on approach; repeated sexual assault during sleep; horns on the street hooting to bring attention to particular sentences on the radio; collaboration between diverse agencies, such as the Automobile Association, a building society, a website and neighbours),
  • cases in which the activities described were impossible (e.g. minds of friends and family being externally controlled; use of ‘voice to skull’ messages; witchcraft focussed through gold objects; insertion of alien thoughts; organised electronic mind interference; remote removal of bank notes through electronic attraction; invasion of an individual’s dreams at night), and
  • cases where the beliefs were not only impossible, but bizarre (e.g. docile family dog replaced by exact double with foul temper; remote enlargement of bodily organs).

Gang stalking victim advocates maintain that any resemblance to psychosis is either coincidental, or the result of the very real harassment itself – that the sophisticated influencing technologies can mimic the symptoms of schizophrenia by inducing hallucinations, paranoid thinking, and so on.

Yet the “influencing-machine” delusion is a common enough one, with a long history. While 21st-century delusions involve mind manipulation via satellites, nanotechnology, and neuroscience, delusions during the Industrial Revolution involved that era’s high technology: the loom. The first known (or at least strongly suspected) case of paranoid schizophrenia, that of James Tilly Matthews in the late 18th century, involved persecution via a mind-control machine called the “Air Loom,” which allegedly controlled its targets’ thoughts and behaviour through the careful manipulation of magnetic fluids.


The Air Loom, with its operator and targets.

At first glance, gang stalking seems like a conspiracy theory: a group of powerful individuals come together in secret to carry out a sinister and deceptive plan. And under that definition, it is. But even beyond the involvement of mental illness, there’s a crucial difference between delusions of persecution (like gang stalking) and conspiracy theories. In most conspiracy theories, the victim of the deception is usually a relatively large social group: Christians, men, African-Americans, the general public, taxpayers. Conspiracy theories are stories about one group trying to outmaneuver another. In persecutory delusions, the target is the self. While conspiracy theories say “they’re out to get US,” persecutory delusions say “they’re out to get ME.”

But for all the psychological differences between gang stalking and the rest of the conspiracy world, there is some crossover between them. Gang stalking proponents seem to have provided some of the raw material for more mainstream conspiracy theories – perhaps thanks to the efforts of gang stalking victim advocacy groups, the references to electronic harassment and mind control that pop up after mass shootings often adopt some of the language of the gang stalking subculture. There’s an interesting (though not, to my knowledge, very well-supported) hypothesis that psychoses like schizophrenia serve an important function in traditional cultures and in the evolutionary history of humanity: they provide a connection to a world other than our own, enrich us with insights that we wouldn’t otherwise have had, and give us ideas about how the world might work beyond what we can see. Maybe “targeted individuals” and other sufferers of delusional disorders serve a similar function in the world of conspiracy, providing raw material for speculation in the form of almost-spiritual insights into a world of power, evil, and high technology that goes beyond what the rest of us can grasp.

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  1. sissykim says:

    I can explain the whole thing to you in layman terms. It happened to me and I fell for the paranoia and everything that goes with it. Heres how it started. I worked in a factory and became friendly with a young man who reminded me of my daughters friends. One night I yelled him because I didnt feel good. He was mentally and emotionally ill and yelling at him triggered his rage toward me. He started turning other women against me. This is a well known narcissistic sociopath game. Charles Manson used it. They charm and manipulate women against their enemies. This is published. The women got me fired and he started showing up at my house. He let me see him following me and standing in my bushes. However, I knew several of his male friends were in on this too they brought him over to do it or gave him their cars. Like all good stalkers he got my neighbors involved by using fake social media sites and emails saying i insulted them or was harassing him with nude pictures. Like all good stalkers, he claimed to be a victim and played on the females motherly instincts. They fell for it. The noise campaign started…loud cars going around and around my house. Then the corrupt cops playing along. Its called street theater. I sat back and watched. I finally figured it all out. I installed a hidden security camera to record their nonsense. Dancing in front of my house. All kinds of crap. Even getting me fired from jobs by spreading sexual explicit rumors. Its shocking how many people are willing to believe lies and or dont care if its true or not they enjoy bullying others…period. It takes the right kind of people and community to get this going and mine is perfect. A woman who specializes in narcissism recovery or codependent recovery told me what he has done is charmed a group of women who are enamored with him. He in return in enamored with one of them. They are all using friends and associates to harass you on the queen bees behalf. She was right. One of my married neighbors became infatuated with him. She is a harassing bully and I know this because thats all shes done since I moved in here 25 years ago. They are stupid misfits who can’t run their own lives and he taught them how to harass at a much higher level.. They hide in bushes when I am outside they sneak on my porch and move things around. I have photos of this. The thing is the more you fight with them the more they do it. I just ignore them. The stalker himself moved out of state and started over. These people, in mental health world they are called flying monkeys, they keep doing the same things, tricks he taught them, over and over. Its dying down but, still goes on for a few. I can honestly say its one of the most ignorant displays of behavior and mob mentality I have ever seen and there is no stopping it yourself. They have to either come to their sense or get bored with it. Its hard for some to let go of it. If I profile some of these people and many I grew up with, I can see they too are mentally ill and so were their parents. This is on the mental health books. Its called at stalker who is mentally and emotionally ill who is a narcissistic sociopath and this is his harassment and smear campaign. A stalker induces anxiety and fear and along with that comes paranoia. The one common thing all of the people involved in this seem to have is death metal music and video game obsessions. They also seem to come from families with a long history of mental illness and major dysfunction with addictions to drugs and booze. You can not defend yourself you have to have someone else do it. After all, you have been painted a liar, a criminal and you deserve it. Others have to spread the word about the one who started it all. Then you have to go after the others and threaten to take away what they treasure. Its all a dumb game to them. It does exist but its not called gang stalking and there is no government after you. Yes, they have used these tactics but they are looking it all wrong. Technology has made this so much easier. With a tap of the phone they can reach thousands of bored stupid souls who have nothing better to do with their time.So, look around you and you will see the cars that follow you live down the street. They will all hang in familiar bars and coffee shops. You know, places where people gossip and rumor monger others. It all seems like everyone is involved but, they are not. its a small or large group of people who most likely live around you. Sit back and watch the show and you will figure it out. But, dont give them attention it give them energy.

    • Sissykim, you better stay on your medication. You sound delusional as shit.

      • Rodney says:

        regressiveaid you are a waste of oxygen and a prime example of all that is wrong with humanity.
        Does it make you feel important to be so obnoxious?
        Clearly you are insecure, inadequate and extremely ignorant.
        What a sad pointless life you must lead.
        I’d feel sorry for you if you weren’t so toxic …..and pathetic.

      • sissykim says:

        I was checked for delusional disorder and passed with flying colors. I have sat out in the dark an have caught these people in my yard. Seriously. Its called a harassment smear campaign. Get off ur lazy know it all a$$ an look it up. I said to one guy who kept doing it “You must have a really sad life if you can’t find anything else to do than this” never seen him again.

      • Gangstalked2 says:

        Youre an idiot who is painfully ignorant! Gang stalking does happen & its illgegal. The police know about it, the legal profession knows about it & heas more. Some of them are actually in on it. Cantaloupe pro in the US never ended. It just got empowered by cell phones & cam corders & texts etc.
        Maybe YOU ( the ignorant buffoon) should be targeted & harassed like this for a while & you will change your tune quick smart.
        I wouldn’t be writing blogs or discrediting people when you know absolutely nothing about it. Pull your head outa ur arse.

      • Joe J. says:


    • alexandra says:

      LEEDS WEST YORKSHIRE,TRANSPORT POLICE, SOME LEEDS AMBULANCE, NHS HOSPITAL STAFF, LEEDS CITY COUNCIL, University college students, lunatic motorbike riders, have participated in this terrible form of covert harassment. Started 3 years ago online, than escalated into something that even the local MPs couldn’t stop.

      Started of slowly with twitter trolls, stalking and hacking into my computer, reading all my emails, knowing what bothers me, than after I was abused by some transport police for trying to report some b* in leeds, they began to have a lot of people associate things with what they did to me, what the staff were wearing basically, it turned into people trying to remind me of this ordeal through different ways, a media company got involved, other ways to irritate and wind me up was having loads of ambulance miss use their sirens around our home, idiots wearing leopard print like that cow MEL B (SPICE GIRLS), people making the same particular noise around me, key jangling, coughing on purpose, sniffing their nose, car honking every where past me, people letting me know they are hacking into my computer, the police and even some ambulance staff, doctors where even manipulated to participate. After years of it and having shops locals talking about you but not saying it to you directly, trucks trying to run you over, computer harassment, nobody has any privacy on their phones nor computer in leeds the police monitor you if you report them to IPCC

      The whole theme was to harass me long enough, to force me out of Leeds, why? Ask SIMON FOGEL

      • sissykim says:

        I had ambulance drivers doing that to. They drive by and turn them on in front of my house. In US u can get a scanner and u can listen to what they say. They had no emergencies at those times and they were parking down the street from my house So, I started documenting it. If they did it i would turn on my scanner and document what they said and the time, as all of those are recorded. Then u send out a letter to their bosses. Be as fucking covert as they are.

    • Lynnsey Cummings says:

      yup, I believe you because that easily happens where I live There are tons of druggies who hang in flocks and run around messing with other people in hopesof scaring them into hiding so they can rob them orin hopes of making them look crazy because someone really hates them and wants to cause thier loss. I met a guy once through a mutual friend who was talking this kind of non sense saying since his release from prison he had a group of people fallowing him everywhere he went he had called the cops on them and to no I hung out with him for a few days and sure as the world it appeared he truely was being fallowed by a group ive come to refer to as the citizens on patrol. They are like a group of retired veterans who have nothing better to do than to stalk a man they feel got away with murder untill they can drive him out of his mind or bust him breaking his parole ect.. we got pulled over everynight for 3 nights in a row and then they arrested him on the third night , i dont recall for what and eventhough there were two of us who had drivers license they towed his truck and trailer because they said he didnt pull it far enough off the road, this was in a residential neighborhood right in my friends parking area afront his home. it was insane. I immediatly bailed him out , it was like a lame charge like driving with no license or failure to purchase
      anyways I have seen this kind of crap go on in many ways around Twin Falls Idaho. I think its a very evil town and I hope I can move away soon

      • Research Gang Stalking says:

        Yes- parolees are highly targeted for several obvious reasons, mostly because they do not have the same civil rights as ordinary citizens.

        The problem now, is that these same groups of cops, retired cops, military, and retired military have now extended their activities to others, who have committed no crimes.

        This is why we need to legislate stronger group stalking laws, and also, defeat all their online gibberish about electronic weapons.

      • Idk can't say says:

        You have my sympathy I hope you get better sorry that happened to you

  2. DP says:

    There is an Intel- organized gangstalking, the majority of people on their “black list” are targeted by EM weapons and psychotronic technologies, have been on different covert psyop experiment programs and if I were a psychiatrist I would be very careful in diagnosing anyone as being delusional or schizophrenic in order not to ruin their health even more. Their colleagues neuroscientists have developed such programs using these people without consent, wouldn’t one expect at least a drop of conscience? Or is it possible that they would not know? That’s even more frightening.

    • i've seen it with my own eyes (psychosis, that is) says:

      What annoys me the most about this phenomenon is that whenever someone talks about it (and especially if they criticize it), all these self-proclaimed victims come out and share their little sob story, as if the whole article was a personal attack against them. That, and they fail to hee how they seem even crazier once they’ve shared their bizarre delusions.

      Note, I have a schizophrenic brother, and they used to be the same before getting the right help. If I invited a friend to the house and we made jokes and laughed, after the friend would leave, my brother would ask me if we were laughing at him behind his back. Small stuff like that, but he’d literally take ANY action as a personal attack like that. He wouldn’t trust us because of these delusions, and he became very lonely and scared before things started to get better. I don’t want to know what would’ve happened if he became involved with the Gang Stalking phenomenon. He probably would’ve refused all the help he got (instead, he sought it out himself, thank God).

      He’s better now, but he is still more prone to being scared by things that most people conside harmless, like getting all hypochondriac from some harmless symptoms like numbness of a limb or something.

      I hope that most “targeted individuals” will also find relief sooner or later, because it’s such a sad life to be scared of normal, everyday things like ambulances driving by.

      • Cm says:

        your ignorant, But I’m entitled to my opinion \. You should go back and re-read what was actually written before you call it a pathetic sob story! No were did it say that person was afraid of riding in an ambulance!!! This shit is real live shit and it sounds to me with your story and your smart ass mouth that your most likely one of those people who like to “GASLIGHT” others starting with your own brother! Its not Gang stalking its ignorant people like yourself who like to be the cause of misery in other peoples lives in your case your own brother!
        p.s. The real word for this type of real live shit is Gaslight look it up! and this shit is no conspiracy theory either

      • sissykim says:

        They want u to look crazy thats the “game”. A relative told me I believe you I have seen it with my own eyes but, stop talking about it they are trying to make u look crazy”. Do I think theres governments after me. NO! It takes a certain culture in a community that does this. Its actually bullying. The show 20/20 has actually fime some of this going on against people. So look that up on youtube. I have tied it to my neighbor and her renter. Actually have caught them doing crap. The one is an admitted bipolar and the other one I have no idea shes a nut from hell. The cops dont care they have better things to do then trespassing and petty vandalism. As far as the ambulances, yeah they do that. I have it on video and I have an emergency scanner. They lied to dispatch and told them they were parked somewhere else and they werent they were in front of my house. They were kicked off the property across the street for parking there. Its not everybody doing it. Its a group of people who are broken in the head and have nothing else to do. Its a long story and thats what people don’t understand. It would take time to explain the whole thing. I went to a profiler who interviews people for the police and told him and he said I was telling the truth and that I needed a lawyer. The lawyers say you have to get ceist and desist orders and then ppos. The next step is getting the cops to enforce it without rolling their eyes. It petty and immature behavior. I could find a hundred other things to do so I am

      • victorias secrets says:

        Hi I am writing from Turkey, Istanbul. Here until 15 July 2016 Military coup a gang led by a cult leader Fettullah Gulen was in full control of the government. They were closely related to CIA and there were other subcult leaders such as Adnan Oktar. Anyway after the coup defeated by the people and the president is saved (they attempted to kill him) the government started to fight against them (though they discovered that they were surrounded by these cult members: later it is proven that many state officers advisors politicians were either members of these cults or other cults closely affiliated with them). Now Adnan Oktar is in prison, and Fettullah Gulen is a fugitive protected by CIA. And their gang members are proved to do such gang stalking stuff against their victims. For example Adnan Oktar cult had members at metro stations and shopping malls following victims and stalking them in an organized manner. They have been doing such stalking affairs for dozens of years and were protected by the police and the justice system until the failed military coup. As to myself, yeah ten years ago I thought that I might have some delusions because I am a sceptic and believer of science and medicine and I was trying to find the reason/ source of my delusion by psychoanalysis. However I should mention this: after this Nato-supported gangs are attacked by the new government policy and their members are put into prison my delusion disappeared I was recovered and still getting better . So the government fought against these gangs put them into prison and I am recovered from delusion. What a coincidence? They work with money, before they had the full control of the turkish central bank, gradually they lost the control of money. And guess what happened, recently, cleaned new police department caught these cult members frauding money : i mean they were caught to print 240 million dollars to feed their members. This is just the tip of e iceberg. They still try to regain control but they lost too much power and they are not aseffective as before. I am sorry for your stupid psychiatric nonsense, these stalking ga ngs exist, are very real and they do such stalking business, what we caught here is just tip of the iceberg. and if you cannot see this either you suffer extreme stupidity or you are one of them

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  4. J.J says:

    I used to care for a relative who suffered from mild schizophrenia. Fortunately, she isn’t smartphone or computer literate. However, she often complained about strangers/cars stalking her. Also complained about her phone line being “tapped” and strangers calling her names as they drove past her home. I’ve been to her home countless times, day and night. Ran errands for her, drove her to appointments, dropped her off at stores. I never saw suspicious people following, cars, or people yelling at her. I used to go over her Caller ID and all calls were from family members. I never saw or noticed stalking or harrassment. She’s just a reclusive old lady who goes to church and doesn’t care for politics or movements. Why would a group invest money, time, and effort on harassing average joes or janes? How will these stalkers make a living if they spend all day/everyday harassing people? Helicopters? I used to fuel up helicopters and private jets. Fuel is very expensive. They’ll also need to have a pilot on-duty or available at a moment’s notice to chase a “victim”. All that costs money. Lots of it. All that money and trouble just to harass random people. Does that sound rational?

    • Joe says:

      The “program” is designed to leave very little, if any, forensic evidence. It is designed specifically for the target. Read

    • Wild Child Always Free says:

      Sissykim is bang on the money. This is real and the EXACT same thing happened to me… via an ex, and his torch was taken up by a crazed neighbour. Also, the queen bee thing happened too. Sissykim’s got guts to speak the truth!!! Thank you

      • Sissy Kim says:

        Thank you I am trying to get people to see this is real. There is no mind microwaves its simply what its always been Neighbors harassing neighbors but taking it to a new level with technology. In my case its a jealous bitch and a vengeful co worker and a crazy renter. It really takes more then one person to influence a group your evil. They do follow you around and spread rumors and pictures of you to store employees and new co workers. I honestly believe this is what is being done to some of these kids who shoot up the schools. They are unstable to begin with and the kids see them as weak targets and go to town on them. The one in girl who survived the Florida shooting admitted to bullying the Cruz suspect in the mass shooting. To me she would be the person whos brain should be picked apart for a solution to alot of this. And yes they lie to the police or exaggerate whats going on with you and they simply want to believe it. its not all the cops but I will guarantee you they are being shown fake texts and other technology fakes to convince them something is going on that is not going on. Its the only explanation.

  5. Rockne Rhodes says:

    This activity is real. Organized stalking exists. The reasons are largely unknown. There are no borders or boundries for this activity. It is world wide. It is extremely organized. The closest explanation I have come to recognize is that it appears to be some sort of social engineering project. I have been a TI for at least 6 years now. In my opinion more attention and effort and resources are going towards training the organization of organized stalkers/informers themselves. My first thought about TIs is that they may be chosen for their possition of being able to become isolated easily. Rarely does one TI know of another TI on a previously social level. It appears that special care is taken to make sure that does not occur. On the other hand organized stalkers are encouraged to work with one another.

    • Joe J. says:

      Who knows, but there might be something to your theory.

    • Sissy Kim says:

      No there is no social project its just the way crazy humans are socializing. They are the same types of people, usually based on envy, who have written nasty notes to neighbors before technology. Same types of people. And the 20.20 video shows you its a neighbor with a large social circle and influence. People are by nature followers and “good” leaders are rare. People fear a good leader who has power of the masses. So, they just jump on board. its a a primitive survival instinct. But, there are “evil” people who just like to hurt others and use others to mask who is really behind it. I have just been able by observation and video surveillance of my own been able to piece it together. Others are as well.

  6. Bec says:

    Why does this article and similar articles not address the issue that blogs, posts, etc making claims of electronic mind control harassment, energy weapons etc could just be the work of online trolls for their own entertainment? What’s the psychology behind online trolling?

    • Bec says:

      I also want to add that I find it very hard to believe that all the people joining gangstalking online communities and claiming to be a target would be delusional or schizophrenic. That’s a large number of people. I really can’t see how schizophrenia would be so common. My unqualified opinion is it’s a combination of people who are either genuinely trying to find a reason for being bullied, harassed or just generally treated badly or it’s crap made up by online trolls who seem to get a kick out of causing controversy and being ridiculous. Microwave ovens, energy weapons, mind control. Anyone who has watched TV or read fiction could write about that stuff.

      • Terry Brewer says: working with people around the world to stop this

      • Rodney says:

        In my very real experience, those who work in the Mental Health Dept of the NHS- or at least some of them- are aware of this vile practice. Even fully involved in implementing techniques to make vulnerable patients believe they are not safe outside hospital …it is truly disgusting.I
        Causing paranoia by “enhanced support in the community”, and prescribing drugs that aggravate symptoms.
        I believe there is a vast profit being made by corrupt organizations who drain taxpayers money and swindle the system. Those who consider whistleblowing are usually threatened with redundancy, slander or demoted.

      • Joe J. says:

        You are right, all of us people complaining about gangstalking are not schizophrenics. But the program is designed to make those who complain about it APPEAR to be. And your “unqualified opinion” is right in that they are genuinely trying to find a reason for the harassment, etc. There are some online trolls/disinfo perps out there that do try to stir up controverson on the subject, they are usually on the side of the gangstalkers.

    • For sure there is a drop of truth there.

  7. Bob the Tech Guy says:

    “Microwave ovens, energy weapons, mind control”

    Most of that is military trolls and other crisis PR people. But these tactics are classic “counter-intelligence” psychobabble, used to cross talk on the internet, but also, to let “targets” know they are not alone online. In the IC these targets are being warned/drawn into a deeper dialogue.

    As for mind control, eve the blog host can tell you about “influence operations” and how these are integral in psychology. Mind control is real.

    Online, the IC/Google uses programs like “Jigsaw/Moonshot CVE” to literally influence people, going so far as to target their belief systems, and their emotions.

    Facebook was outed after the elections as practicing a form of brainwashing that is “WOrse than Hitler.” And, they have done many unethical and literal “influence operations” that target millions of people without informed consent.

    The rest of the weirdness is usually IC agents, security contractors, and police-affiliated person talking “around” a subject/person.

    It’s a terrible, unethical practice.

    • Joe J. says:

      I agree

    • sissykim says:

      Its called bullying. There is not microwave crap going on. In my area they are using an app called Neighbors by ring. Many people have figured out its their neighbors doing it. Yes, they use gps but these lame nuts get off on watching u out their windows and doing what the app does which is “Blasting out” where u are. So if u go to get groceries they blast out ur out into the group and anyone of them thats out comes in to the place u are in and walks in front of you or trips you over and over. We were recently alerted to the use of this app. Who wastes their time doing this? Lazy Morons that have no life. No FBI No CIA no Microwaves tech stuff just a bunch miserable people with no plans or goals and usually have mental disorders and personality disorders. And, they usually drink too much booze.

      • Research Gang Stalking says:

        Hi, sissykim.

        You are usually very accurate when you describe garden variety community policing, but very wrong when you say FBI/CIA/Etc are not involved, because they are in many cases.

        Its true that most gang stalking is community policing, etc., and most targets,are just neighbors, but it is a program with multiple levels of targeting, and tactics used against targets.

        For whistle blowers, activists, journalists, that targeting is managed by upper level law enforcement/political policing, because of the complicity of the FBIs Infragard, and cops working with Fusion Centers, etc.

        Lastly, read the comment from the pister named ictorias secrets above-that person describes multiple levels of targeting in a nation with an attempted military coup.

        I will repost it here:

        **victorias secrets on July 26, 2019 at 10:39 pm

        Hi I am writing from Turkey, Istanbul. Here until 15 July 2016 Military coup a gang led by a cult leader Fettullah Gulen was in full control of the government. They were closely related to CIA and there were other subcult leaders such as Adnan Oktar. Anyway after the coup defeated by the people and the president is saved (they attempted to kill him) the government started to fight against them (though they discovered that they were surrounded by these cult members: later it is proven that many state officers advisors politicians were either members of these cults or other cults closely affiliated with them). Now Adnan Oktar is in prison, and Fettullah Gulen is a fugitive protected by CIA. And their gang members are proved to do such gang stalking stuff against their victims. For example Adnan Oktar cult had members at metro stations and shopping malls following victims and stalking them in an organized manner. They have been doing such stalking affairs for dozens of years and were protected by the police and the justice system until the failed military coup. As to myself, yeah ten years ago I thought that I might have some delusions because I am a sceptic and believer of science and medicine and I was trying to find the reason/ source of my delusion by psychoanalysis. However I should mention this: after this Nato-supported gangs are attacked by the new government policy and their members are put into prison my delusion disappeared I was recovered and still getting better . So the government fought against these gangs put them into prison and I am recovered from delusion. What a coincidence? They work with money, before they had the full control of the turkish central bank, gradually they lost the control of money. And guess what happened, recently, cleaned new police department caught these cult members frauding money : i mean they were caught to print 240 million dollars to feed their members. This is just the tip of e iceberg. They still try to regain control but they lost too much power and they are not aseffective as before. I am sorry for your stupid psychiatric nonsense, these stalking ga ngs exist, are very real and they do such stalking business, what we caught here is just tip of the iceberg. and if you cannot see this either you suffer extreme stupidity or you are one of them**

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Absolutely, SissyKim.

        All that gibberish about microwave weapons, and DEWs, aliens, ghosts, face orbs and flat earth are all part of the discrediting narrative, and, an actual military-derived psychological operation, straight out of counter-intelligence manuals.

        The first case of a “targeted individual ” that later became an FBI rat who helped send innocent men to prison was the case of Joe “the Boston Barbarian”Barboza, who was the first guy ever put into the Witness Protection Program (where he committed even more murders and other crimes as the FBI protected him. )

        J. Edgar Hoover directed his agents to ignore the constitution, allowed them to use others to commit crimes, and do whatever they wanted in order to access mob dollars, and this one case is likely where we get the term “organized stalking.” It also facilitated the rise of Whitey Bulgers crime syndicate, and deliberately and directly saw the FBI orchestrating mafia hits.

        It was in this case where the sick single cell of cancer that is the seed of modern illegality in policing which became the norm, not the exception. Todays totally corrupt community policing is the disease itself, that derives from this one case.

        But these community policing scum also have access to people who utilize Fusion Centers to stalk citizens too, and they utilize that illegal access for actual “electronic harassment ” of our phones, electronic communications, and computers.

        The Trayvon Martin case in Florida will one day be seen as the first gang stalking case where an innocent person was gang stalked, and where we see the interplay between a stalker, and a community policing mechanism in action; and the first case to make it into major media, although it was not called gang stalking.

        Also, there is a story in the news lately about gangs of sherrifs deputies in the Los Angeles area that highlights police gangs, and their logic defying presence in police departments, and bizarre activity and crime.

        Anyone targeted with organized gang stalking by the police (targeted by gangs OF police ) will sound delusional, because the tactics, the language, and the para -language of OGS is itself bizzarre, once the victim gets “jumped in ” to this due process free community policing nightmare.

    • I’m sure there is a real world problem that justifies this.

      • Sissy kim says:

        Justify? Its called corruption. Where I live the police have been investigated and based what I am seeing they are corrupt. They are the criminal minds in uniforms. They just have not been caught yet. Until they take away the responsiblity the victim has to get a ppo against this put it in the states hands as a crime it will continue. Another approach is to make the mob responsible for their actions as individuals as the law is that now. This works when they know the mob can’t protect them.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Um….Your exact rationale has been used in every genocide EVER. And the Inquisition too for that matter.

        But thanks for playing!

        BTW, are you making any money off of that gang stalking movie you were promoting awhile back?

        Let me guess: it ends when a nice, shiny Saviour appears on a shiny cute pony, right?

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        The above response is directed at “Exposer ” not you, sissykim.

        Also, I would like to talk with you necause your case is interesting, and your opinions solid.

        You can contact me at my blog, if thats ok.

      • SissyKim says:

        I dont see how to contact you on that site.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:


      • SissyKim says:

        doesnt look like a real email

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        😤 we do this online so that automated bots dont scan the email.

        Remove the parentheses, and voila! A”real” email!

  8. TruthSoldier says:

    Most of the skepics on here are responding exactly the way they are expected to because they know nothing about this very real psyops program that hovers under the main stream radar. Unless you are a target of this program it is difficult to underdtand. It is the same as COINTELPRO, the disruptive counter intelligence program used by the FBI. It can also be used unofficially for revenge by unscrupulous people with connections. To learn the truth about gang stalking, go to

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Your online work is reputable, and well respected in legitimate OGS dialigues. Thanks for the inspiration.

      Every time one of these Rotary club/Lions, Elks, VFW/ NGO/Save the old ladies/hookers/children organization sponsored stalkings occurs, and the victim goes public, your fliers are mentioned in news articles. Good work!

      Then, the news articles always quote some douchebag Junior Rotary club cop saying “We didn’t authorize this Flier! Gang stalking isnt real!”

      And that news article smearing your fliers? Yup, written by a covert zionist who (for some reason) is always cock blocking open communication channels while choking dissent to death, or beating it like a Palestinian baby.

      This is how they perpetuate their version of revisionist religious fanaticism, one stolen generation after the next. Equating the individual as a threat bin their threat matrix madness.

      Its also why true equality NEVER happens- the DVIC shepherds are always gendering the narrative.

      AND: Heres a good read about how the Columbine killers were created by this religious terrorism directed AT them by their peers(under the watchful eyes of all the agencies that are paid to CREATE these events):

  9. hulala says:

    In present day with the electronics and devices readily available to scan survey follow and establish recognition based mental connection to disturb someone, it is not difficult to see that psychology has lost its science or left backward 50-60yrs. People are monkeys and as usual they disturb or try to destroy something/someone which is out of the ordinary that they happen to not like or correctly understand or feel rivalry from. Earlier days this used to more physical level but with widespread digitization it became more and more indirect and technological. Bar those claims of ray weapons etc this is very real and not out of possible. The ignorance of psychologists is hard to fathom, or may be psychology was never a true science to begin with.

    • Gang Stalking Is State Crime says:

      hulala: Great comment! Psychologists/psychology is morally bankrupt-junk science for the most part. Drug industry shills. And yes- 50-60 years behind indeed. Not to mention the sectarian biases inherent in the field.

      WE frequently see in the news these days that the counter-terrorism programs are actually thinly disguised “mind control and influence operations,” in the classic sense of those terms.

      Google Jigsaw, and Moonshot CVE are just a few examples. These programs literally redirect your internet searches, and then attempt to influence your emotional states and your choices. Psychologists are in on it at every level.

      But organized gang stalking is real, and sometimes, drug companies are part of it. Google “drug company study” and “unethical surveillance” for one example.

      By far though, most gang stalking is how these programs all coordinate electronicaly to monitor individuals in real time. So, it’s not paranoid at all to say that your phone is wiretapped, and satellites are following you around-because THEY ARE.

      WE have lost our moral compass.

    • sissykim says:

      yeah its a social problem and your right people are hiding behind their computers. I am different from my neighbors. I keep to myself and love art and music and animals. I stay in shape and don’t do drugs or drink. They all hang out at crap bars and coffee house greasy spoons. They are miserable people who go to church on Sunday and think they will go to heaven even though they do this crap to people. My son says they have low iqs and we can not understand them any more then they can understand a person with a high iq. Makes sense to me.

      • Wild Child Always Free says:

        Sissykim, thank you. Sounds like you raised a smart boy, too. Gonna take a page out of your book and stop caring… although I am struggling to prevent them from picking my locks because i definitely fear poisoning. Medeco high security, here I come

  10. Yes you're crazy too says:

    How fun that so many of them came to the comments to PERFECTLY illustrate the phenomenon. And as of following a script, of course THEIR story is “different”. These people they’re describing in the article? Total crazies! But I SWEAR that MY story of being harassed and stalked by an entire community of people is TOTALLY real! And of course any mental health professional I may happen to speak to? Totally in on it! Of course, there’s also the very real possibility that these so called “victims” are REALLY shitty people or did something really shitty…enough so as to draw the long term ire of an entire community. Either way…good stuff. There’s a lot of people in this thread that need help.

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      You need help, you gas lighting sadistic institutional psychopath.

      What kind of individual is beyond due process of law? Beyond the most basic respect of a formal charge?

      The activist, the whistle blower, those who challenge western religious fanatics? The many, many men in America who cops shoot in the back? All of these and more are being targeted today.

      You coward.

      This is Hitler/Nazi/Cheka/NKDV/Israeli IDF/ Brownshirt/religion tainted ADL trained police state thinking, 101

      The problem is that your mob mentality- the exact kind of mindset that believes in lynching, toture, pre emptive bombing of millions of unarmed people-there are more of YOU than US.

      So- analyze yourself for a moment- blacks lynched for centuries in the US because looking at white women “drew the ire of their community”, newspaper editors tarred and feathered and run out of town for writing about it; Kristallnacht; Holodmor.

      And, Ferguson, MO.

      Your voice is voice of attrocity. I bet you eat childrens foreskins, and deruve profits from this systemic institutional violence.

      And without a single doubt, you are a slanderous coward.

      • Joe J. says:

        LOL, touché!

      • Sissy Kim says:

        Very true statement! Its this type of ignorance that perpetuates the violence against others. If your only crime is you don’t “fit IN” socially you still dont deserve to be tormented. And therapists are starting to see whats going on. Some are old school and stupid and dont. But most are open minded enough to realize that things are going on socially in our world and that technology is part of the problem.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Very well said, Sissy.

        Yes, therapists are a huge part of the problem, because they are closely allied with the groups and individuals that benefit from the community policing money pots, ir the Infragard domestic spying operations, and ATAP “colluding parallel investigations” that fund OGS.

        It cannot be missed that groups like Rotary Club international is linked repeatedly to these harrassment campaigns, or that their members, are all affiliated with polucies that cities and localities implement in order to derive financial benefits from creating the conditions in society that have led to the bullying and harrassment of outsiders, muslims, atheists, etc.

        Rotary clubs, Liobs clubs, VFW members, etc. are also prominently involved in harrassing men and women accused, but never convicted in quasi-jydicial family courts of domestic violence, child abuse, etc.

        All of these groups and clubs are where police, and fire department gang stalkers meet with teachers, and therapusts/psychologists to plot their harrassments, charged with Jewish-christian fervor to persecute individuals for non-belief.

        But, recently, we also see the Anti Defamation League, and its Kommunity Kulture Klubs, LGBetc community using these tactical assaults too, and so, the evidence is there.

        In fact, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, who was quoted in the article above is, unsurprisingly, closely affiliated/allied with these LGBetc K4 groups too.

        So, yeah, again, sorry to hear what you have endured from these community harrassing scum. But keep up your good work educating people about this, and, perhaps we can create new solutions, hopefully by prosecuting gang stalkers.

    • Joe says:

      U R obviously ignorant to this problem or you are a PERP!

  11. Female34 says:

    I have belived it im seeing a doctor now i cant even say thoughts i had im so sorry really i didnt do out i thought some awful stuff i had needed exersizes to cope,came on to electronic harassment thought goverment,neighbours omg i could of did anything i swear i thought no way im going down alone i got convinced spotlights were radiating me and worse im ashamed i feel scared at my own mind doing that,but mostly the articals are so bad id never av thought it without them. The thing is you talk to people who totally belive its happening and you sense there being honest because its real to them. Ur not well you should see its irrational but youve been mentally struggling but cant accept your brains not working right its everything your brain and suddenly its not right you think whats happening ere are they setting me up as mental you find electronic torture you have all the answers and start getting ready to take all these evil murderers down with ya. The articles need removing it seems true because its stories from people who completaly belive its happening to them,getting microwaved and no way out of it. So id say most likely place you will end up is were i did,everyones doing this slow cooking torture,following,mocking,killing you so its like right lets all die and you can go for anyone the starter of it in your mind the one who put you in the program. The one you felt would never hurt you (they avnt) the doctors who abused your trust and tried to kill you. Honestly it needs to stop,psychotic people cant be sharing thoughts u accept dying and aim to do it killing

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:


      Um, yeah. I am glad that YOU, personally got the help YOU obviously needed.

      But here in the real world-the world where local cops track people via Fusion Centers, and then, drive by their houses, and shine spotlights into the windows, or sit up the blick with a UC vehicle rumbling its eight cylinder engine all night (noise harassment)-yeah, this is now standard police practice across the western world.

      It is this way, because most “cases” cannot be brought to trial, because of the illegal, warrantless spying that is taking place.

      Police and intelligence agencies do not want their tactics, and illegal harassment to be seen in front of juries; or to be forced in discovery to reveal their electronic evidence, mych less how gang stalking, aka “community policing”is itself a fraud upon the courts.

      You yourself, however, are doing a GREAT JOB allowing the neocons, the Saudi Kingdom and all the oil-buck/CVE dependent legislation dictate our democratic societies, by financing such neocon mobs.

  12. Nick Tedesco says:

    These stalking trolls are so full of themselves, they don’t even understand their weakness, and how it can used against them. For example, the Mark knows where some of them will be long before they do. By feeding them misinformation I’ve found its very easy to draw them out and become more obvious. Good for documentation. And the headlight games, the yellow ones reminded me of the Gay cruising scene of the late 70s-early 80s. A number of them are webcam hacking bedroom peepers. And that makes them sex offenders. One day there’s going to be Troll stocking blood spilled all over the place. It takes 10 to 15 of them to try and handle “One” of me.

  13. JonRawlin says:

    Checking in March 2018 to let you know targets are still out here and reading this site. The world has not changed, except and vehicle stalkers have become higher end, less Fords, Buicks, Altimas more Mercedes, Lexus and Tesla (this group has different colored cars other than red, white, blues). There are rare days when 20 – 30 cars on road don’t box me into direct routes. I can only guess they’re harassing others. There seems to be a car theft epidemic in neighborhood. The stolen cars are generally in good condition but replaced with new bright Blue and Red replacements. I must live in a very safe area, there are an endless parade of Police, Fire and Ambulances. I was 20 miles away in another town and saw the official vehicles, both local and a lone vehicle from my town passing and crossing my path. All I can say “Life is a Coincidence” as I’ve been told. I just got a new Cell Phone/ provider, just as before 5 minutes into call I get strange slurping and burping noises on my calls. The calls recorded with an app never have these noises; but they are plainly heard an analog cassette recorder. Must be another coincidence. My popularity is soaring with all the people wearing RED and BLACK clothing pedestrians and dog walkers seemingly everywhere. I’m amazed that strangers speak names that I haven’t heard since Grade school. I even recognize some of them when walking in street. These old acquaintances (from a different state) are unwanted and will see them 4-5 times in different places. Another coincidence. I have to go shopping now, my audience is waiting. Bye

    • Rodney says:

      Hi Jon. Absolutely love the comment “audience”. So accurate. Aren’t they the hammiest bunch of thespian wannabes. ..?
      On a good day it’s hilarious…On bad days it’s mind numbingly ridiculous.
      Stay strong and keep smiling. There’s no business like show business😉

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Wow, Jon, sorry to hear what you are going through. Yeah, the councidence thing is frightening, but not indicative of mental illness at all. It is even described in poluce and CIA manuals as a counter-intelligence tactic to neutraluze dissenters, and demolush future leaders of movements.

      Search online for the case of gang stalking in Oceanside, CA, or the case of the attorney from Pinellas County FL, who was harrassed after dating a cops ex wife. That case also involved harrassment after these dirty cops used Fusion Centers to spy on his porn habits, viewing legal pornography.

      Pinellas Cty is also known for endemic corruption in the sherrifs department too. covers that pretty well, but if you dig even deeper, you find Scientologists, Jewish groups allied with police. One Jewish gangster recently made the news in that area for EXACTLY these types if alliances. Google The Pearl of LaoTzu to see how bizarre, and corrupt the alliance between police and Jewish gangsters can be. In that case, we see how the police state was built, starting in Florida, with Jon Walsh, and his show Cops, allying itself with criminals who ARE police.

      And lots of stark, raving evangelicals are involved too, un all areas of the USA, charged by the FBIs Infragard program with “secret polucing.”

      Everything you report here is validated in case after case, yet the “good doctors” and PhD.s cant seem to find the evidence if it.

      And many cases specifically involve the red/black thing, like the case of Rachael Orban, in Boston, MA, who endures academic gang stalking, likely because she doesnt toe the feminist/fascist line. In cases like hers, police/community policing cowards have also weaponized all of the”save the sex workers” and domestic violence profiteering womens organizations too.

    • Sissy Kim says:

      Its true too. They get people from your past, people you thought knew you and convince them you are terrible and they should join in. One thing I have noticed is they seem to be posing as me on line. Possibly making it look like you are talking crap about people or hreatening them, who ever is doing this or started this. Thats one reason I think the police get involved is they think people are saying hateful things about them. They do have big egos. Like I said you have to ignore them. They are like naughty children who want attention. And by all means let others defend you to anyone that might not see that you are being victimized. You need your own “tribe” so to speak. Don’t look at them dont acknowledge them and it will die down.

  14. Auburn Ledford says:

    But how do we help people with this disorder? My mom started exhibiting symptoms about 2 weeks ago and it is getting worse by the day. How do I help her?

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Hi, Buttburn-

      If byour type want to truly help “these people,”then write to your senators about Scientoligy/LDS/Catholuc/Baptist/Jewish/zionist organized stalking.

      Then, maybe read up on how the weapinized internet has enabled soulless private military contractors in UAE/Israel/the Pentagon, etc, to cyberstalk people onlune, and then, stalk them offline, as local cops participate, organizing NGOs, community clubs like Rotary, Lions, etc, and others to harass local targets.

      Then, maybe research the topic a bit before your ass falls out of your mouth again, m‘kay?

      But the whole thing mirrors the Palestinian Exodus of 1948, including psyops, whisper campaigns, and actual targeted terror against individual voices, mych as we see un all of OGS.

  15. Sara says:

    I’ve known 3 people claiming these things that make up gang stalking. 2 of them are dead….having hung themselves after about 8 weeks of this behavior. There were a few things all 3 men have in common. But only one thing that caused it…meth. Once the psychosis takes hold…even when they have lucid moments and know it is the meth, they will still rarely stop. Well, one of 3 that I know. And he will never be the same.

    • Janet says:


      I also have witnessed family members experiencing the paranoia of being watched / followed and spied upon. As i have sat in rooms with them witnessed ” None” of what they perceive to be very real in their mind / Very glad someone mentioned METH. My 2 family members only began these symptoms after the use of METH for a period of time. I don’t belittle them when experiencing / what they call stalking. If it appears to be real for them / I acknowledge and reassure — I do not see what they are seeing. I encourage to get the hell of Meth / give it 30 days and Get help where ever necessary. My x husband after a week of Meth and no sleep with alcohol – would take a base ball bat at 2:00 am breaking the bedroom window out / claiming there were several people outside coming for him . He would claim there were micro chips telescope in his shoes / where people were listening to everything we said. Crazy shit… Yet once off the Meth and seeking treatment / where brain can restore back to health cells — His whole demeanor went back to healthy thoughts and behavior . Meth sneaks up on you like a snake in the grass… Coming to steal rob and destroy you and anyone who is in contact with you. I lean on my God … Meth destroys your thought process with the chemicals they use to cook that crap up and sell .. Addiction is very real and can cause much of these symptoms when not fully detoxed and treatment is not attainable for your loved one.. For those experiencing these symptoms not using drugs / yes – I hope and pray you don’t give in to this bullying behavior. I find it very hard that every single car / person they see or come into contact with / every job they encounter is out to get them , doctors family are all involved ? I would never ever betray my family members because they believe something is very real to them . Its called Letting go and letting God / seek help because not everyone you come in contact with can be a gang stalker….


      • Joseph Blowseph says:


        Your reply is compassionate, and sensible, and applies to many in the meth and other addict community. Paranoia is very real, and so are delusional beliefs.

        On the other hand, Alcoholics Anonymous, and the other related anons are ALL on record practicing stalking as a way to enforce sobriety. It even has its own sub-section in stalking literature.

        And, AA has been cited all over the web, and in many testimonials as being a cult no different than a church or other non-rational or Jewish-christian based organization.

        And, there are clear, and irrefutable connections between intelligence agencies using AA as an experiment in social control in
        the 1950s . In fact- just Google Bill W. And LSD for the main link to CIA programs.

        Then, even the now disgraced former head of Americas political police, the FBIs James Comey is in the record preaching proto-cult-in-society-religion, Rienhold Niehbur, who is one of the god fathers of AA type conformity thinking.

        This is pervasive throughout Jewish-christian organized society.

        So: meth and other addicts are as likely to be stalked by elements of community policing as they are by church groups.

        But organized gang stalking is very real in most cases, and aided in large part by the hidden surveillance state, and Fusion Centers that build secret dossieres against political activists, and dissenters as if they are terrorists.

        All of the disinformation and misinformation about OGS is, if anything, de facto proof that SOMEONE or SOMETHING is heavily invested in discrediting actual victims- but ALSO works against citizens rights to due processes of law, and challenges to the bloated surveillance state apparatus.

        It really is bizarre to watch people like Dr. Mike Wood downplay these connections, but, hey- follow the money! Because the good Dr.Wood has been made famous since this blog post met

        And of course, he is no fan of mentioning MKULTRA because as we see, between the latest Facebook spying on citizens scandals, and that, combined with the Five Eyes nations spying through Israel to pre-vet every word spoken online, he wont criticize the Israelification inherent in the modern incept of these programs, because his salary literally depends from gas lighting the veracity of these truths above.

        So, a delusion isnt a delusion if it is held by a group of ones peers- such as all organized religion is itself delusional. So for fun, Google: South African Church worships beer.

        That should cast some light on how modern psychological programming works in Jewish-christian led nations where zionists and dominionists have waged war on indigenous populations….

      • Mike Wood says:

        Hi Joseph –

        Usually I’m pretty happy to let these comments play out without injecting myself into the conversation, but yours caught my eye when it popped up in my notifications. I’m actually pretty vocal about MKULTRA and have mentioned it several times on this blog, and at least once in a published article about real, confirmed conspiracies.

        As for money, I’m a junior academic at a small university in the south of England and split my time between teaching, research, and filling out endless pointless administrative forms. My salary doesn’t depend on anything I say here. I mean maybe I get fired if I threaten to kill someone but you know what I mean. I’ve never received any instructions on what to talk about or not talk about and don’t anticipate that I would in the future. The only external funding I’ve received is a small grant of about £7k from the British Academy that bought me some retrospective Twitter data for a project on rumours about the Zika virus and a few hours of research assistant time. Hope this answers your concerns.

      • Joe J. says:

        If they are into drugs they may be under surveillance and being gang stalked. Gang stalking is real and is used by intelligence agencies, or private investigators and their minions.

      • Josephine says:

        Dear Janet,

        I’m not on drugs. I allowed myself to be subjected to psychiatric evaluations twice and passed both times as normal. Many of the stalkers are dumb-as-hell x’tians. So get off the jesus bs. Take your own delusional beliefs someplace else. You’re allowing an imaginary man-made diety to run your life. At best you have no backbone. But if one to were to be honest, you need a higher power to keep you going, for you to blame the ills of the world on so you don’t need to take responsibility for anything. It’s always god’s will. Delusional? Definitely.

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Hi, Sara. You are a real sadistic bitch, arent you?

      I say that, because it is well known that some people with actual mental disorders have issues with numerology. So your post, utilizing the 32833 configuration is typical of gang stalking human garbage like you. There are many examples of this all over the internet, and in this thread too.

      And, your post is sadistically designed to harm or distress the types of people that obsess over numbers, whether they are meth addicts or not.

      I sincerely hope you die in a fire. You and your types are human garbage, bullying the weak, and the potentially vulnerable.

  16. whitney williams says:

    I am a T.I. in So Cal. White guy. Normal. Long hair. Musician. I have been stalked for 3 1/2 years. It is so bad now I am at wits end. They shoot me with electronic weapons everywhere I go. Including on roof at my work. Church. Friends homes etc… I live in a van surrounded with sheets of metal and if they find one pinhole they are in and you get tortured all night. I have nowhere to turn because loved ones are too afraid it will rub off on them or you are out of your mind! And going to the police and sheriffs is just an exercise in futility. Exactly who can we turn to for help? So far the only one who can help me is Jesus Christ. The sooner he takes me from this wicked world the better. God have mercy on the black hearts and souls of the people doing this to me. The one thing notable is that no matter how you combat the attacks they just increase the power levels to always overpower your shielding. It’s just a constant game of chess for your life. That you can’t win. They actually seem to enjoy hunting other human beings. So very sad for them and all other T.I.’s
    May God Bless all of you!

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      To the guy who claims electronic weapons shooting through pinholes, and all the others who gang stalk people to suicide and worse, here is how OGS creates mass shooters, from Cortland Pfeffer

      Its no small feature of mass shootings that we see the NSA/DHS/FBI full capture internet involved just before all of them. And in the case of Columbine, no surprise that the lical FBI office bosses son was involved either.

      Amazing what you God living religious whack jobs will do to con another person into organized religion.

      The facts are www(dot)researchorganizedgangstalking(dot)wordpress(dot)com

    • misskittyssoapboxx says:

      Check out Russ DIZDAR on YouTube.. he can tell you exactly what’s going on and fill u in on the stuff that makes no sense at all. It makes total sense hearing it from him . Also don’t be surprised if there IS a very large life insurance policy in your name.


  17. Leacroft Witter says:

    To whom it may concern: i am a targeted individual whom is being stalked round the clock everyday by perpetrators. I have come to finding out the name of one of the perps. It is multiple perps that have been stalking me and they have been trying to intimidate me. The use of V2K voice to skull and electronic harassment and exposing me With Direct Energy weapons on my body. These people have been experimenting me for quite some time now going on 4 years and i still have not come to some kind of justice they violate human rights and civil liberties. They have an obsession with me and its been hard for me to get help. The suspects name is a Neal Manning and he is the prime suspect. There is more perps along with this guy that is harassing and i want know how should i proceed. The gangstalking is still ongoing and its a must for me to get help.

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Dr. Mike: Fair enough.

      I want to thank you for your reply, and urge you to look deeper. ALSO: I invite byou to share my research, and possibly nake the world a safer place, by bringing this heinous hidden policing to front and center.

      I understand you are a lowly academic- which is why I basically dumped a book in your lap, lol. I was literally gang stalked in academia, and so, I work outside of it now.

      So, I did the research already, and others are now utilizing it in various ways, ranging from MSM articles, to television and more. Even the Intercept is combing my goodie bag.

      Lets write it!

      Believe me: it IS real, and bizzare to the core-it is designed to drive funding for the police state-a make work 101 class in total state-community corruption.

      But the evidence if it being what I say it is is all over the place, and if you adopt a framework that there are BETTER ways to handle crime/criminals/activist/dissidents, your neighbors pissing cat.

      Alex VITALE says: the problem isnt diversity in policing, or a lack of funding, or a lack of support for blue lives- the problem IS policing itself, and the exponential growth of brutality related to funding and juggling the stats; the fact that if we pop their funding bubble, we will see who the criminals really are.

      You know where to reach me…(and so do “they,” whoever “they” are, lol.)


      Joseph Blowseph

    • Joe J. says:

      Go to and read the section on tactics for fighting back.

  18. Mirah says:

    I’m so angry because my brother fell victim to this targeted individual bull crap a couple years ago. He is not himself anymore and lives a life of seclusion. He used to be extremely active in his kids lives, now NOTHING!!! He used to be active outdoors too. He honestly believes that if any of us talk to him we will be killed or harrassed too. I message him every now and then to let him know I’m still okay since or last convo (over Facebook messenger). His children miss him and have grown 2 years without him. I’m absolutely heart broken over it and I have no idea how to get him help!!!??? His whole family misses him, what do we do?!

    • Joe J. says:

      Let him know that you believe him and support him, and try to do what you can to stay in touch. But his concern is real. Many targets are fearful of their friends and family also becoming targets. It is a possibility, it happened in my case. Sadly. Tactics for fighting back at are a good place to start.

    • sissykim says:

      Hes got to fight back. They pick at people who are weak. So hes got to be strong and fight the anxiety it induces. Like I said it neighbors usually and they are from what I understand filing false reports to the police who are stupid and know damn well whats going on. I looked up dirt on all of them got a pile! Get names and pictures and just go to the court house an start talking about protection orders an theres always a courthouse a snitch. Once they think they will be held personally accountable for the acts of a mob it dies down. It wont stop it but it slows it down. But they want you secluded so dont do that. But never let them see him react they feed off attention. IF they try to get others involved, and they will, you will know where you stand with them. Most of mine that fell into it were crap anyway. The real friends and family will defend him. Help if you can dont just sit back.

  19. Rotary Club Sponsored Gang Stalking says:


    The first thing you do is realize that our internet is in fact, and practice, a wiretap. This is beyong refute, as Edward Snowden has made clear.

    Then, if you are serious about helping your brother, ask him if he encountered odd things online- and be ready to hear about how weird the internet is, now that we know with ceryainty that military trained battallions are monitoring pure speech online, and then, feeding the stolen information to local law enforcement, who then feeeds that information to any number of community policing groups and individuals, that use the illegally obtained data in coercive ways.

    Most of this activity emanates from the FVEY surveillance of citizens data, and .programs lije Optic Nerve:

    Here, for instance, we see Americas NSA working with British intelligence to target MILLIONS of Yahoo web cameras without informed consent of the web cameras user, outside the stated mission of warrantless surveillance, and Some 11-13% of the web camera data included nude photos, intimate conversatiins, and .more.

    Then, analysts target individuals for further exploitation as I describe above, and a common exploit of targeted individuals .is to coerce, mock, or otherwise blackmail them according to their sex or porn habits, but there are other exploits of that person. Banking, relugion, narital indiscretion- all are used by pruvate contractors to cause a targeted individual to feel as if they are watched,24/7. Classic blackmail.

    So-while high level agencies like NSA/mI5 all keep up appearances of following law and order, they also farm out their dirty work to orivate contractors, aka domedtic spies. The American DHS has a literal army of semi-professional second string cops that are integral in these compromise operations, and the religious theocracy of Israel gets ALL OF OUR DATA before domedtic law enforcement gets it!

    That should scare any rational “sane” person who belueves .in due .process, or law and order. And, since 911, the ratio of cops/contractors/security guards in America is 1 of them, to every 30 citizens. And, we see time and again that NGOs use call help lines, and other resources as spy centers, all of it kept in hiden databases, aka dossieres, just like totalitarian states.

    So, it is very likely your brother is feeling isolated, due to horrific blackmail type tactics.Listen, and build trust if you can-but the source of his problem is DEFINITELY not in your brothers head-it is in our societies that have ceded the most basic right of privacy to goons and thugs who operate outside the law online.

    Read the Intercept, Techdirt, and www(dot)researchorganizedgangstalking(dot)wordpress(dot)com

    • Joe J. says:

      domedtic spies are also known as surveillance role players. There are lots of jobs posted on Craigslist for surveillance role players. They are usually ex military, ex cops, or anyone with a security clearance. We live in a matrix people.

  20. Anti Tweaker says:

    You are all crazy tweakers, gang stalking isnt real, and there is no such thing as mind rays and computer control. stupid tweakers

  21. debbie james says:

    oh so very real real anti tweaker. sponsered by your government. matter of fact all those attacks are red flagged. lose anyone? oh well your programmed already. people that are gangstalked are not programmed. they can’t be programmed. i have years of audio on my gangstalkers. government included in the payments to them. found out when i was in approximately 6000 people in portland oregon were not programmable that’s 1/10 of the population. i’ve caught them programming police, agents, politicians, etc. if they die the government just lies and makes up another story. they are robbing everybody. the police have had their money and pensions robbed. the government just goes and replaces it when it gets caught and reprograms the police again. your a slave if you are capable of being programmed. the people who do this make no bones about it. very upfront about it. you’ll never see a targeted individual protect someone who’s programmed. and vice versa. the programmed ones are made to commit crimes ie. murder, prostitution, drug dealing, drug manufacturing, organ harvesting, etc. when you are no longer necessary they bring you “table”. live donor organ harvesting. people are being programmed through trauma. usually rape, brutal beating, hanging, etc. problem is the ones doing the programming are programmed also. military is involved. so going up the chain everyone is programmed. except the targeted individuals. this country lost a part of its security when it attacked me. what i figured out has been destroyed. i wil not refigure it out. what’s done is done. i’m leaving the country, even though i’ve been told going to another country won’t change anything. but oh well. now that i know what is going on it’s easier to play their game back at them.

  22. debbie james says:

    PS i don’t need them or this country. all i ever got was problems, migraines and empty pockets. so no regret here.

  23. researchorganizedgangstalking says:

    Are directed energy weapons real? CBS News thinks they are….

    Diplomats were evacuated from the US Consulate in Guanzhou, because sound weapons caused a host of physical symptoms:

    GUANGZHOU, China — A U.S. medical team was screening more Americans who work in a southern Chinese city as the State Department confirmed evacuating a number of government workers who experienced unexplained health issues like those that have hurt U.S. personnel in Cuba and China. The evacuations of the workers in Guangzhou followed medical testing that revealed they might have been affected.

    State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said “a number of individuals” have been brought to the U.S. but didn’t say how many were affected or evacuated. One case in Guangzhou had been disclosed last month.

    That employee has been left with mild traumatic brain injury, and was sent home in April, U.S. officials told CBS News last month. The U.S. embassy and consulates in China have held town hall meetings to give employees a chance to ask questions.

    Nauert said tests are being offered to “any personnel who have noted concerning symptoms or wanted baseline screening.”

    The mother of a State Department office who says he was injured in Guangzhou, China, tells CBS News’ Steve Dorsey her son Mark Lenzi left country Tuesday “on orders.” He was wrapping up a two-year tour there with his wife and two children.

    • Joe J. says:

      Yes they are real, that’s a fact. But you will see a lot of crazy talk out there making it hard to believe that they are real.

    • Peoples Champ says:

      Don’t believe in it or it will come true! Microwave rang my ears as soon as I researched it online and got worse as I walked closer to old microwave and got much better when I unplugged it…. don’t believe it trust me🤙. Belief in GS will make it come true. And really come true not In the head as you know it’s real. … helpful hint 💯

  24. Samantha Mathews says:

    Unfortunately, people who realize these are just delusions can post day and night til their heart’s content and they will always have someone to rebut their story. The simple fact is mentally ill people like this just can’t realize that they’re mentally ill. Thousands of people can post their stories and they cannot put two and two together to think about how many people and how much money it would take to stalk these 100’s of thousands of mentally ill people. It would take everyone in the world, all of the world’s money, then nobody would be working anywhere because they wouldn’t need to because they’re being paid to gang stalk. I’ve even heard of toddlers that gang stalk and use their parents to push them around in strollers. They really can’t see the ridiculousness of their claims. Now, because I’ve posted this, there will be someone to post after me, calling me names, saying it’s real and tell their story thinking that it’s so believable to them, how could anyone doubt it. It really is sad. One commented said how sad it wss to be scared of normal and was attacked and called names, and called a gaslighter. If you do no believe them, then you must be one of the stalkers. That’s how they rationalize it and they really believe it. You can’t talk a mentally ill person into not being mentally ill. It just won’t happen. This article was meant to explain the phenomenon to non-mentally ill people, but you see that they can’t help themselves. They see it as a personal attack against them and must retaliate.

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:


      ~how many people and how much money it would take to stalk these 100’s of thousands of mentally ill people~

      Care to cite some evidence for that estimate or did your tongue prolapse that number all by itself? Did it fall out your ass?

      So: There are OGS victims, OGS denialists, and then, actually.mentally ill people, and also, sick sadists who torment them online and off. Feel free to pick your own label, lady/troll/totaldouche/AI bot/drug company/DV/IC shill unspecified.

      Really-who are you anyways? But there are profiles that fit your comment, and tens of thousands of comments exactly like yours online, many with tiestodrug companies, PR firms, and miltary trolls.

      But as we see that the term “targeted individuals” itself is derivative of crisis PR, and propaganda, try not to let your hive mind be offended. A simple Google search will reveal that the term targeted individual pertains to any of many in mainstream news stories.

      Mathew Riehl, anIraq vet, and lawyer who tangled with progressives and police in high heels, reported being targeted, stalked and harassed by police across several jurisdictions after criticising white females, Nazis and gay Jewishy professors on Facebook.

      Then law enforcement deleted his Facebook, and feel free to speculate on why the police webwash these events. Webwashing is quite frequent in these cases, and indeed, is one threat often repeated to TIs online.

      Dahir Adan,Omar Mateen,Sayed Farook, the Toronto Incel guy and most of the others had contact online and off with radical zionists and dominionists, or the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex agents and agencies who stalked them, defamed them in official records, harassed them in their workplace, and more.

      The Annondale shooter several days ago lost his job due to a pseudo-feminist gang stalking whisper campaign.

      Most of them were targeted with electronic eavesdropping,electronic license plate readers, and SOCMINT monitoring with tools like Palantir,and DataMinR. Nearly allof their cases, the common thread is Facebook and Twitter monitoring.

      Seeing patterns, fakenym poster? Try not to let it make you crazy.

      But: most mass shooters reported being stalked online and off and many reported it to police, who did nothing~because of people like you, who utilize political/punitive pop psychology to address social dysfunctions-like community policing, that seeks to replace court trials with gray area slanders instead, and so called democratic policing, via whisper campaigns, which is mob rule by any other name.

      And one shooter, William Atchisson of NewMexico was targeted by British intelligence agencies during #Gamergate, who kicked the case to the FBI who kicked the case to local law enforcement and.its community.polucing/stalking networks~and all of these literally targeted him for an ENTIRE YEAR with psychological operations and electronic eaves dropping FOR SOMETHING HIS BROTHER SAID ONLINE.

      THEN, and only then, did the kid buy guns. And these men~almost all TIs are men~ are the extreme outliers on the Bell curve.

      So, beyond the mission creep of multi-billion dollar military operations TARGETING INDIVIDUALS we see many other forms of financing.

      The crisis PR industry gets a billion dollars per year in the US., from the government, who hires trolls just like you.

      The NSA and its associated Octipanopticalconjob gets 72 billion per year to monitor groups, political movements, and individuals as well.

      I mean~who are you anyways?

      Feel free to choose from the categories above, and call yourself names.

      But I think stupid fits pretty well.

      Too stupid to do basic math, and to flap jawed to make the connections.

      • Grizzy Bear says:

        To Researchorganizedgangstalking: Yes yes….the govt spends billions of dollars just to harass some mentally ill people to make them feel worse about themselves. Makes sense LOL

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        I hope you die in a horrible fire, “Terry Jizzy Bear”

        Does that sound crazy/s

        Fucking cunt.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        BTW: The fact that you use a pseudonym can indicate that you are afraid to speak openly, or that you are paranoid.

        So, mind if I ask you a question?

        If YOU, personally, have nothing to hide, why do YOU, PERSONALLY, mask your online identity/?

        Um, yeah. You are probably hiding something. I will forward your comment, and your IP to the police, ok?

        I want to help you.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Note to Dr. Mike Wood:

        Is gang stalking “real?”

        My free, advertising-free, WordPress blog was just hacked, and some moron titled it “Q.”

        I mean-this is how petty, and trifling these IC people are.

        Feel free to click over there, and see for yourself.

        Then, ask the question: is gang stalking .online real? Who are gang stalkers? Etc.

        That is how correct is about this topic.

        And, Dr. Wood- if you remain silent, you are complicit in it.

        But it is indeed, that real.

        Shitty cowards.

        Glad I keep backups:)

        Even more glad that wordpress does too.

      • T. Burbank says:

        Question to those who identify as Targeted Individuals or who believe that they are, in some form or another, being Gang Stalked;

        To an outsider, someone who does not identify as a targeted individual and does not have experience in being gang stalked, the experiences described by Targeted Individuals align precisely with the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia, a common psychological condition that is hard to treat due to its inherently self-reinforcing nature. My question is this; how do you feel about the concept of “paranoid schizophrenia” itself? Please don’t think I’m trying to belittle or refute your experiences and pain, I believe you are under immense stress, however, when objectively looking into this psychological phenomenon, how do you react to it? What are your opinions on those who suffer from it?
        I am very open minded and very interested in the Targeted Individual community, and i prefer to approach subjects like this from an objective point of view, just to be thorough. Any responses or feedback is appreciated!

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Read the blog, douchebag. But if you are a genuine, concerned citizen- write to your cobgress people about how NSA warrantless spying that trickles down to local communities is affecting fiscourse itself.

        And .maybe, since you are so genuinely concerned, ask the good .peeple who wrote the DSM-5 also were silent as the CIA “tortured some folks.”

        I covered every single bit of it herein.

        Cant you read?

        Most gaslighting, gang stalking, disingenuous toilet swabs have an average IQ of 98, so I can accomodate your disability if necessary.

        My question to you: what are you gonna do when your gang stalking DVIC/Federal cash cow is all milked out, and your operational methodology is mocked in history books as what it is~and EXACTLY what I have described it as herein?

        I mean-cant you read? I covered all of it.

        But Fusion Centers mediating ALL communications, and then trickling data out to cocksuckers In Burbank CA, who hide behind badges, and Infragard, should be seen by reasonable, rational people on juries anywhere as “insane” domestic policy.

        But not people “like you” whoever “you”are, specifically, who struggles (genuinely) to “understand.”

        I mean~ why dont you identify yourself?

        Obviously, you are classically and delusionally “paranoid” about the internet!

        Why IS that?

        If you have nothing to hide, right?

        Even your comment indicates .mental illness, as defined by the DSM~5

        Hope that “helps!”

    • Grizzy Bear says:

      Spot on Samantha. They will go to ANY length to feed the delusion no matter how ridiculous or implausible it is. There is no motive, no hard evidence for ANY instances of gangstalking. Microchipped dogs, bees, birds, etc. Mind readers, stalkers with high end cars, large groups of people who coordinate these attacks on a single person (odd that there’s never a non-involved person in the area…)….it’s all utter BS. And it’s a shame that the mentally ill actually validate their illness and become more convinced of it because of commenters here

      • futuret says:


      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Identify yourself Grizzy.

        Like Mathew Riehl said, after he was gang stalked in college for criticizing white females (in an all white state), Nazis, fakerape, speech policing, and #Rapecults on Facebook, after years of being gang stalked by police, AFTER he graduated law school and was the subject of an ADL type whisper campaign, a frame job, and then, years of gang stalking BY police, and after stating that he would run for sherrif against corrupt police~ I say:



        What are ya gonna do, shoot me? Put me in your databases? Slander me?


        The only problem with guns in America are how cops use them (giving them to gang members to cause crime, or manipulate cases), instead of brains, or balls~or the Constitutional guarantees of civil rights and due process.


        Hunt me down as a speaker, and kill me, like you did to Riehl? Hell, Im not running for sherrif.

        And- you know where to find me, right? But dont be surprised if I send another nations gang stalkers to find you, ok?

        UGonna plant/implant/steal my hard drive? Plant documents/pon/NOFORN?

        Lol….see you at the Supreme Court, WA state.

        And- be on notice: the internet has other mirrors, in other countries now.

        Thanks for setting a new Low with totalitarian spying, you cowardly fascists!

        OooooOOoooh SaaaaaAAAy caaaAANN you SEEEEE. BYEBYE DAWNS EARLY LIGHT……..

        See you at the UN tribunals, after the war.

        TOTAL COWARDS, all of you oath breaking gun toting gang stalkers.

    • Joe J. says:

      If you’re not a perp/disinfo agent, then you are obviously uninformed and not a target.

  25. researchorganizedgangstalking says:

    Haha….I have attracted flies. They pribably work in one of the hundreds of thousands of troll farms, or sooper seekrit lustening pists scattered around the western “democracies,” that literally spy on their own citizens (as covered in ALL main stream media)

    But, yes, their is ample evidence of groups ranging from Scientolgoists, to any of many US military, academics, and various NGOs, as well as community policing initiatives that harass and stalk activists, dissidents and others.

    TO THE READER: This blog does not have a single post about microchips, or any of the other crap that paid shit- posters like this pair here above like to discuss.

    This blog DOES talk about: how western governments wiretap their own citizens, and how “electronic implants”are what the NSA,the CIA, Britains JTRIG, and many other intelligence agencies use to DESCRIBE wiretaps and hardware “implants” on targeted computers, and networks.

    Identify yourselves, my shit pisting friends! Identify yourselves, so that so the onlookers can understand this issue better.

    But you wont do that, will you?

    Go ahead girlz, prove my point FOR ME.

    I mean- if you have nothing to hide, then- why are you hiding behing fake names?

    • T. Burbank says:

      Because this is the internet and people value privacy, I imagine you of all people would be able to appreciate anonymity. I have plenty to hide, as does every person in the entire world, so sharing personal information with random conspiracy theorists on the internet doesn’t seem like the smartest idea.
      I’m a dude who found documentaries about gang stalking on YouTube and I’m trying to understand the phenomenon further. I understand conspiracies theories, I understand privacy violations by the NSA and the CIA, those are well documented and common knowledge. There’s a difference between that and the concept of gang stalking, which in my opinion and the opinion of this blog post itself aligns itself more with paranoid schizophrenia.

      I’m trying to understand where the line between conspiracy theory and concepts like gang stalking is, what the major psychological differences are, and what the steps are to crossing that line.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        line between conspiracy theory and concepts like gang stalking is~

        That begins and ends with who controls the narrative, doesnt it?

        I mean~what would you say or do with guns to your head in the potentially literal sense? Or, if you were being blackmailed from a Fusion Center, or any of the .many relatives and associated members of police/community fraternal organizations?

        And: whats your piece of the pie? Why would anyone take the time to explain something to Jane Curious on the internet, of all places?

        As you might have noticed, police and community policing stalker scum are murdering people with impunity over this grand scheme, and getting rich doing it.

        So: think about it as coercion, blackmail, and shame based mental abuse, facilitated by abuse of internet.

        Then, all of the coercion kicks in: the whispers behind your back in a supermarket (very well documented online), or the trucks that try to mob you on the freeway. This is lynch-mob rebooted, plus electronics and apps and Fusion Centers.

        And keep in mind that peoples lives, livelihoods and more frequently depend upon privacy: once that is gone, these people are owned, and will do anything to save face, including repeating gibberish (organized religion is little more than that.)

        One case online has an attorney fleeing the country after the local sherrif, and his gang stalking posse monitored his porn habits, from a Fusion Center and then followed him around town, and ruined his business-keeping in mind that only sexually repressed voyeurs are bothered by LEGAL porn in the first place.

        That guys story is amazing-the schizophreniform narrative kicks in while the individual attempts to save face, by adopting the language of their hidden oppressor/s. Most people will say, or do almost anything to not lose face, or lose their life and livelihood.

        In his case, he was a former city attorney, at the height of the 1980s CIA drug importation through Florida. And without irony, Scientology was involved! As was real estate, and questionable city practices with cash.

        Others are also quite well documented cases of bullying, as poluce, NGOs, JTRIG, etc., coerce and leverage individuals.

        And the mass shooter cases nearly all spring from the privacy and due process violations online too.

        Lastly- and this is significant- my blig was hacked today, and part of my header text was replaced with the letter Q, which Dr. Wood can talk about.

        And this, as extreme as a state level hack is, can also be metaphorically interpreted as an existential threat.

        I have named a few of the people who mysteriously appeared in my world via email, and other online venues previous to that incident.

        Surely they arent part of a delusion, ay? Much less the fact that one of my named stalkers was a Pentagon contractor, and the Pentagon removed the web page after I documented it? I documented that, too, and saved a copy offline.

        Yeah, delusions alright. Google stachotic Turing mechanism and gang stalkuing just for fun.

        Its an eye opener of how official source gas lighting, combined with the public ignorance at large feeds the mass trance formation the west bis enduring around this topic.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Oh, yeah, one last thing about that “line”between MI and talking gibberish under coercive control: many of these cases early on were valudated whistle blowers, or even people who just wanted their retirement/pension/Social Security, etc compensation from a nasty employer.

        But because the employer, ranging from the USAF to the NSA or CIA, treats whistle blowers nasty; on down to dirty cops getting fired for dirty deeds, the fact that many of these file complaints, and then get surveilled by any of many institutional detectives and more, these complaints balloon into gang stalking.

        I.e., because the descriptors are conveniently accurate: being followed and harassed (and in whistle blower cades, often includes bizarre informants, threats, etc), electronics ranging from vwiretaps to cameras to computer surveillance, and so on- the claimant is allowed to get some form of payment as they fight abusive beauracracy.

        In clinical terms, its called malingering-but because psycholigists are political, opinions vary, and claimants can then exploit that, the way that agencies have exploited them.

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Google ~National Sherrifs Association and gang stalking ~ to see how deeply these police, their relatives, and community policing have infiltrated Alcoholics Anonymous, and all of those other late era “recovery cults” have infiltrated psychiatry, social work, healing, and privacy, preying on the vulnerable to make cases, or frame a binary good/evil narrative around legal substance use.

      But it keeps the self-righteous power junkies and triple dipping asset seizers pork-barrel fat, doesnt it?

      That shit doesnt wash with Atheists, secular humanists, or any other non-Jewish-christian-mystery cult-Islam based “higher power” quasi-religion.

      The evidence is everywhere that organized cyber-stalkung that come offline aka gang stalking is real. And, its in AA too, once you learn to trap the trappers.

      The problem is not diversity in policing, or lack of training, or lack of funding: the problem is well organized groups of insiders who prey upon others, and get federal dollar fat doing it, and all of that, outside the law, with no respect for law.

      And- to the shitbag up there who claims that gang stalking victims never have witnesses-or that everyone around them is “in on it,” think again: more and more people are enlisting witnesses, and setting our own honeynet traps all over the internet.

      Try not lose any limbs if you step in one,lol.

      Especially that third leg growing out of your mouth.

    • Joe J. says:

      I don’t doubt that chip implanting takes place in some cases, but who needs those when everyone has a good ol’ cell phone that they can use to track you, harass you and eavesdrop on you.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:


        The 24/7 claim is exactly that simple.

        But also notice that the exact same companies promoting all this fake-security, as they maraud over basic due process, and civil liberty, also promote the bio-implant for “safety” as well.

        And, if their is any conspuracy at all- I for one, want to see data about how cell phones blue light emissions, and actual radiation are affecting the current generation of “DEW”users. Surely the device manufacturers have a not exactly small stake in occluding the actual health effects of that, pre-emptive of cancer/other lawsuits, much like Big Tobacco.


        Sure, Dr. Mike, OGS is a delusion, yup.

        Now go take YOUR meds, lol.

  26. Phillip says:

    Very well delivered and formed to be thorough and satisfting to my intellect

  27. Haroutyun Karabajakyan says:

    If you are unable to grasp the reality or you are schizophrenic enough as almost all christians are – to claim the christianity as a victim of such crimes, let me invite you and your bosses to any televised debate about gang stalking to prove you through millions of license plate numbers collected in 30 years that the gang stalking is judeo-christian VAMPIRE TERRORISM by millions against ones (remember leaving 99 aside and going after one?) and to prove that CIA christian conservative jewish mafia’s VAMPIRE TERRORISM of gang stalking is as real as it gets and as SEVERELY MENTALLY DISORDERED TERRORIST CRIME as it gets and it is also accompanied by CIA jewish sheepfold’s mind control TERRORIST BARBARISM day and night against the targeted victims of this horrendous CRIME. All other terrorist crimes are committed by a group of terrorists against a group of people who are able to retaliate and all other terrorist crimes are a single actions. ONLY gang stalking christian conservative jewish mafia’s CIA ANIMALS’ zionist TERRORIST BARBARISM is against single individuals not able to retaliate and even deprived of a proof under the treath of being labeled as mentally disordered. Lets have a televised debate with you and your owners and I promise to prove THE CANNIBALISTIC VAMPIRE TERRORIST CRIME of CIA mason mafia- sheepfold against innocent people along with numerical proofs of all involved CRIMINAL ANIMALS’ license plate numbers

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:


      Are you the guy who sued the Social Security Admin?

      Anyone who sues theIRS,orthe SSA WILLBE GANG STALKED.

      And, not surprisingly, the case of Ross Ullbricht, aka Dred Pirate Roberts, akahad all the classic features of gang stalking, INCLUDING that he had an IRS investugator “crack” the case, most likely after using NSA back door data.

      You are not entirely wrong, although your writing style echoes that of several FBI informants/disinformation/controlled assets who work all over the internet-andfrom Burbank,CA.

      Then,too, you are a target because these agencies target people withpoor language skills,and try to trap you in word games- a very common immigrant experience with informant recruitment.

      Then theresthe issue of how these agencies-especially in your area of California-use car dealerships for money laundering, and then, they bust their own operations, netting the Fed massive asset forfeiture dollars (like we saw in the massively corrupt Ross Ullbricht/ Dred Roberts case).

      Its a win/win for institutional corruption, framing,and harassing “suspects”.

      Speaking of license plates and gang stalking in your area, maybe check these throw away phone numbers and plates while you are at it:

      Ed: SanFrancisco 415-900-8144

      Ed and Jocelyn: SF 415-436-7700

      7VSH69 from LAs Koreatown, just over by the Federal building

      Or: 6ACA300

      Let me know what you find!

      Bunch of GS scum….

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says: has a new, excellent article about John McAffee-the inventor of anti-virus software-being gang stalked, and, predictably, FAKE LICENSE PLATES are involved:

        July 31, 2018

        Is the founder of McAfee being “gang-stalked” by the feds?

        John McAfee, the wealthy computer programmer and founder of the famous anti-virus software which bears his name (although the firm was later acquired by Intel), reportedly claims that he is the target of intense surveillance and harassment by federal agents. One source of this assertion is a May 15th article by Simon Golstein, at Finance Magnates – a website about financial trading news and research. Describing an account conveyed to him by a technical advisor of McAfee, Rob Loggia, Golstein wrote that McAfee says he is being “gang-stalked.”

        “According to a man called Rob Loggia, curator of website Loggia on Fire, McAfee’s house is being gang-stalked. Cars have been entering the cul-de-sac in which it is situated before turning around and leaving without making a stop – this is happening on an “almost daily” basis. The McAfee security team has, of course, run the licence plates and found that the identities to whom they are registered are fake.”…


        Some might recall McAffee going a bit clunical in Belize, and then,being accused of murdering his neighbor, and then, returning to the US.

        Some also might recall him in a tiff with the police there, after he donated gazzillions of new toys to their drug task force, too…..or that he sought to challenge Big Pharma….

        So: the toxic mix of endemic, systemic police corruption,the war on drugs, the CIA influenced domestic policing…..yeah…..

        Organized gang stalking is THAT f@cking crazy.

        Nothing to see here,folks, move along now…..

      • Joe J. says:

        Some of the tactics used in gangstalking are harassing phone calls from spoofed numbers so you can’t trace them and the use of ghost plates to harass you by vehicle.

    • sissykim says:

      Witnessing what I have witnessed this is a sociology issue. Yes, religion and what the society around you defines as “moral” becomes an issue. In my case, the stalker was sending out pictures that were photoshopped of me naked, All the “christian” women had to send out their judgments. Sounds crazy right? No, women do this. Some of the crap on here I question too the sanity of the person. When it starts and spreads so fast with technology it does induce a mental illness type of response from your defenses. U have to calm down and analyze who is involved and whats going on. Its pretty local but, yeah they can thru technology spread the rumors and info. Telling you, it will all come out in the wash how this is happening and the police are ignoring the criminal aspects of this thru its subtle nature. Its more local then u realize at the moment. Can’t explain it anymore than that.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Well said, Sissykim. It sounds like you got the church~religion version of gang stalking.

    • Joe J. says:

      It’s your kind of post that cause the masses to think all targets are delusional wackos! Educate yourself.

  28. Haroutyun Karabajakyan says:

    It is very unethical of you to do a background check of people who writes their opinions. It must be something left from Medieval Inquisition times. It is much more unethical of you to publish social security case of a person without consent.

    Yes I am the one who sued SSA and the three judge panel in that case has committed a perjury – lied under the oath in their denial of my case. Same judges also omitted the most important part of the case – which is a fraud on the court.

    The ALJ of SSA who first denied my case was jewish, he also committed a perjury along with lots of misapplications of rules. For any single one of such legal errors the District courts and Courts of Appeal are reversing the decision of ALJ and cases are published and serve as a binding precedent. The district court judge was born in 1956, his license number contains 56, his telephone number contains 56. There is a form called Motion 59 to alter and amend the decision which I sent to that district court judge and received and answer “Motion 56 denied”. The 3 judge panel of the court of appeals was 2 males and a woman – typical masonic game. After making a petition to review the decision of the court of appeals – listing over a dozen legal errors of ALJ, the petition was denied. It was denied on the 56th birthday of the female judge whose last name is Christen. The district judge’s answer to motion 59 as a motion 56 and the court of appeals denial on 56th birthday of judge Christen, if you consider a coincident or if you can consider someone to be delusional who can see such connections, then let me explain to you that the last name of the female judge simply means christian and 56 is the number of the judeo-masonic mafia which is 7 times 8. Christianity has 888 (which sums as 24) number which means the christianity is the very judeo-masonic mafia. Since you provided a link to my SS case then look at the number 24 in the case number which was in district court case number as well. 24 or 44 or 324 with masonic 3 in it, is the number of conservative christians and mormons (and 911 happened on the 144th anniversary of mountain Meadows massacre). Just because I was taken to christian evangelical church by my mother at the age of 7 years old, in last 50 years I’m tortured by christian jewish mafia which demonstrated me several times under same 324 number same sentence: “If you lost a friend you lost nothing, if you lost the Christ you lost everything” And 3 times 24 is 72 which is the quantity of the names of god in judeo-christian unholy bible. Remember how many virgins were so called muslim terrorists of 911 dreaming to have in the heaven? It is the same 72 of islamic god as it is for jewish god and christian god. Do you know that the role of the god on this Earth is played by gay and lesbian judeo-masonic mafia? And that so called god is the very same entity as the so called satan? Do you know that under such despot dictatorship of worsheeping jews as the god, realized by gay and lesbian mafia, people who do not obey to such satan-god are harassed and tortured by “god works mysterious ways”? And those who see more parts of such crime against humanity are harassed and tortured more? My heart was burned by CIA equipment CREATING artificial heart attack on 4-27-2004 at the age of 44. Do you know what is 427? 27 is the same 72 in jewish numerology and 4 times 27 is 108. At the same time 4 times 18 is 72 – what a “miracle of the god”. Do you know the 18th level of masonry – the pink mafia? Do you want to worship a god who is a pink communist satan? Do you know why was Abe Lincoln killed at the age of 56 in 1865? Read the Gettisburg address – “Four score and seven years ago…”. Abe Lincoln refused to pronounce number 87. Have you thought why?

    So next time you young guys would jump to conclusions labeling any innocent victim of such SEVERELY MENTALLY DISORDERED TERRORIST CRIME against humanity, based on your unexamined accumulated knowledge, just think for yourselves if you are not becoming the victims of the same “god works mysterious ways” megalomaniac brainless slogan. Next time you try to hurt feelings of innocent people and destroy innocent human lives by your delusional or schizophrenic expressions considering that you have a license to do so, try to understand the logical deficit in your own proud expressions taken one from each of your own descriptions: “cognitive origins of conspiracy”, “psychological consequences of conspiracy theories”, “possible psychopathological links to conspiracy belief”, “conspiracy theories as a worldview or ideology”. It is sad for someone with medical education (MD Internist) who studied some psychology and worked in student years as a nurse in psychiatry to see how some knowledge filled young people who do not see the logical deficit in their own expressions are labeling innocent human beings and questioning others’ logic. At the time when I was a student, homosexuality was in our psychiatry books as a pathology. Do you know who and why took it off from psychiatry books in majority of the countries of the world?

    Do you know the word proof? At this age of video equipment why not suggest people who you label as delusional to make a video of gang stalking and try to show some connections, before jumping to conclusions in harm of already suffered people and in service of zionist terrorist dictatorship over humanity – the dictatorship of real mental disorder.

    • Gang stalking is real just like God is real. Because people believe in it, it becomes real.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Yeah, your wrong, dipshit. BTW, how is your shitty, exploitational movie doing at the box office?

        Unlike the G-d delusion, gang stalking by deluded church people from all sects-Jews, christians, Scientologists, Catholics, etc, is very real, and very well documented.

        And this time around, it is augmented by internet monitoring from Fusion Centers.

      • Peoples Champ says:

        YOU GOT IT! The only one I’ve seen and hope people see this and don’t believe in GS because it’s horrible. That’s part of the program. More you believe and spread online the more it becomes real….you got it

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Its so true. Those adminstrative Law Judges (ALJs) are frequently major Masonic conspirators, especially in the family courts.

      Here is a case from Las Vegas, where Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiassons daughter was pimped, and the LVPD virtually runs pimping from their squad cars interacting with gang members too as allies.

      LV sherrif even used an FBI agent to shut down the investigation.

      The Baltimore Post Ex carried the story after Las Vegas media (coincidentally ) flubbed the ball on the story.

      But child trafficking, if and when it occurs in the west, nearly always starts in the family court systems, where children are preyed upon by Masonic and other criminal elements in the judiciary.

      Its whhat the DVIC is.

  29. billy says:

    As a homeless person who is gangstalked i and the perps are always exposed to each other
    so i have the time to monitor their activities all day, they know your habits by previous surveillance for a couple of months then it begins, cars are used to spot me on the street, they are mostly handlers, intel. police persons surveillance spotters to drive around the areas they know i always go, its easy to do just takes a few people each day when you know someones routine, they send message on smartphone to foot people who walk past me, some are the same people in the same street everyday, they lead less follow, and walk past me several times if i sit in the same place,
    basic foot surveillance training these are civilian informants, The corrupt cops or intel agents do the slander and lies campaign showing photo or video tell them im a person to be watched i did something illegal for example a thief, if the gangstalkers have successfully framed you for a crime by getting you prosecuted for a crime even if you were aquitted they got secret video from smartphone or bodycam inside the courtroom as a member of the public gallery and use it against you to spread lies and slander and set ups, frame ups, when they know your identity
    they stole my bags for whatever reasons, try it again, try to entrap me or frame me in the street again!, when this happens corrupt cops or intel agents are watching and record you so they can say you were at the scene as a suspect as their criminal or civilian informants play out a staged scenario. happened to me
    generally they watch and fllow you around places i frequent shops, cafes, sports club etc, anywhere i frequent, after several times they go in and speak to a specific manager or staff member pointing you out and show them photo or video of me, this happens just after you enter or leave so they will remember and recognize you the next time you visit, 2 places i visited a man entered 2 minutes after me asked to speak to a particular manager who wasnt there he asked the worker what time they are coming back then he left, the same man did this in 2 places right in front of me, i should have followed him find out who he is at least get his car reg
    as soon as i walked in these places the next time the manager/staff person hurriedly talked in whispers to their colleague glanced at me quickly several times after a few seconds quickly walked to the office with 2 other staff so i couldnt hear them talk about me!
    you also know it as you get a stern look or looks if more than one as they follow you around and observe you because the corrupt cop or intel agent has told them you are a thief
    e on foot to watch me, some of the white ones look zombiefied with highly medicated or drugged, and drawn brownish skin, maybe mind control or child abuse victims, different people are told 2 or 3 different lies about a target all is organized by at least one controller and 2 handlers.
    This happened in europe

    • R~OGS says:

      Police state is now actively fighting the awareness campaign about gang stalking. has an excellent article about a hoax-police claim that “13” fliers were distributed on SQUAD CAR WINDSHIELDS, nonetheless, right outside the police station, and laced with fentanyl, a potentially deadly drug.

      Texas Channel 13 ran the story, and the story broke on -you guessed it-June 13th!

      Then, after the lie ran in the news, Ooops! There never was any fentanyl!

      Totally bizarre police state/secret society bullsh!t. Straight out of Edward Bernays-Joseph Goebbels.playbook.

      From FGS:

      ” the dangerous pamphleteer remained unknown. Don’t worry though, because – surprise! – it turned out that the Fentanyl was fictional. A news update from KTRK Houston, Channel 13, on Friday, June 29th:

      “After warning the public about flyers potentially tainted with the opioid Fentanyl, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office now confirms lab tests showed no signs of the drug.

      “The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences tested 13 flyers and found all of them came back negative.”

      “…In addition to testing the 13 flyers, the lab also tested clothing items, and blood and urine samples collected from the sergeant. Those tests also were negative for the drug.”

      Here’s some additional good news: If you live in Houston, don’t worry about the technical skills of your law enforcement officers. The KTRK article helpfully explains that the mistake didn’t arise from professional incompetence (or the fact that the whole matter appears to have been staged), but rather, from “an abundance of caution.” I find it difficult to read that phrase without hearing it in George Carlin’s sarcastic voice.

      The odd phenomenon of countless vague, paranoia websites, of which “Targeted Justice” is an example, is chronicled in detail in several places on the site you’re now reading. The trend ought to seem curious, by the way. Apparently, these websites sort of sprang up out of nowhere, and have proliferated like mushrooms, despite never being interesting – let alone credible. Did something get into the water supply?

      Here’s a tip-off that someone is trying very hard to appear crazy. The image below is from the “Who to follow” section of Targeted Justice’s Twitter page. The glowing brain image is essentially an icon for “I’m a nut!”

  30. ResearchOGS says:

    The New Yarwk Times on Sept., 1,2018 said this about sonic weapons that were used on American diplomats in Cuba:

    Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers

    Doctors and scientists say microwave strikes may have caused sonic delusions and very real brain damage among embassy staff and family members.

    I can just imagine Dr. Wood, and Lorraine”Interviewed-the-Internet”Sheridan going deaf in the echo chamber they created gaslighting victims of counter-intelligence stalking, aka OGS.

    They will surely engage in a pissing contest about the difference between illusions v. delusions, and likely that, during an election cycle, with Dr.Lorraine bitching about her disadvantage because of the time gap where she has to sitdown to piss (because.billions of years of evolution favored longer male genitalia because God was a find man), and poor Dr.Wood still wont find the courageto stand up against a woman who is a de facto bully herself.

    The irony if both of them sitting down and bickering about equality will be lost on most readers, but I hold out a shred of hope that Dr. Wood will grow a pair….

    The NYT article went on thus:

    , the American military itself sought to develop microwave arms that could invisibly beam painfully loud booms and even spoken words into people’s heads. The aims were to disable attackers and wage psychological warfare…

    As a “secretive group of scientists,”and the FBI never miss an opportunity to hide from true service to the truth,or the public at large, while actively encouraging cobspiracy theories via disinformatzia:

    Members of Jason, a secretive group of elite scientists that helps the federal government assess new threats to national security, say it has been scrutinizing the diplomatic mystery this summer and weighing possible explanations, including microwaves.

    Asked about the microwave theory of the case, the State Department said the investigation had yet to identify the cause or source of the attacks. And the F.B.I. declined to comment on the status of the investigation or any theories….

    And of course, most of the OGS denialists will spout Russia! Putin! Trump! like trained parrots, entirely missing the facts the article that the US military, the USAF, and that Israeli theocracy, and a few other sh!tbags routinely use high tech illegally, and never get mentioned inMSM.

    On the bright side, the lawyer handling the victims notes that:

    “It’s sort of naïve to think this just started now,” he said. Globally, he added, covert strikes with the potent beams appear to have been going on for decades.”

  31. When you work for UPS for 26 years, without a single injury.. Then one day you have a bad accident that leaves you disabled from CRPS, a chronic nerve injury not always apparent to outsiders, you can bet you’ll be a Target. I use forearm crutches to get around most of the time, and have qualified for be Ssdi. It’s been 3 years since my injury, but the stalking has gotten insane. My wife is a psychotherapist who thought I might be having delusions, till she took a breath and started watching what I was telling her. Dammed if she wasn’t 100% convinced, but still pushed me to deal with the stalking in a manner that built my character, vs one that broke me down. I’m so thankful for her therapy, and I’m so sad for the victims that must bear the burden alone, with websites like this spreading doubt into the minds of the general public. We are not delusional… The tactics used as so hard to detect, that they cause you to question everything. Their organization with their private channel cell phone cb walkie talkie app means you will never hide. I did not imagine that my internet access box was broken into 3 times at my last house. I didn’t imagine the devices that would somehow log into my Gmail account, enabling tracking of my device anywhere I went. I had to enable 2 factor authentication and not use a text to my cell as a way to validate my account, because they had access to my cell. (Use the option of Gmail that lets you write down 10, 8 digit one use numbers should you need to validate anew device) I didn’t imagine the questions asked at the deposition, that would only have been asked had my personal data been infiltrated. I didn’t imagine the dozens of cars following me, that I have on hours of video, i didn’t imagine them swarming me over and over, preventing free travel as they would take pictures with their pen cameras over and over on LA freeways. I didn’t imagine the mini traffic jams wherever I went, or the trail of cars behind me on the 405 going 55, while the 4 Lanes to the left were relatively empty. I didn’t imagine the dark grey tinted window Tacoma’s, Ford f150s, fusions, Corollas, Jeep’s, all being piloted by drones, sunglass wearing baseball cap wearing goons that look away in cowardly shame when you take pictures of them. I was/am their Target de jour, and they have stepped up the harassment ever since I refused ups’s offer of 80k and 330k medical set aside money for an extremely hard to treat, incurable and debilitating injury a few weeks ago. I didn’t imagine the constant deauth attacks that rendered my internet wifi useless. I am an intelligent guy, and I understand how hacking works. I didn’t imagine the cell tower simulator (imsi) catcher that forced my phone to connect to it in my neighborhood, that Verizon elevated tech support said was a rogue tower and not one of their own. I didn’t imagine the text that came from a 5 digit number that said “we see you!” After I was naked in my own home. I didn’t imagine the rootkit placed on my windows 10 computer that was actively forcing a remote online session with an unknown computer at all times. I didn’t imagine that when I’d honk at the stalkers and wave, that they started doing the same thing to me, like scholyatd bullies mimicking and parroting every thing you do, Everywhere I went. It’s downright infantile, but psychologically destructive if you have no person whom you can validate these occurrences with. I didn’t imagine when I had a nervous breakdown on the road and my wife called be 911, where I was taken in on a 5150.. As I was being loaded into the ambulance, there was a stalker, parked right there, video-recording the whole thing. I didn’t imagine the measurements i took of 28-35khz ear piercing constant noise coming into my home, that I could not measure anywhere else, or when I shut the main fuse off to the home the sounds were still there This is very real… And the way to deal with it, and this is so hard people, please please, don’t let them get to you. Smile at them. Don’t road rage… They want that on video. Don’t break down, at least where they can see it. DO cover up all your computer and cell phone camera lenses with tape (one side of soft Velcro works great without leaving residue), and do expect that you are being listened to. Do not expect microphone blocker apps/cameras blockers to work, because the goons have access to the rootkit files of your phone, bypassing that stuff. Do expect that any crypto currency accounts you have, or any other login accounts for that matter are not safe unless you store your funds on a trezor or similar. I almost lost 6k, but luckily noticed the transfer in progress within minutes of the start and i locked my Binance account down by logging in with bad passwords a number of times to trigger an account freeze.
    Do expect that they will/could use microwave or infared imaging to watch your movement around your home. DO expect zero privacy, and zero regard for your life, liberty, and freedom. If anyone wants to share stories, I might build a dedicated website one day. For now, you can find me at www. art has been what saved me from the insanity, there is a way out. It is within you to overcome. Peace to everyone experiencing this hatred, which looks to be organized by many in the far right wing nra/ex law enforcement/investigator ultra conservative population. To you murderes and psychopaths, if the god you believe in exists, surely you will be judged. Oh what a day of reckonning that would be.

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Wow, Steve-stay strong.

      Most of what you describe in the Los Angeles area has been well documented for over twenty years. And still, people like Dr. Wood, and Lorraine Sheridan and David James have a hard time finding evidence.

      This disconnect is because in their political, academic circles, they likely know actual petty college stalkers, whereas what you describe is federal/state level stalking.

      And, these academucs are essentially the mouth pieces of the police state itself-without coincidence, we see that many/most/all mass shooters and .other strange events, like the VA Tech shooter (covered most excellently by Dr. Kenneth Westhues);and even the recent guy Michael Chadwick Fry in Texas, these often meet gang stalking just after witnessing state level crime, or academic harrassment, aka gas lighting, and the cowardly whisper campaign.

      A huge difference.

      Keep in mind that the LA area is in a state that depends nearly entirely on Domestic Violence Industrial Complex dollars, and, that the state passed special laws to hide the identities of police, social workers, and other state workers/gang stalkers so that citizens cannot document or challenge these hidden practices.

      Before Edward Snowden, and the fallout afterwards, few people except security apparatchiks knew about these electronic devices like IMSI catchers, and hyper spectral thermal imaging cameras-but the word is getting out, and it reveals a horrifyingly corrupt police-surveillance state, devoud of checks and balances.

      So, from a state perspective, gang stalkers “do” something, whereas SSI/SSDI recipients are an alleged drain on the system.

      Yes- as noted up the thread, anyone who applies for SSI/SSDI will be stalked on some level. Not as extreme as in your case, but, as noted some 7 million times in Google search results, the term “going postal”is the original term that describes people who eventually go nuts from this horrific, and pervasive crime.

      And also without cohincidence, your state Senator Feinstein also sat on the intelligence committee, while her husband Richard Blum picked the taxpayers pockets in sweetheart deals-600 million-as he used postal trucks for stalking.

      That is well documented too.

    • Joe J. says:

      Target here, 20 + yrs. so I understand what you are going through. I don’t think it’s really just a far right wing thing though. I’m a conservative, and not a criminal. Democrat community leaders started my harassment, as far as I know. Think about all the intelligence members, lawyers, cops, etc that run for political office. Those who have not experience gangstalking don’t realize this but we ARE a police state and are becoming like communist E. Germany. Read John Whitehead’s two books, A Government of Wolves and Battlefield America.

  32. Pingback: Red collar crime: Organized gang stalking, mysterious bankster deaths, forensic investigator Frank S. Perri explore a hidden crime – Research and Data About Organized Gang Stalking, aka Police-Counter-Intelligence Stalking, aka Community Policing an

  33. Thank you for your response. I want so much to blow the cover on this. I have so much video, that if one would take the time to view them, the statistical probability of encountering these same vehicles (dozens) on EVERY drive no matter where I go, is near impossible without there being some kind of organization. My wife and I were conversing during such a drive, that we bet it involved extremist NRA types. The next day, one of the stalkers I recognized was flying a flag on his vehicle, another had a fresh NRA sticker on the back window, and another’s rear window emblazoned with ‘merica!. I have the NRA sticker guy on camera many times in random areas. Sure, I start to sound loony because these things are not out of the ordinary. But when those very cars you have profiled twitch in unison at your feigned lane change, you can bet they are people with a mission to destroy you. They will pass you fast, nearly striking you, then exit the freeway only to get back on and stay behind till they know you are aware you are being watched at all times. Whatever, I’m doing nothing wrong, you goons.

    It’s funny (not really) that you would bring up mass shootings and their possible ties to this kind of harassment. My wife and I both postulated the other day that a person with less positive connections, less ability to ground themselves in reality, and one that was pushed to the brink might act out in this way, and in fact we are pretty confident this is why we are seeing so many mass shootings! This is mind boggling, and we need more reporting done on this. We need to make sure the people being reported on are not bringing up the UFO’s and other topics that are usually intertwined into this by persons driven to the brink. That does no good for making a strong case to the general population..
    Now, when I see a 3 or 4 lane change on the freeway by some crazy nut making a forgotten exit, I wonder if he is avoided something similar, and I wonder how many traffic deaths are related to gang stalking. We will probably never know.

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Hi, Steve-

      Everything you say in your last post, I have observed in that area. And-keep your wife close by, because a solud witness is great support.

      The sheriffs/etc PDs in that area also do other things, like what is known in football as the flying V formation, or the whole-freeway behind you with cars shoulder to shoulder, and more.

      As for documentation, document as you said: that “one guy” who shows up everywhere, and then, call the cops on him/her.

      See how that works? The police state is a top down, bottom up make work project for these people. The .poluce et al are literally forcing you to call them, rather than defund them.

      What is bizarre, is how the goid Dr.s condone .it, and gas light victims~because victims fall into all sectarian/political categories.

      Purely creepy, and unchecked.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Hey Steve-

        I forgot to mention that in your state, you can get a lot of freeway camera footage and other data by filing an FOIA/ public data request to the DMV/Caltrans.

        The license plate thing is solid evidence, so you can also pick routes that are full of cameras.

        In your area, they also deploy the CIAs Laser program of targeted tracking of vehicles, and the targeted individuals in those vehicles.

        Heres the Caltrans live feed:

  34. Penny says:

    What is being discussed and debated here is, unfortunately, very real. I know this because it is happening to me. I am just one of millions of innocent people world-wide being targeted by covert government programs that have gone viral. After the Church Committee, (Congress appointed) the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies were ordered to shut down all of these deplorable . experiments. This was in the mid1970’s. It is now a new millennium and the abuse continues. Combine this with new technology most people are completely ignorant of, and you have the makings of a real nightmare. This is not a case of “big brother” is watching. It is the spread of something heavy and evil. This may sound dramatic but it is the truth. In conclusion, I think these types of forums serve a valuable purpose. The mild thrust and pars help mental acuity, something we can all benefit from. What is inexcusable, though, is the ignorance and boorish attitude of some contributors. Please research your subject before you type.

    • Joe J. says:

      Good post!

    • Sissy kim says:

      In my opinion which is based on my experience with this its people mimicking with technology. Mimicking intrusive exploitative tactics. Why? because they can. However, its still stalking whether is one person or a group. Its still behavior that is repeated over and over and is harassing and intimidating. It can also be defamation of character which also has its laws. Its a herd mentality or a mob mentality type of situation. When these people are held personally responsible for their behavior they back down because they will not have the protection of the mob. Exposure is key. Not all cops are doing it or all veterans. It takes a special kind of lonely miserable person to bully others this way. Not an excuse but most likely the reason.

  35. Joe J. says:

    Sissykim’s story is just one example of gangstalking. Each target experiences similar tactics. However, if “the program” has been put into play by a private investigator for revenge, or an intelligence agency (FBI, Police, etc), then it’s much more sophisticated and more difficult to prove. Gangstalking is real. Unless you’ve been a target yourself, it’s very difficult for the victim experiencing it to explain or prove, making the target/victim seem paranoid and delusional, and that’s exactly they way the program is designed, to do exactly that. The website below is the best I’ve seen so far about this subject. The author is also a target. So was Aaron Alexis (the Navy Yard Shooter) and several others who have made the news in recent years.

    • sissy kim says:

      The Navy yard shooter had a huge history of mental and emotional issues that led to criminal charges. For some reason was let into the military anyway where he continued his rampages and was somehow given a honorable discharge. If they had not given him that honorable discharge he would not have had access to do what he did. He was reported as having issues at work and very little was done about. The reports of his behavior over the years, and i am not a doctor, point to possible personality disorder(s) that went untreated and he continued to decline.

  36. Joe J. says:

    PS-microwave weapons do exist and can be used on targets. There is also the simple audio spotlight that can be had, if you have enough money, where you can direct words/or voices to a person without anyone else around that person hearing anything.

  37. Hi, Dr. Wood.

    Do you have any opinion about how the United States has CONFIRMED the use of electronic/microwave/other sound weapons that were used on US diplomats?

    Look! NBC news even covered it extensively:

    Nov. 20, 2018 / 6:00 PM GMT+8 /
    By Josh Lederman and Andrea Mitchell

    WASHINGTON — The mother of a U.S. diplomat who fell ill after suspected “health attacks” in China is speaking out, sharing her family’s harrowing story publicly in hopes of raising awareness about the potential danger facing American diplomats and other workers around the world.

    Laura Hughes, an Air Force veteran, says her daughter Catherine Werner is struggling with the effects of traumatic brain injury after experiencing strange sounds and sensations at her apartment in Guangzhou, where Werner was a foreign trade officer until being medevaced out earlier this year.

    She’s calling on the State Department to do more to solve the mystery that has eluded investigators since U.S. diplomats and spies starting getting sick in Cuba in late 2016.

    “I do not believe that our military, our diplomats around the world or here at home are safe,” Hughes says in an interview with NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell. “Because this this weapon system is creating havoc.”
    Image: Laura Hughes
    Laura Hughes says her daughter Catherine Werner wanted to stay at her U.S. diplomatic post in China even after she started showing symptoms of a mysterious illness.Nightly News

    Asked whether she fears that what happened to her daughter could happen in other countries, Hughes says, “That’s why I’m here.”

    Werner is the only American diplomat who served in China who the U.S. says is “medically confirmed” to have the same symptoms and findings as the 26 U.S. embassy workers who fell ill in Havana. The U.S. government has called what happened in Cuba targeted “health attacks” but says it can’t identify the cause or culprit.

    Last month, NBC News revealed key details about Werner’s case and the extraordinary chain of events triggered by a suspected “health attack” on a U.S. worker abroad. Now Hughes is coming forward publicly because she says her daughter and the other government workers cannot.

    “It’s devastated our lives,” Hughes says. “We’ll never be the same.”

    Werner is the only U.S. worker in either Cuba or China whose identity is publicly known. None of the Cuba patients have come forward and the U.S. has not named them. Neither Hughes nor her daughter’s lawyer, Mark Zaid, objected to her story being made public.
    Image: Catherine Werner
    Catherine Werner returned to the U.S. from her diplomatic post in China after reporting symptoms and experiences similar to those of State Department employees evacuated from Cuba.LinkedIn

    Hughes, too, fell ill and was diagnosed with brain injury after spending time with her daughter in China, medical records reviewed by NBC News show. Hughes is being evaluated by the same doctor in Philadelphia overseeing care for Werner and the Havana diplomats, and is part of a National Institutes of Health study aiming to learn more about the mysterious syndrome.

    For Hughes, the saga started nearly a year ago when she said her daughter’s health started declining: nausea, unbearable headaches, and problems with balance, vision and memory.

    “Just struggling and just a shell of what she was,” Hughes said, recalling how Werner looked during video-chats from Guangzhou. “She was ashen. Her complexion was off. She looked very, very fatigued.”

    Werner had been hearing unexplained sounds in her upscale apartment and feeling waves of pressure, but didn’t connect the dots. Instead, she thought the sounds may have resulted from a malfunctioning air-conditioning unit.
    Russia suspected in mystery ‘attacks’ on diplomats, but how involved was Cuban government?

    When Werner’s health worsened, her mother grew so alarmed that she quickly flew to China. She arrived and set about buying new air filters and imported food and water, thinking the city’s pollution may have been harming her daughter’s health. Nothing worked.

    Then Laura started experiencing the sounds and sensations, too.

    “We heard a very high-pitched sound in Catherine’s bedroom. And we heard a very low, pulsing sound in the living room,” Hughes said. “Our heads would pulse. You would feel like you would want to regurgitate. You could become instantly paralyzed, instantaneously fatigued.”

    Both Hughes and her daughter also believed they were being surveilled, having noticed signs that their apartment had been broken into. Hughes said they’d discover lights turned on that had been left off, or furniture and other items moved around in obvious signs of an intrusion.

  38. I knew a girl who used to be in the Air Force. We dated around 2009, her name was Katie H. She would routinely change her license plate to that of her previous military base in Louisiana, and when I asked her she said she did it “just because”. She always kept her car spotless, and I noted she was a keeper since I’d never experienced a girl so keen on keeping her car so tidy. One day when we were driving around town, she got a message on her phone, then told me that she needed to make a diversion on our way to go where we were headed, so that she could find a workers comp cheater. I questioned her, in my bewildered state, but she didn’t say anything else. She then found this driver and proceeded to cut him off and brake check him, and then left the scene. I remember lots of cars seemed to be mobbing this helpless driver, and I started demanding to know what the hell was going on. She be pulled over and told me she should have never said anything, and that she could get in big trouble if anyone found out if she said anything, and that her life and mine could be in danger.
    I truly feel she was over exaggerating what she was talking about, but what stuck with me was the seriousness in her eyes, and the way she said you have no idea how serious it is. We had a short relationship of less than a year of living together. I distinctly remember her often having this sad, blank expression when she was alone and I’d walk in the room. It was like she had the weight of the world riding on her. I’d question what was up, and why she always seemed so sad and she would lash out at me. The relationship ended, and I was relieved after I got over it because she seemed like the most psychologically disturbed individual I’d ever known.

    Years later, I find that I am now a targeted individual, as I have a larger workers comp case against UPS, and am permanently disabled with medically irrefutable evidence. I can only assume I am too costly for the system I worked so hard for. I was a top employee, and produced the highest production numbers of any UPS delivery driver in all of California in the late 2000’s, and never missed more than a couple days work in 26 years due to a work place injury. My top year was about 125k, and now I’m worthless, and worthy of death as far as they are concerned. Even the attorney who was recommended by a safety committee member at UPS tried to get me to settle for pennies on the dollar and expressed that I already got my SSDI backpay, why not let this workers comp case settle easily? Because it is not right, and they are two separate programs. This is real people. Any sane person would normally be stunned with this info, but want more answers. Anyone quick to refute it had something to lose. Think about it. There are way too many armchair psychiatrists throwing out diagnosis they are I’ll equipped to render.

    Here’s some good material for you: He is an ex-CIA officer trying to wake people up to the truth. Will you wake up today?

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:


      Your story rings true,once again, and I can affirm that I have met men and women like your former AF girlfriend. Keep up the good work getting the word out.

      If you do some basic searching, you will find that the USAF is highly involved in OGS. Most notably OSI informers. I personally encountered several of these, ranging from USAF~Mossad~ODNI~etc. liasons, using data captured in Texas/Washington/Ohio/Brirain, etc.

      But in many cases,we see the other branches involved, especially lately,the US Marines, in the cases of Ian Long,and Matt Riehl. Veterans are a highly gang stalked population.

      Then, there are so many others within state and federal agencies that form these lynch mobs. I have even traced National Park Service personel (heres a nym from your area who began gang stalking back in 2011, and who popped up in the news recently: suzishotnps).

      I have documented many local city/state/federal syndicates that use Infragard intercepts to target and harass people exactly as you have claimed.

      The military has long used gangstalking to enforce conformity (the movie A Few Good Men), silence whistle blowers, and more, but since 911, these operations were made officially domestic, with “total deniability”via the See Something Say Something crowd, cowardlyFusion Centers and FISA, and the accompanying terrible legislation.

      And the problem with that is this: military tribunals, and military rank and file authority are the opposite of democratic processes, because fundamental due process does not exist in military law, as we see at the ongoing fiasco of Guantanamo Bay cuba.

      And, these operations now target civilans, many of whom have never been in the milutary, or activists etc. who actively resisted the MIC,or who waged peace during “wartime.”

      One other thing about the license plates: many of these operations in your area use the used car dealerships,with the dealers frequently on the LAPD/FBI/other string, and they work uncomfortably closely with the illegal and unchecked cults and intelligence units of that particular sherrifs department.

      But this is also the case across America, Australia, and other FVEYs nations-it is predatory policing disguised as flag waving freedom fighters, eating second, and third helpings of the pension pie, while demonizing you as a slacker-and posdibly trying to incite you.

      Stalin/Hitler/Yagoda/Wolfe/Franco,etc is really happy with what these fox and feathers flying pigs have done to democracy-they shit and pissed on the flag so hard that now, the flag is black and blue: black for the obvious shits they drop everywhere, and blue for the bruises they willingly put on due process rights and civil liberty.

      Or, like one retired cop told me about helicopters hazing targets in your area: “well someone has to keep the newspapers happy.”

  39. Me says:

    There is a special place in hell for you and the Times journalist who wrote that hit piece. Organized stalking is very real…if you bothered to do even minimal research…..well I’m not wasting any more time.

  40. joe says:
    Read it, believe it. It’s real.

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Here is an even better CIA whistle blower Kevin Shipp video, an interview where he documents black bag jobs, and bizarre, actual chemical attacks at his CIA -assigned housing.

      He also documents the ways he validated his claims, to fight gang stalking -things as easy as taping his windows, and putting hidden tape recorders in his home to catch the breakins.

    • It’s not easy to understand without the experience.

  41. I think gang-stalking is real, but you can’t really understand it if you don’t have the experience.

  42. Mand says:

    I’ve been stalked for the last year by my narcissistic ex boyfriend and his group of criminals, he was part of a huge insurance fraud gang and I went to the police about him, they of course gave me no protection. They called the rspca on my horse, sat outside my house in cars, threatened me, spiked my drink in a bar, a man followed me while I was out and was saying really dirty things to me, luckily other people saw and don’t think I’m crazy, they stalked me while I walked my dog, he followed me and my daughter every morning and constantly drove past my house and spread rumours about me around to name some of the things that were done. I thought I was going to loose the plot.

    • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

      Hi, Mand. Sorry to hear about that asshole bullying and harrassing you.

      One question : is your ex a cop, or affiliated with cops? Most gang stalking involves police, private investigators, and especially, direct connections to your internet, and cell phone providers or the Fusion Center in your area.

      As you might notice, this blog and this post, has largely gone dark, and Dr. Mike Wood, is primarily a gang stalking denialist, as opposed to a gang stalking target.

      But as we see repeatedly, Dr. Mike, and his lot have quite dishonestly used the suffering of individuals, to exploit and further increase gang stalking, aka community policing, aka colliding parallel investigations by unscrupulous contractors, who use information handed to them by NSA /FBI /GCHQ /etc.

      And, some ass above is even exploiting us further by promoting a really crappy Hollywood movie, etc. Who wants to bet a book is in the works?

      But your story rings true, like so many ang stalking stories. The only thing misding though -and this is an important distinction between group stalking and gang stalking -is involvement of police or other institution level stalkers.

      Could you tell me more?

    • sissy kim says:

      The key word in your comment is “narcissistic”. You are experiencing the narcissistic sociopaths harassment smear campaign. Typical of a disgruntled ex. You have to make police reports and sometimes get a lawyer to help ward them off. Its called stalking. Group, organized or gang stalking is harassing, smearing, following and intimidating someone. Stalking has subtitles under the laws. You need a protection order and don’t stand for less.

  43. blessed98 says:

    I have been a targeted individual for the past 8 years. I want to know if mind reading is also a part of Gang Stalking. I know for a fact that I am being under surveillance in my own home since I have come in contact with people whom are strangers in my community that have repeated things that I have said in the privacy of my own home or mimic certain actions that I have done in private. But I want to know if mind reading is part of gang stalking because I have come in contact with strangers that have repeated things that I only have thought about in my mind. If so, how is it possible that they know what am thinking.

  44. blessed98 says:

    I have been a targeted individual for the past 8 years. I want to know if mind reading is also a part of Gang Stalking? I know for a fact that I am being under surveillance in my own home since I have come in contact with people whom are strangers in my community that have repeated things that I have said in the privacy of my own home or mimic certain actions that I have done in private. But I want to know if mind reading is part of gang stalking because I have come in contact with strangers that have repeated things that I only have thought about in my mind. If so, how is it possible that they know what am thinking?

    • sissy kim says:

      They play on the commonality of human thoughts and fears. Its really that simple. There are gps systems and phone tapping. Its a mind game dont fall for it. Its ur neighbors being asses and one them has stalking tendencies. Not everyone has them. They get the other ignorant ones that fear their rath to help. They will use cameras in their yards to watch when you come and go and use neighborhood apps to alert others of your where abouts. They will even pose as you on line using fake social media sites. I have actually found one in my name and had it shut down. They will contact family and friends and convince them you have said things about them using fake screen shots of fake conversations. Funny how they just believe it and dont confront you. But, again, thats human behavior predictions of social reactions. Educate yourself on human social interaction. Mob mentality and the lengths people will go to be socially accepted in a group. These behaviors against you trigger your primitive survival instincts which border on fear and paranoia. The more you run and hide they more they seek attention. Stand tall and have someone else defend you. U cannot defend yourself so have witnesses to whats going on. You basically have to have your own mob but dont get violent. Eyes wide open. Its a coward who likes to harass and control people with social connections. Like they friend the police guys or the mail lady. Then they lie and say you are crazy when u report whats going on and the police believe their social connection. Why would she lie? Right? Then they get the mail lady they have charmed whose a social misfit and she does what ever she can to fit in. So she directs your mail to their mail box and boom they are looking thru ur mail. Your bank receipts your bday cards. They dont take anything they are just like an obsessed stalker. They want to know all about you. Then they make connections at your bank or the grocery store. Its really a social game of lies and deceit.

  45. Lynnsey Cummings says:

    that sounds more on the level of spiritual warfare. When Ive experienced similar things I could not wrap my head around it, but I know that crazy things happen when you are in the presence of evil. Humans alone can only go so far. They can only hold a straight face for so long. the best thing to do is ignore it and know that there must be something they see in you that they envy and therefore they taunt. just be held in faith by your higher power that whatever it is he will keep you from their reach, and he will

    • sissy kim says:

      I have heard people refer to it as a spiritual awakening. In my case it showed me how my neighbors really are and how the hick hood as gone south fast over the years. But, yeah they get this look in their eyes and they smirk. My friend says they are people of lower intelligence and their quality of life shows that. They pour negative energy into all the wrong things instead of improving their lives.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Sissy, right on!

        ~yeah they get this look in their eyes and they smirk.~

        I first got the smirk in a college classroom, from a fat Nordic blonde cow, who was working undercover for the Department of Homeland Security, shortly after I wrote a news article in a college newspaper in 2003 that was critical of domestic spying, and “watching us online as we surf the web.”

        That article specifically mocked the idea that America is a free nation, with a free press; and criticized the notion that a specific Somali man was an actual terrorist, as opposed to being an FBI informant/ manufactured terrorist.

        Award winning journalist Trevor Aaronson of the Intercept also wrote about that man, Mohamed Warsame, who initially contacted that agency to become an informant, after being gang stalked at his mosque.

        That DHS woman was the first, but certainly not the last scummy smirker that I encountered after the “onset” of my COINTELPRO 2.0, and in that era, many if those were blonde women.

        The smirk is itself an interesting feature of modern COINTELPRO 2.0, because I do not recall that being documented in the 1960s era COINTELPRO 1.0 by activists and dissidents.

        Many of the photographs of Klansmen stalking civil rights leaders in that era (and most of those photos taken by iconic photographer, and FBI informant Ernest Withers, who was with the FBI the night before the assassination, and with MLK the day he was gunned down) depict contemptuous faces, hateful faces, etc. but the smirk is not as evident.

        But the smirk is indeed a real feature of this modern secret policing, aka OGS.

        So, interestingly, the class where I first encountered the smirk was about teaching methodology, re: The Pedagogy of the Poor, by Paolo Frere.

        And so, I arranged with the college professor that we students exchange papers we had written, and I was able to read the DHS womans paper, where she engaged in all kinds of discussion about her job.

        And, these mystery smirkers just kept coming, both online and off, until I made a few foreign friends in foreugn givernments, and left the “land of the free,” lol, and my OGS stopped, like turning off a light switch.

      • Al Ditty Minneapolis says:

        Reason magazine wrote about police stalking and community policing in 2016.

        *Think Government Surveillance Is No Big Deal? Talk to These Victims of Police Stalking.
        Officials likely abuse access to government info databases on a daily basis.

        Scott Shackford *

        That article mentioned the rampant corruption in Minnesota policing, and how neonazi and Israelified NGOs use gang stalking there.

        the following year, a humble garbage collector and union president named Al Ditty blew the whistle on how police worked against public safety.

        That man had a spotless work record, etc.

        Then, the news station that he reported this too KARE 11 then violated every tenet of journalism, and outed the whistle blower.

        Al Ditty was fired, and gang stalked and a retaliatory investigation waged against him. He then killed himself.

  46. Research OGS says:

    Dr. Wood:

    Your post here has become one of the most popular gang stalking posts on the internet, especially to people who seek valid information without the discrediting narratives of “directed energy weapons, ” etc. .

    And, as you see in many of the testimonies below, there are real, actual, documented victims of OGS.

    These victims range from people stalked and bullied by law enforcement agents, military personel, actual CIA /NSA /FBI /JTRIG cowards; and Rotary Club, Lions Club, Kommunity Kulture Klubs(K 4) etc.; and stalked by church members; postal workers; and stalked by groups like the,ADL, AIPAC, etc.

    There are victims on both the right, and the left. There are victims across the world. Victims of organized gang stalking/police gang stalking / Fusion Center gang stalking /church affiliated gang stalking. ..all are very real, and not in any way delusional.

    Then, there are the morons, sadists, cowards, and other law enforcement/ community policing scum, and affiliated, alphabet agents commenting too, and discussing garbage.

    It is this last category of scum that is creating mass shooters, via endless harrassment, bullying, and stalking online and off; these that are responsible for incidents like Sol Pais, a gifted girl who was stalked online and off, because she wrote about hackers, and “the devil ”until she killed herself.

    Are you ready to pick a side yet? I am asking you directly: Dr. Mike Wood, are you a gang stalking denialist, or do you agree that gang stalking is a real and actual practice in societies across the world?



    • Al Ditty Minneapolis says:

      yeah….Dr. Mkike is asleep at the wheel, waiting for troll armies of JTRIG /FVEYs /Israel spooks, and LEIUs to awaken him to the horrific facts of counter -intel black operations, despite the ample evidence.
      Poor, sectarian Mike.

      He will NEVER KNOW what OGS IS until he unplugs himself from the matrix.of.militarized internet, and its PsyOps.

      But…poor Dr. Mike Wood, and those Batesons dolphins, lol.

      • joeugh bloe says:


        Its extremely expensive to document goernment /affiliated agency illegality.

        Poor Dr. Mikes career depends now on “taking a stand ”

        Welcome to military grade trance formation pal.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Nice little ADL styled smear there, with the “Mkike ”thingy. Are you one of Smolokos deranged kin? No such thing as bad PR, ay?

        So sad, that the minority, criminal sociopaths and racist, race supremacist Jews and their enablers, scattering the word kike all over the internet, and the goyim none the wiser.

        It was your type that Hitler and his zionists were after, not the rest of the people.

        And psychopaths like you should do the right thing and kill yourself. Or, in the very least, stop fucking your mother.

  47. Pingback: Proof of gang stalking: search language that describes it, or seeks to rebut the ROGS thesis by nit picking details – Research and Data About Organized Gang Stalking, aka Police and Counter-Intelligence Stalking, aka Community Policing and Police St

  48. joe says:

    How much have you been paid to write this disinfo article? May i suggest you read (the entire website) before you peg gang stalking targets as being delusional.

  49. Thomas Colt says:

    people like you must care noting about your reputation. Or you think that the degenerates who run the show will keep the good times rolling forever. Well let me punch ah hole in your balloon. I have launched an initiative which I sarcastically call the Book of Heroes in absence of a formal title. Everyone who has helped wth gangstalking gets an entry.Im securing fudnign so ti can be maintained indefineitly as a historical record. So ina while when people look back at this as the barbaric episode it is, your grandkids can look you up and see that you wer a no-account shill for it, and be ever so proud of you.

  50. Kristen d says:

    I don’t understand why comments by “unbelievers” of organized harrassment are so vicious & disrespectful. Why does this subject get such intense reactions from those that think we’re delusional??? There are people that believe what was shown on TV by nasa as a moon landing is real. I personally do not, but I’ve never felt such outrage, I troll their comments, call them insane idiots or suggest medication & evidence to support my claim is abundant. Since it’s impossible to disprove anything, why excitability? Why the absolute certainty that I’m paranoid, schizophrenic, starved for attention suicidally prone wack-a-doodle??? Awfully intense comments for something you’re positive is fake.

    • Sissy Kim says:

      I ran into the you are crazy thing a lot until i showed people what is going on in front of my house It baffles the average person who has a life. Like, Who would waste their time doing this crap? Well, people who are angry and miserable and insecure and want to take out their hate on others. A lot of the people doing this to me are my neighbors. Some of them I grew up around and know their childhood traumas. They had drunken parents who were abusive and they lived terrible poverty. Some did not even have running water or decent clothes. Kids are cruel their parents were neglectful and they want to abuse others. So the average person who had a decent life low in traumas doesn’t get the hate. It is not normal to abuse others based on rumors you have not proven to be true. So that leads us to lower intelligence. We cannot understand how dumb people process information. Its just not possible to lower your brain to that. So, anger and low iq are common among these people who abuse others. I do not think the government is involved I do believe certain police are doing it but its common for them to want to control others as they most likely were bullied as well. So people who were bulled do it, people who were not don’t get it. Make sense?

      • Research OGS says:

        Sisdy –

        The police are integral in gang stalking. While “all police ” certainly are not gang stalkers, they are the direct beneficiaries if the actions of gang stalkers.

        In Britain for example, Scotland Yards Hamish Brown was awarded ine of Englands highest medals by none ither than Prince whatever his name is, for devising his strategy of gray area policing, aka “high policing “, where he used SY resources to track down exactly one guy who stalked one girl who posted her boobie pics online.

        OGS really is THAT bizarre- anecdote as evidence and cause for worldwide policy.

        Then, the good Mr. Brown travelled the world, giving advice about “Stalking the Stalkers ” to ATAP, the FBI, and notably, Rotary Clubs, who weaponized political policing, and married it to the due process free Domestic Violence Industrial complex (DVIC ) which is what OGS is today.

        Its a vertically integrated (siloed ) narrative, and a grand make work project.

    • Research OGS says:

      Kristen –

      Really, the moon landing? Youre the only one whose mentioned that. And, that is a classic discrediting narrative.

      But your other points stand. Yeah -what kind of shitbags would deny OGS, especially in light of the evidence above?

      Yes, its a major industry at this point, growing unchecked.

      Recently, my blog was followed by a military contractor whose specialty is hacking, and building bridges behind the scenes between academia and the US Department of Defense.

      And, I am on record detailing members of the cult of intelligence cyberstalking me, personally, and I have named names, and provided evidence.

      But in the three years my blog has been up, my blog got followed by:

      -members of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, ATAP, who call their role in OGS. “parallel colliding investigation “. ATAP is a major component of the ideology and narratology behind OGS, and they work with current and active and retired police, military, private contractors and more, targeting individuals.

      -a relative of Federal Agent Dan Love, who was under investigation for stalking three people to suicide, during the Bundy Ranch standoff

      -a CEO of a western petroleum interest, associated with Lonetree Wyoming, and Lonetree Colorado just after I wrote about the gang stalking homicide of Mathew Riehl.

      And many more criminals, loons and goons from policing and community policing, and the intelligence agencies too.

      It is these who truly have “something to hide ” and worse, they will kill people to shut them up.

      But OGS is very real.

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