The psychology of gang stalking, and the difference between conspiracy theory and delusion

If you’ve spent enough time on the Internet (or read the New York Times yesterday), you might have come across the phenomenon of gang stalking – the alleged stalking of particular individuals by organized groups. It might seem like gang stalking is a sort of conspiracy theory, and that we can maybe understand it in the same way that we think about things like the 9/11 Truth Movement and beliefs in UFO coverups. I’m not sure about this. There are some pretty major psychological differences between the two. It’s probably not helpful to conflate run-of-the-mill conspiracy theories, which are not considered to be an indicator of psychopathology, with gang stalking, which is widely considered to be the product of delusional thinking.

In gang stalking, large gangs of perpetrators will (allegedly) use subtle methods of manipulation and harassment – muttering hurtful phrases or insults while passing their target on the street, repeatedly driving past the target’s house, preventing them from sleeping by making loud noises at odd hours, and so on. Many people who claim to be victims of gang stalking (search YouTube for a reasonably representative sample) allege more exotic stalking methods – in particular, “electronic harassment,” the use of advanced technology to torture, annoy, or even control the mind of the target from afar.

If you think this sounds pretty far-fetched, you’re not wrong. Stalking is real, of course – there’s no denying that. And there are situations where multiple people participate in bullying or even stalking – often close friends or family members. But “gang stalking” – the type that involves muttered insults, dozens of strangers working together, electronic harrassment, secret hand signals – is not really an accepted thing. In fact, suspicions of gang stalking are considered to be markers of delusional disorders like paranoid schizophrenia. In a 2015 study, Sheridan and James examined 128 reports of group (gang) stalking in an online questionnaire and found that all of them – every single one – exhibited delusional qualities.

From an examination of free-text responses, all 128 group-stalked cases fell into one or more of three categories:

  • cases where the resources or elaborate organisation required to carry them out made the alleged activities highly improbable (e.g. hostile operatives being inserted in victim’s workplace and their children’s schools; 24-h electronic surveillance involving teams of men in black vans; surveillance by cameras placed throughout the city; staff of shops and libraries being amongst the group stalkers; everyone in the street being ‘plants’ acting out roles towards the victim; ‘more than a thousand’ people being involved; traffic lights being manipulated always to go red on approach; repeated sexual assault during sleep; horns on the street hooting to bring attention to particular sentences on the radio; collaboration between diverse agencies, such as the Automobile Association, a building society, a website and neighbours),
  • cases in which the activities described were impossible (e.g. minds of friends and family being externally controlled; use of ‘voice to skull’ messages; witchcraft focussed through gold objects; insertion of alien thoughts; organised electronic mind interference; remote removal of bank notes through electronic attraction; invasion of an individual’s dreams at night), and
  • cases where the beliefs were not only impossible, but bizarre (e.g. docile family dog replaced by exact double with foul temper; remote enlargement of bodily organs).

Gang stalking victim advocates maintain that any resemblance to psychosis is either coincidental, or the result of the very real harassment itself – that the sophisticated influencing technologies can mimic the symptoms of schizophrenia by inducing hallucinations, paranoid thinking, and so on.

Yet the “influencing-machine” delusion is a common enough one, with a long history. While 21st-century delusions involve mind manipulation via satellites, nanotechnology, and neuroscience, delusions during the Industrial Revolution involved that era’s high technology: the loom. The first known (or at least strongly suspected) case of paranoid schizophrenia, that of James Tilly Matthews in the late 18th century, involved persecution via a mind-control machine called the “Air Loom,” which allegedly controlled its targets’ thoughts and behaviour through the careful manipulation of magnetic fluids.


The Air Loom, with its operator and targets.

At first glance, gang stalking seems like a conspiracy theory: a group of powerful individuals come together in secret to carry out a sinister and deceptive plan. And under that definition, it is. But even beyond the involvement of mental illness, there’s a crucial difference between delusions of persecution (like gang stalking) and conspiracy theories. In most conspiracy theories, the victim of the deception is usually a relatively large social group: Christians, men, African-Americans, the general public, taxpayers. Conspiracy theories are stories about one group trying to outmaneuver another. In persecutory delusions, the target is the self. While conspiracy theories say “they’re out to get US,” persecutory delusions say “they’re out to get ME.”

But for all the psychological differences between gang stalking and the rest of the conspiracy world, there is some crossover between them. Gang stalking proponents seem to have provided some of the raw material for more mainstream conspiracy theories – perhaps thanks to the efforts of gang stalking victim advocacy groups, the references to electronic harassment and mind control that pop up after mass shootings often adopt some of the language of the gang stalking subculture. There’s an interesting (though not, to my knowledge, very well-supported) hypothesis that psychoses like schizophrenia serve an important function in traditional cultures and in the evolutionary history of humanity: they provide a connection to a world other than our own, enrich us with insights that we wouldn’t otherwise have had, and give us ideas about how the world might work beyond what we can see. Maybe “targeted individuals” and other sufferers of delusional disorders serve a similar function in the world of conspiracy, providing raw material for speculation in the form of almost-spiritual insights into a world of power, evil, and high technology that goes beyond what the rest of us can grasp.

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  1. futuret says:


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  2. Fallacist says:

    Would one of you psychologists investigate the mysterious attraction that the CAPS LOCK key has for conspiracy theorists?

  3. Oelsen says:

    They don’t see very well and upper case has more visually distinctive features.
    Also, your report is not complete. At least mention “Voice of God” devices:
    and spooky adverts:
    That was ten years ago.
    Have a nice day!

  4. You can’t convince people like Paulette Cooper, who was harassed for years by Scientology, that their misery is imaginary. Once such a case has been proven by the FBI, it’s clear that government, psychiatrists and reporters lie when they deny that gang stalking can happen. Once they have been caught lying, people will conclude that they have been lying about everything. This fuels the belief in gang stalking. They are right to believe. It’s usually much worse than the victims can imagine. The victims are not impressed by a damning article that says that they are delusional. The net result of such an article is that there are more people who google gang stalking.

    • Mike Wood says:

      Your point about Scientology is well taken – the lengths they go to in order to harass their victims are really striking. The sort of behaviour that they engage in is why I took pains to point out early in the post that organized stalking and harrassment campaigns can happen. But the sort of stalking Cooper (and other CoS victims) experienced is qualitatively different from the sort reported by people in the gang-stalking/”targeted individual” community – for one thing, it doesn’t fit any of the categories reported by Sheridan and James (improbable level of commitment, impossible or bizarre events). Also unlike the cases investigated by Sheridan and James, there were identifiable perpetrators with a clear motive.

      • Maybe the bizarre stuff happened to her too, but she didn’t dare to write about it because she feared for her reputation. There were 19 court cases against her, so she had to be careful what she said.

  5. This is the second article about gang stalking in the New York Times. The first article about gang stalking in the New York Times was written by Sarah Kershaw in 2008. On February 26, 2016, they found her strangled in the Dominican Republic. They doubt whether it was suicide or murder by her husband. I think that they may believe that someone killed her because of that article, so now they try to provoke the assassin.

  6. moonmonkey says:

    Last year i was convinced i was being gang stalked or “gas-lighting” to use an old phrase. It led to me not leaving my house for weeks and i could hear the same car engines going around and around past my road to the point that i could identify the car from the engine noise. I was coming off medication Sertraline, well in fact i stopped abruptly because i had a flu. When i left the house to go to the shops i just thought everyone was in on it, cars pulling out in front of me to wind me up. Agents on the street communicating with other people to make their moves. It’s insane but at the time very real. I put it down to the sertraline which i stopped abruptly, which i know with any meds you should never do. I think these kind of drugs SSRI’s are powerful psychotropics and with the effects it had on me i’ll never touch it again. I still can’t put my finger on it, i don’t have these thoughts today and hope they never come back. I think people who are being gang-stalked are actually not being stalked but bringing attention to themselves through odd behavior, such as filming strangers and just looking out of place which in turn brings peoples attention to them and the circle continues until in some cases i fear the whole neighborhood is actually looking out for the guy who is odd and this feeds the delusion.

  7. The Ecuadoran Embassy documented that massive radiation was focused at it, by white vans across the street, as Julian Assange holed up there.

    Dr. Bruce Ivins ( the guy who the FBI tried to frame into being the 2001 AMERITHRAX suspect) killed himself as the FBI sat in a house next door to his. He had been under years of duress and constant surveillance.

    Years later, an FBI whistleblower confirmed that it was a frameup, and that Dick Cheney and his butt boy Scooter Germ Boy Libby likely was responsible for the hoax/domestic terror event. The FBI knew that at the time as well, but needed a public hanging to continue the hoax, and garner massive hero PR

    Jacob Applebaum has been gang stalked, Jean Seberg killed herself because of non-stop COINTELPRO harassment.

    You can’t dismiss database abuse, StingRay tracking, and outright malicious prosecution of eternal suspects as a factor in “gang stalking.

    It is likely the actual term came into vogue during the 2001-05 era, when few Americans knew that police and LEO’s were massively abusing the privacy of ‘targeted individuals’ aka ‘suspects,’ and the cases where the FBI was putting the squeeze on subjects via “disruption campaigns” as covered by the Intercept.

    Here is the CalGang database, which has ruined the lives of many barrio kids utilizing guilt by association.

    As fr the @sshole up there mocking people who use ALL CAPS, it might behoove you to recognize your class bias- many of these targeted persons are low skilled, low status individuals- and mocking their pain is just sadistic. But then again, you knew that- you are what they call a “perp”. Probably a Mormon too. You inbreds make ideal Special Agents.

  8. To the blog/post author: take minute to note that when one of ‘me’ posts incidents from the real world, about verified gang stalking events, targeting real world whistle blowers, the asshts show up pimping their asshat mysticism, and discrediting narratives “aliens implanted a zapping chip in my genitals!!! New WORLD order!!!”

    It would do you well to study the “discrediting narrative”and actual cases like activist John Lang of Fresno California who got excellent footage of gang stalking in action before he died ( and likely the only court worthy footage on the internet of gang stalking, aka ‘investgation’). He climed he was being pedofied becuse he criticized police.

    There are so many cases where gang tlking is actually, and clearly invetigation or plain harassment by LEO’s that if you take the time to sort through the morons and pychopathic disinformation nutters from JTRIG, the trail leads-clearly-to gang stalking as cover for the massive illegalty we see today with LEO’s.

    And religions, and institutions, corporations, private contractors, etc.

    My blog is offering up to a $15,000 reward for the capture, indictment, and successful prosecution of any individual gang stalker that leads to the further prosecutions of organized gang stalkers.

    That might supplement two years of college for the right researcher.

    Menwhile, oak in this load of mind control B.S. from uturet, bove:

    ” It is going to take a huge leap for the 10% who get to this level of understanding. But if you study your Bible closely, you will see mention of fallen angels mating with earthly women to give birth to Nephalim (Giants) (Genesis 6:4 and 2 Samuel 21:20, for example). There are many modern-day Biblical scholars who are prepared to say that the minotaurs of old and the UFO and alien sightings of today are evidence of these fallen angels.”

    Yup-sayanim aren’t just some kabbalistic crap-they also work at the Mossad, apparently, or MI5…

  9. reprehensor says:

    Well after reading this I can’t think of a more effective way to clandestinely discredit an individual. In fact, being ‘caught’ doing this by the victim would be intentional since the minute they speak up about it, their sanity is brought into question.

    I don’t subscribe to the prevalence seen on the web, but I don’t see why certain situations may provoke a campaign like gang stalking.

    Good look sifting the wheat from the tares though. Especially with the kind of authority that has the capacity to conduct gang stalking and which specializes in deception/mis/disinformation.

  10. pfabeacon says:

    You, like many, suffer the delusion of academic gobbledy gook. The Sheridan study notably interviewed the freaking ‘internet’, which is 25% intelligece agency trolls, 25% hasbara parrots, and 50% the rest of us. And note that the ‘not us’ categories of agents and agencies (many PR firms as well) have a vested interest in minimizing this issue, or causing it to be a ‘delusional’ reference.

    The fact is that when you interview ‘the internet’ you get garbage-garbage study in, garbage out.

    It is very real. And it’s not just ‘cops’ per se doing it- this stuff happens to cops too. Too many blame the cops or ‘the CIA,’ but the actual workings are more easily understood from the following perspective:

    What it is are citizen corps members, Infragard members working at or running ISP’s, as well as the ‘community policing’ initiates and fraternal/sororal society members who have clout and connection in their local communities.

    Rotary Clubs, Boys and Girls Club members, so-called Masonic orders, the Lions clubs, and especially the notorious Anti-Defamation League (well known primarily as former mobsters and terrorists turned slanderers and defamation specialists) in general all participate. And they get paid for it from Homeland Security grants and so on.

    A great example is Rotary Clubs, which all have a connection with both police, and special ADL liasons(American police are wined and dined by the ADL, and taken on trips to Israel, and taught the mystical power of I/Thou/It, and how to denigrate the ‘other’).

    Read about how the Anti-Defammation League runs domestic spy rings here in America that report directly to Israel; then, to the local police and FBI/DHS.

    On one hand, many Rotary work in police and fire, while on the other, the ADL functions as a domestic spy/surveillance/blackmail/ entrapment schemes and they are integrated into neighborhood watch, and other community programs where they effectively use the exact tactics of the Klan of days of old, plus electronics like cell phone jammers, internet subversion at the switch, and more without warrants. They stage bizarre security theater, and stalk people they don’t like.

    In many cases they access the internet connection of a ‘target’ and monitor them in real time, using things as simple as Chromecast, or similar devices.

    Fusion Centers are widely believed to be the nexus where they plan these personalized domestic terror attacks, and subvert the Constitution, and many so-called mass shooters or suicides are in fact the direct result of these long term operations of ritual defamation , slander, andharassmment.

    It’s called “organized stalking” and recently, the first NSA whistleblowers Kurt Wiebe and William Biinney have gotten involved to out these practices.

    • Mike Wood says:

      I don’t think looking at online information is irrelevant here, because the concept of “gangstalking” is elaborated almost entirely through the Internet. (I can’t find any occurrences of the word in pre-online publications). For the sake of argument, let’s grant the (hopefully self-evidently wrong) premise that 50% of all online content is some kind of zionist disinformation plot. Analysis of online information would either yield entirely disinfo, in which case the conclusion that it’s all bullshit is justified, or would capture some actual information, in which case it wouldn’t give the result found by Sheridan that accounts of gangstalking are horrendously implausible in every available case. (Your internet comment about how everything on the internet is bullshit and can be safely ignored is self-defeating, though, as is the fact that you chose to write it up and post it in response to a thing you read on the internet)

      Incidentally, if the people complaining about gangstalking online are really ADL/Rotary Club disinfo-shills trained in the fine art of ich-du-es-jutsu, they’re doing a bang-up job of sounding like people suffering from fairly classic paranoid psychosis.

      • pfabeacon says:


        Thanks for your reply, but anyone who could stand behind the Sheridan/James study is plainly a paid troll.

        And you err in your argument ad internetum when you state not a false dichotomy this: “Analysis of online information would either yield entirely disinfo, in which case the conclusion that it’s all bullshit is justified, or would capture some actual information”
        You also mis-characterize and mis- state my comments in total.

        Many have captured ‘actual information,’ but work against the wurlitzer to disseminate or validate it.

        Gang stalking isn’t rocket science, and despite it’s pretext in the pre-internet era ( which was when it was called the KKK, or COINTELPRO, STASI, or many other things-in the times of Jesus it was just a bunch of Pharisees and so on): religions practice it, security agencies, military, and more are all clearly involved, and each case and context is different.

        And especially,you err in your terms, as the term ‘zionist’ has to be first understood as maligning Jews who are as repulsed by zionism as any rational person would be; and that the term is pre-loaded and does not evidently include the other whack jobs in Christianity, or the multitudes of other deluded persons that identify as such.

        Secondly, your attempt to define and preload all terms of argument reeks of paid shill- but even then, one fairly unaware of the early uses of the terms themselves, and especially ignorant of the ‘work’ of D. Ewan Cameron to create induced psychosis that mirrors the modern description of ‘paranoid psychosis,’ and the wide range of other human experimentation involved in that-and this-era’s psychology ( for instance, how APA shrinks designed torture for detainees; condoned, monitored, took notes about, and were paid hefty sums, in secret).

        Suuuure, Mike. Call it paranoid- that is itself a classic pathological response that indicates that I have perhaps stepped into ‘what sounds like’ the pathological narcissistic cesspool in your own analysis.
        In that light, ‘sounding like’ can be ‘seen’ plainly as what it is.

        On that note, you are in fact not appearing to dialogue at all, and are as your bog has revealed-likely just another wing of the flying pig, or a tentacle of the octopus running gambit for ambit.

      • pfabeacon says:

        Mike- another way to say it is that linguistics is a powerful tool of obfuscation.

        So, in WW1 the trauma endured by veterans was called ‘shell shock,’ but by the Viet Nam era, the same exact symptoms were called PTSD.
        Fabian incrementalist narrative depends from timetheft-that any researcher who seeks to weave a coherent narrative across time first must prove that terms are dialectically related, if not exactly the same, describing similar experiences.

        So, the back-biting and cowardly Pharisee’s of the Jesus story become the plotters in Shakespeare, who become the Scientologist’s, or Mormons protecting territorial planes of reference; or the undercover cop working with informants, and casting a net around a new target, or ‘suspect;’ or a guy who has a domestic with his wife is not aware thhat community policing brings together all of the ‘advocates’ who stalk and harass; or a woman who is active in sex workers rights becomes tormented by all of the internationally financed ‘sex trafficking’ hit squads who troll dialogues online abusing individuals who do not adhere to the mantra’s of the collectivists and profiteers.

        The time’s change, the situational facts are different, and the methods tweaked depending upon the interrogation of the narrative, but the means are the same-and once you begin to read these ‘gang stalking’ narratives this way, you are able to separate one from the next, and ask new and informed questions, which J/S clearly did not-nor will they ever, unless to only further muddy the terrain.

      • pfabeacon says:

        Taking up your thesis about “looking on the internet” you have to realize that without actually speaking face to face with those harassed, you cannot seriously legitimate S/J- because even they use the term itself generally and globally, without any awareness of the nuance involved.

        So, if you start with a single complaint, such as ‘issues with housing’, the results are startlingly different: that many claim they are harassed, and have to move is indicative of this, and also, it is an element of the ‘Timothy Trespas’ story as well-and many more.

      • Mike Wood says:

        Again, you say I’m a paid shill for taking the Sheridan study seriously, as are the people who produce 50% of the content on the Internet, but I don’t think you really believe that. The sheer volume of responses and the appeals to my own sanity seem to belie that (if I’m being paid to say these things then surely that alone could explain the things I’m saying, without it also being necessary to declare me a malignant narcissist).

        On some level you must know it’s not true, but you’re still awfully keen to label anyone who disagrees with you as a paid shill (I still can’t get over that “50% of the internet” idea). I think this is pretty unhealthy and short-sighted, honestly. It obviates any meaningful discussion or debate because you’re starting from the assumption that there is no such thing as genuine disagreement, and that any apparent difference of opinion on your topic of choice comes from an ulterior motive. I hope that you’ll change your mind, but in the meantime I’d rather work on my Unknown Armies campaign than write a detailed reply. I don’t imagine that I, as an obvious paid shill, could convince you of anything, including my own status as a genuine seeker of truth rather than as a tentacle of the international jewctopus.

  11. vocc says:

    There are definitely links between developers, harassment, and organized stalking.

  12. vocc says:

    Oh- since I see that you like ‘internet studies’-it appears that only 28% of the internet are trolls, according to the Huffington Post, but they didn’t factor in the military brigades of th Five Eyes nations, or the “Russian hackers”:

  13. PFA Beacon says:

    Wow-this: “if I’m being paid to say these things then surely that alone could explain the things I’m saying, without it also being necessary to declare me a malignant narcissist”

    Let’s not forget that you inferred previously that anyone who questions the outdated narratives of psychology they are ‘paranoids.’ And you managed to throw “jewctopus” and some Ich Du from Buber- maybe next time bring your mentor Herzl into it for the full triad of ‘poor malignant narcissist, hiding behind the internet, under attack from the paranoids!” (Kinda paranoid thinking there…)

    Nice derailment. Your skills are hasbara grade. By throwing down the “jewctopus” you invoke anti-semitism, which always carries a payload for paid shills/ academics/ AIPAC affiliates, but it is a red herring loaded with gefilte.

    Mike, I’m not trying to be rude, but I have presented links and discussion points, and you have not refuted any of it. In the meantime, you manage to avoid discussion about the whacky Christians, the KKK, the historical accounts of Pharisees, Mormons, and Scientologists, and the FBI’s COINTELPRO, all of whom practice/d gang stalking, and behaviors which are identical to the modern term, which is well documented, all over the net.

    And you also missed the fact that homelessness is a main theme of these stalkers, as provided in the link above as regards two different cases of real estate related stalking complaints, not counting the NYT/S&J case of Timothy Trespas, a guy who is claiming he is being stalked in a neighborhood that is undergoing gentrification.

    Again- even William Binney, the guy who designed the NSA’s massive surveillance apparatus is now investigating organized stalking.

    Yeah, these are indeed the tactics of someone who is a paid shill, but I only suggest that rather than state empirically that you are one. In the least I think you are under-informed, or possibly just unaware. And in re: how paid shills embody the worst traits of malignant narcissism, well, remember, Mike, it was you who brought up psychological disturbance when you mentioned above that anyone who challenges the narrative of military grade trolls, paid shills and crisis PR agents embodies “fairly classic paranoid psychosis.” Which is by design, in any disinformation/propaganda campaign. I studied Bernays-you studied Freud, but the relation is clear.

    Here below- for any serious researcher of gang stalking, or any academic who seeks to unravel the empirical facts; and anyone who is actually enduring organized stalking who lands on this page, is a link to the Whistling and Whittling clubs of the Mormons:

    And you can Google feminist icon Nikki Craft advocating for the stalking of alleged rapists, which has become a default method of “community policing,” utilizing women’s groups to hunt down, slander and stalk badmenz.

    And you can Google the FBI’s CVE program that masquerades as a ‘community based solution’ while it turns psychologists, social workers and-note the theme above- it turns homeless shelter workers into paid informants when the stalking goes wrong.

    Ummm. Gee whizz Mike, I don’t know where anyone might get the idea you are a disinformationist/ paid shill (or perhaps invested in the big pharma narrative just a bit)- but maybe just repeat it again, to yourself, until you can figure it out. I would love to see you revisit the theme. But there is plenty of evidence that the Sheridan and James PR blurb is purely an internet crap sandwich and a refusal to investigate any further is classic gas lighting 101 in the least, and irresponsible at most to those who seek to understand their situation with this well financed, institutional and hidden form of bullying.

  14. PFA Beacon says:

    Mike- in the spirit of enlightenment, I would like you to revisit this post, and have a look at some of the glitterati amongst the disinfo crowd in the organized gang stalking community.

    Here’s one of the classic “gang stalking” spats that broke out between several former intelligence agents from the FBI and the CIA from around 2007, Barbara Hartwell, James F. Marino, and Geral Sosbee (who sued the FBI at one point for gang stalking)

    These agents use the organized stalking discourse to communicate and cross communicate data. Part of disinformation operations is the flip side- to gain information, or to relay information in coded language. Another part is attempts to vindicate themselves after a discrediting narrative has been run about them, and more.

    Odd, but true. Have a read, and try no to laugh. But it is a real thing that can and does involve mental illness, but also feigned mental illness, and sometimes, mental illness as a result of contradictory signals, or intelligence quandries, similar to Bateson’s porpoises experiment which created ‘schizophrenic symptoms’ in a double bind simulation .

    • Mike Wood says:

      I’m not really sure what to make of that post. Marino said something about remote satellite neural monitoring (which anyone who has experience in imaging would tell you is pretty ridiculous, because it’s hard enough to do reasonable brain imaging when you’ve got someone sitting in a damn fMRI machine) but most of it isn’t really gangstalking-related. It seems like a chapter in a weird ongoing internet slapfight that doesn’t make a lot of sense without knowing the people involved.

      Bateson’s experiment is pretty questionable in a lot of ways – for one thing, it relies on an outdated conception of what schizophrenia is (i.e., that it represents a split mind in some way, hence the name). That hasn’t really held up over time – we have a better understanding of the disorder now. Most of the old thought was based on psychoanalytic theories that the rest of the profession has acknowledged were in error. Also, it’s porpoises. Porpoises aren’t people. You can’t diagnose schizophrenia in a porpoise.

      • ProfessionalIntern says:

        The double bind is actually a big deal in family therapy, and other areas of psychology, as documented by Marilyn Wedge, Ph.D.:

        And it’s recognized in Zen buddhism:

        A Zen story is a good illustration of the double bind and also of a unique solution. A Zen master says to his pupils: “If you say this stick is real, I will beat you. If you say this stick is not real, I will beat you. If you say nothing, I will beat you.” There seems to be no way out. One pupil, however, found a solution by changing the level of communication. He walked up to the teacher, grabbed the stick, and broke it.”

        Great post and great comments! Thanks for this addition to the wider discussion. and, the links on this post are very helpful as well.

  15. Almost Dead says:

    Four years for me. Chemical castration, assaults, they tried to get me to have sex with a six year old, no friends left, tortured every night in the homeless shelter they confine me in. When I camp out they fly F-15s at 200 ft above my head all night. They threw tar in my hair until I had a bald spot, deliberately induce rage constantly and when I flip out use it as an excuse to attack more…. destroy all employment opportunities, drug me so my body gives out when I try to work. The perpetrators are often just drug addicts, but there are a few “professionals”. They’ve been drugging me with chemotherapy drugs…. I could go on and on. The whole thing is ridiculous. I yelled at the godson of a four star general. He was my roommate, and deserved to be yelled at. And they specifically target, generally speaking, white males with this stuff. Its a political thing. If you have the ability to rise in life they’ll break your knees over and over again. seventy percent of the people they use to attack you are going to be women and minorities, (unless they’re church people) although the first fifteen months was a genuine FBI counterrorism task force that tried to get me to make napalm, thermite, and/or run guns from south africa to north africa. Anything under the vast umbrella of terrorism they could get me on. After that, they destroyed my employment opportunities and forced me to drift, attacking me constantly along the way. The counterrorism task force was mostly mormon, in portland, oregon which is weird. But after they failed miserably they started using ex-military/ex-government contractors, and when they failed they recruited professional gang stalkers, drug addicts, felons, etc and often paid them in small amounts of cash and drugs. They cook and distribute meth, at least in my case, to finance their operations. F-15s are LOUD at 200 feet. They will get felonies wiped off someones’ record, they’ll give an immigrant citizenship, and, as far as I can tell, every church in the country has been hijacked. They’ll only attack you if you’re outstandingly intelligent and possess alot of common sense, because then you’re a danger to the state. I’m fairly certain that if a christian leader can’t be manipulated by these people his or her church is dismantled and they become a victim themselves. I’m not 100 percent on the theory that I’m about to postulate, but I think the russians won the cold war. I think they hijacked our government and merely transferred their base of operations. They also spent alot of time trying to get me to have sex with Male-to-Female transexuals and black women. Both of whom they know I’m completely unattracted to. Also tried to get me to have sex with gay men in general, because I’m not attracted to them. Oh, and starvation. I now weigh a whopping 120 pounds. The chemical castration keeps me from building muscle as well, which keeps me from gaining weight. This is also, without a doubt, federal. They’ve followed me through five cities, often the same agents re-appearing to rekindle our “relationship.”

    • Mike Wood says:

      Sorry for what’s happening to you. Look, you know where I’m coming from on this issue in the very general sense, so I hope you won’t take this personally – have you looked into the possibility that these things aren’t actually happening and you might have a mental illness that causes you to misperceive things? The proportion of the population that suffers from some kind of psychosis is larger than most people think (probably, at least, larger than the proportion that’s the target of a gay temptation campaign by the Russians), and it’s not a reflection on the character or personality of anyone who has it. There are treatments that can help a lot with some of the symptoms of psychosis. I hope you’ll give it some thought, at least.

      • Almost Dead says:

        I think you’re a troll. I was actually evaluated by a psychiatrist when the FBI counterrorism task force was after me and I was squeaky clean. I’m aware that at least two thirds of the people who plot on these boards actively post disinformation, and now I know you’re one of them. Lets see, their agents also tried to convince me I was being hit with energy beams to make me uncomfortable (they were just drugging me) ummm,…. hmmm. Lots of stuff. It would literally take me four hours to go over all the ways I’ve been tortured or attempted to be brainwashed. To be honest man, I’m just not that creative. Never have been. Good with off-the-cuff jokes. Thats it. And I didn’t say the campaign was one of gay tempation by the Russians, Mr Dickless Disinformation, I said it appears as if the government was hijacked by communists, who probably hijacked Russia originally. And no, they’re not getting transsexuals, homosexual men and black women to try to sleep with me to destroy me, they’re practicing classic Zersetzung. In other words, they’re trying to completely destroy me and my sense of self in order to drive me to suicide. Unfortunately they can’t do that without the chemical castration, because I’ll snap and kill their agents. I remember the exact day I was first drugged at a shelter in Eugene. This was two years into the ordeal. My balls and penis literally disappeared for over a month. Went from a thick 6 inches without an erection to something half the size of my pinky (and I have small hands). My testicles also shriveled up and disappeared. I was spitting at their agents, and they were worried, justifiably so, that I would assault them. My pecs were the size of C cups at the time, and they were that big from the time I was young. Always had skinny arms and legs, but always a broad, well-muscled chest. My chest literally disappeared over the course of the next 2 weeks, although I wasn’t losing weight. They decided to put tar in my hair and create a bald spot after I mentioned in an email to my brother that one of the positive side effects of being chemically castrated was that my hair line had grown back (I was balding, but, because I’d be chemically castrated, I stopped losing my hair and my hairline gained at least an inch, I was almost back to pre-hairloss levels). Within three days I wake up with some sort of black tar covering the back of my head. Took me five attempts to wash it out, and my fingernails were loaded with black gunk I couldn’t get rid of. It wasn’t completely obvious, not like someone had literally tarred my hair, but it was a tar like substance and there was enough of it. When I ran my hand through my hair the tar would stick to my hand, even if my hand was wet, and my hair fell out. Effective. They also effectively created a bald spot within about a year. After I complained vocally to dozens of people about my hair being tarred, they started to use less obtrusive chemicals. Hell, I was circled with maybe four planes and two helicopters yesterday. They bank the second they get directly overhead. So, they get to the point where they’re almost directly over me, and then make a sharp turn, just so I know. They also fly at 700 feet lower than the FFA legally allows. They’ve also got a korean-war era bomber in their fleet. I’m perfectly sane, just going through a bad time.

      • Kappy Colonel says:

        Lol. If 100,000 people say this kind of stuff is happening to them and all of them are diagnosed the same exact way and all evidence is disregarded or deleted what does that tell you? The real conspiracy is that all the people are delusional, paranoid, schizo, etc. Most people have ample evidence but police are bribed not to take the report or look at the evidence and put the person on an underground mental list. When I would be speaking to people about it on the phone or emailing evidence within 20 minutes ambulances would pull up in front of my house with their lights flashing and sirens on and sit there for 20 to 30 minutes. This happened multiple times and no one called an ambulance. Coincidence? Hell no.

      • Ryan says:

        It’s a God cult…..G

    • myname says:

      This is classic meth abuse —— …my advice is to get clean and get strong. Until you do that, you’ll continue to live in fear, feeding all of this. It will kill you if you don’t get healthy and get strong. And if you aren’t using drugs – my advice is the same – get healthy and get strong. If you believe you are being messed with, treat it like you’re fighting a war and fight! It does nothing to sit back and say “yeah I’m delusional, I’m schizophrenic, etc”. Those are not productive thoughts. By far the best way to get yourself out of this situation is to FIGHT. The harder you fight, the easier this gets. STOP DOING DRUGS and eat whole plant based foods, exercise 6 days a week, be a soldier, you will get out of this mess if you take those steps. It takes discipline and persistence. Stop making excuses about being drugged and not being strong enough because THEY made you weak. If they drugged you then go to a local ER and get tested for the drug and come up with proof. Otherwise shut your mouth, stop making excuses for not working hard and get busy on getting better. If that means taking meds because changing your lifestyle isn’t enough?? That’s what it means, then.

      I’ve been where you’re at due to extreme drug abuse and it only gets better if you get strong, stay consistent, and keep moving forward

  16. Almost Dead says:

    Here’s a good website that doesn’t reek of misinformation attempting to make this thing look schizophrenic.

  17. Almost Dead says:

    Oh, and real gangstalking is both electronic and physical. They’ll hijack your email address, phone number, etc, but most of the attacks are going to be carried out with exceptionally low-budget actors (a small bag of drugs).

  18. PFA Beacon says:

    Mike- thanks for your time, and your reply. Yes, part of the dialogue here is odd, I agree: “Marino said something about remote satellite neural monitoring” and ” It seems like a chapter in a weird ongoing internet slapfight.”

    Yes, and yes.

    Remember though: as I said before a big part of this is creating informants and controlled assets- and creating and maintaining a high level of paranoia creates control or the appearance of it. In propaganda terms, it is the moral panic, or the fear of the boogieman, and in people who do not respond to that, sometimes it is other things, chiefly black and gray mail, death threats, discrediting/revealing/controlled delivery of information, and so on.

    So yes, there is always back story in these cases.

    JTRIG, and other international agencies, as well as federal and local agencies use what amounts to attempts at ‘mind control’ in order to create and control informants, aka snitches and so on. The news source that revealed Snowden-the Intercept, has covered these tactics in depth. And by nature, they dig dirt on each other, and blackmail and so on, each leveraging secrets about each other and so on. As someone once said of the intel community which is ranked among the most paranoid of all paranoids when it comes to institutional sociopaths, (particularly Counter-intelligence) ” it’s a wilderness of mirrors.”

    So that-to me- lends credibility to many of the online narratives. Google “Richard Griesinger” and “gang stalking,” and you will find an interesting local story of the bullying and blackmail of a lawyer who used to work for the county, and also Scientologists co-occurring around the story-and lots of state and federal agents. And many many bloggers who criticize police are targeted as well at the local level, and indeed endure exactly what these narratives predict. So, it’s are a bit deeper than the NYT article suggests- and even Mr. Trespas in that article is an ideal target of control, as he has extensive access to the NY club scene.

    Mike: particularly, note the posting above by “Almost Dead.” I pointed out earlier that my posts will often be followed by strange conspiracy crap posters, and the exact garbage that attempts to discredit the legitimate aspects of the complainants, so keep that in mind.

    And while I can’t/won’t attempt to weed through that word salad of thought above, I will note that aspects of it mirror known facts about both gang stalking, and also, JTRIG/FBI/AlphabeticusAgencious discrediting narratives ( I am sure you can spot the red herrings).

    So, while I agree with your general ideas on schizophrenia and Bateson (and of course, porpoises, lol) I don’t find his working theory entirely discredited, and note that he worked in a time where primarily male leadership posited theories, and where the military and intel community funded research (much as t is today) while in our current era, feminist scholars, and others are taking a look at his work, and finding value in it; and the double bind theory itself has been tested and proven in other situations.

    He was clearly a man of ‘his era,’ but also, we can see in what is known from the residue of that era that ‘mind control’ is part of the phenomenon. And, the vernacular of mind control as well pops up in these dialogues as the odd cults and military ‘mind control’ people of that era used ( and still use) terms like ‘psychotronic’ and ‘bicameral mind’ and so on, which identifies them in the ‘organized gang stalking’ community to each other, and also to any researcher who studies the issue with sincerity and has a desire to separate the fact from the fictions of mis-information and disinformation.

    Here below is one such use of the idea of a “bicameral mind” that you note in re; Bateson that many still slip into the dialogue even today. But also, any psychologist who seeks to understand truth from fiction in these cases must also note that classic intel agency stuff that we know about, and even D.E. Cameron discussed the ways and means of causing a personality to ‘spit’ into pieces:

    The link is an actual US Air Force investigator, and a current and former liaison to the Israeli Mossad, who claims to have been part of one of the many military cults of the 1960’s. And, this investigator also uses occult symbology to an extreme level. While many of these exist online (and likely are the exact people who answered the S&J survey) they exist for the exclusive purpose of ‘noise’ that over shadows the real cases online.

    A wilderness of mirrors indeed….and on that note, much of that era’s literature was directly related t Nazi studies, and those Nazi’s eventually finding there way here, and into psychology itself.

    In that light, I urge you again to take a look at the cases of NSA whistle blowers who have now verified the tactics and targeting they endured and the “odd” things that happened after they came forwards; the case of Dr. Bruce Ivin’s, who allegedly committed suicide after being blamed for the AMERITHRAX just after the run-up to the Iraq invasion; and also recently, Dr. Facika Tafara, who runs a family health clinic in San Diego. Her case was covered in mainstream media via ABC10.

    While you have generally and summarily dismissed the online community of gang stalking victims, I urge you to revisit the topic with these new facts in mind. This is not “one community” of people, but indeed, many of them whose individual cases, and individualized ‘targeting’ gets drowned in the counter-intel noise, and even bullies from InfraGard, or Booz Allen who read what people write in real-time online, and then manipulate entire conversations, or disrupt the speaker/writer on many levels described by “targets.” This is not conspiracy theory conjecture- it is known fact at this point that not only do these capabilities exist, but also that they are being used en’ masse.

    There are distinctly many separate classes of victims that can be identified in the milieu of OS community and while many indeed suffer classic mental illness, many are actually enduring ongoing situations that indict PTSD, and depression under a diathesis stress model, and so on. They are distinctly NOT all alike in the onset of symptoms: some are victims of cults and religions; victims of state agency abuse; whistle blowers; federal informants; targets of NGO harassment; targets of ‘community policing’ abuse and more ( in England, the case of one “Jane Clift” stands out as one where she was finally vindicated. Another is a guy who writes “oregonstatehospital” which is an interesting case study.)

    We are living in a new era where online words themselves are targeted by machines, which translate them to inferences of action, and then, target individuals with any number of extensive and often abusive surveillance, and much of that out-sourced. This is all documented by Snowden, et al. And so, if it is not irrational to say that we are targeted every day in small ways by advertisers and bots- is it also not irrational to say that some of ‘us’ are targeted more than others-and for various reasons when we are online? And-in a mass surveillance state, what we know is plainly horrifying; but what we don’t know likely and potentially moreso.

    Thank you for your time on this subject, but I urge you as someone who is in a position to make a difference, to revisit this issue and reason it through. But I myself have, in just this one posting, done more research than the NYT, and provided case after credible case, and provided a few actual names. So many credible people have come forwards at this point, that it could be beneficial to study it further than the S&J disinfo piece.

    Lastly, I would like you to note one thing that I find to be a scienter of factual and practical application: If you read up this thread, you will note that I made a virtual prediction, and that scientific hypotheses was that every time I make a comment, it will be followed by another with off the wall b.s. If nothing else, my experiment here has been validated, and I think, could be replicated over and over again-in an ‘internet’ way. But is that fact or extrapolation? I would suggest interviews, with real claimants to the ‘phenomenon’ is the only legitimate method.

    • Mike Wood says:

      Well, to be fair, “people are going to post weird comments on this blog” is not much of a prediction – it happens pretty much constantly on every post. (There have been an awful lot of comments in the last couple of weeks, though – did you get linked to it somewhere?)

      Personally, I tape over my webcam and encrypt as much of my shit as possible. Of course most of what we do online is recorded, not just by advertisers and bots but by state actors. It’s also pretty much guaranteed that some of what gets posted online is disinformation or targeted campaigns. Maybe even some academic studies fall into that category too (though S&J’s objections are about the same as mine). What strikes me as implausible is the graduation from surveillance to harrassment, and the targets. Usually there’s no rationale for who it’s being done to. Is Snowden being gangstalked? David Icke? Any of these former agent whistleblower types? Instead it’s relative nobodies – randos with blogs, local M.D.s, whatever. I looked up Facika Tafara and she complains about things like someone sneaking into her house and leaving her dresser drawers open. Governments are massive, essentially bureaucratic institutions, even the intelligence divisions – what’s the cost/benefit analysis on breaking into someone’s house and leaving her dresser drawers open every now and then? I can’t imagine that has a decent ROI. Much less squads of people constantly on watch so they can give someone a nasty look when they walk by. Or the guy above talking about F-15s flying over his house every night. Surveillance is cheap – harrassment is expensive. And usually these operations would involve such massive expense as to be implausible for what’s not at all a guaranteed effect – personally I wouldn’t even notice if someone had left my dresser drawers open…

      • Almost Dead says:

        Harrassment can be very cheap. So I pissed off a four star Gulf War general, which is how I got into this horrible mess. So the F-15s, and essentially flying planes and aircraft over my head are some of the most cost effective methods of harrassment. The military foots the bill completely. With the F-15s(arctic paint camo, beautiful things) in Ogden Utah all they would have to do is revise their flight path, the planes were going to fly anyway. Given the connections my enemy has its very easy to get a commander of a small US base to turn a blind eye to the theft of fuel and a little re-direction when it comes to training programs in order to guarantee promotion. In Boise Idaho they used helicopter Gun Ships and those plane-helicopter hybrid thingies. In Coos Bay Oregon they used a national guard helicopter. In Helena, Montana, they used another helicopter gunship. They didn’t circle me at all in Pocatello Idaho, because my enemy is cheap and doesn’t like paying for his own fuel. Its not that they don’t have airports. The people on the ground harrass me in very inexpensive ways. A bag of meth and a felony expunged. They’ll give an immigrant and green card, a shelter a federal grant, almost anything to keep it going. And everyone wants to do a favor for a general. He can get you promoted, he can make things you’ve done disappear, etc. He can advance a base commander whose career has stalled out. Everything else is covered with meth sales. Manufacture and supply. He sends so many tweekers after me its ridiculous. As I was typing this response on the third floor of the salt lake city library twenty minutes ago, I was confronted with a methed out tweeker that I easily recognized as a gangstalker and who has been occasionally paid to follow me for the last four months freaking out for no reason. When I looked him in the eye and said “gangstalker” he broke character for a second (he was faking psychosis) and told me to “shut the fuck up”. That was retribution for what I wrote an hour ago. Its awesome, really, this whole situation. The funny thing is that they convince the employees of shelters that it really is an official government operation. Its not, never will be. Good old Dan Martin of Clay Center KS. Thanks for ruining my life, buddy. Glad I let you move in with me.

  19. PFA Beacon says:

    BTW: Veterans Today is a disinformation outlet nearly by definition of the most recent congressional bill

  20. PFA Beacon says:

    Mike- sorry to be redundant (and also apologies, as I missed the fact that you have addressed the Scientologists above) but here is a look at the “manufacturing of terrorism,” by the ACLU in 2012, from a time when there was a distinct spike in Google searches for ‘targeted individuals’ and OS/GS, and under Obama, the program was expanded (and even today, we find the FBI trying to turn itself into an intel agency, rather than a law enforcement agency):

  21. PFA Beacon says:

    Hi Mike, and thanks again for keeping up on this post. I am very happy that you are taking the time to dialogue about this topic, and I rely upon your ability to apply reason- but also, that you are trained to do so, and involved in the mental health/psychology area, as are your colleagues.

    As for “not much of a prediction – it happens pretty much constantly on every post. (There have been an awful lot of comments in the last couple of weeks, though.”

    The first part- yes, I was making a point about the shallow nature of internet studies and analyses. Nothing beats interviews, and individuals who use their own names and experiences, which can be verified across spectrum disorders, and factored against ‘anonymous postings’ and so on. And also- it is not insignificant that you have increased traffic at all- this is a predictable, replicable pattern as well, and can be studied in a double blind experiment, combined with traffic analyses. You see, the agencies and pundits are very interested to see how far the cat has gotten from the bag on this topic, and in fact, nearly everything I have written above is keyword heavy for exactly the type of speech that is monitored by the NSA, et al.

    The S&J study is one case, but there are others that seek to prevent information about this topic, and to marginalize and discredit individuals who have facts and research. One such is a woman named Dietrich from Berkely, and we see that today, JTRIG and the US Congress alike are waging war on alternative media and narrative research and insight.. The great irony of course, is that the CIA, which gave us “Mockingbird,” and virtually invented fake news, is now against alternative media which provides real facts.

    Also- because psychologists work closely with the state, and corporate interests like big Pharma, etc-
    and psychologists also narrate what can and often do become cases in courts, it is crucial that psychiatrists/ologists get a handle on this topic beyond official propaganda. Dr.Moss David Posner, who was a Bureau of Prisons psychologist, and a prison reformer- he counseled ppl who were TI’s, and he died in 2011-but he knew it is real. And how did he know it is real? Because he himself was a draft card burning student in the 1960’s, and he had experienced the actual original COINTELPRO, as well as the robust debate between the Jewish Left and Right.

    The case of Dr. Bruce Ivins is remarkable for many reasons, not least of which is that even the FBI has acknowledged that AMERITHRAX was basically a b.s. investigation from the start- but went on for such a long time that it raped the privacy of Dr. Ivins, as the upper echelon tried to create a scapegoat; and that for blatantly deceptive PR purposes-this iis all widely known, and he eventually killed himself- being discredited AND dis-privated by a government is a horrible, debilitating situation.

    Mike, as for ‘who has the time to do these things’ and the pettiness of it all- remember, these are primarily targeted at key players in key communities. They are “influencers,” and potentially credible counter-narrative. Dr. Tafarka for example is a ‘family health’ doctor; her case could be anti-abortion activists (nearly ALL family planning clinics report stalking); or even a well connected member of the community whose daughter perhaps received birth control there (I am speculating). But this is how it works.

    And re: “What strikes me as implausible is the graduation from surveillance to harrassment, and the targets. Usually there’s no rationale for who it’s being done to” Mike- this would become easily understandable if you just took up the one subset of these cases that involve real estate, where you would find that the answer to your question is in the answer. Put simply: I have personally observed, and personally documented a case where a homeless shelter’s mentally ill residents were targeted by security guards, police, and increased, suspicion-less stops and surveillance, just after a sports coliseum was put on the city planners desk. And out of that came several lawsuits where people who had been stalked, harassed, and even shot with tasers sued and won in court; and put a security company out of business. In other words, the cases where real estate is involved carry huge incentives for stalkers to make neighborhoods unlivable for ‘low quality crazy people,’ but also, if their complaints are seen in the proper light, these cases are validated.

    Google ” Sabrina Max” and “Sabrina Taylor gang stalking” for one case example.

    A common human oddity that can serve as a reference point here in regards to fact/fiction/mystical intervention/morality manipulation, is the psychological condition of “Jerusalem Syndrome,” which is well documented in psychology. I myself have known several who endured both Jerusalem Syndrome, AND were victims of surveillance/recruitment attempts both in Israel, and again, back here in the US.

    And on this note, many often point to the “FBI or the CIA!” and it’s symptoms clearly fit the definition of ‘clinical paranoia’ as you have pointed out- but in fact, the ADL as I mentioned is in fact a domestic espionage outfit that has direct ties to the Mossad, etc, and works historically very close to the FBI as it is basically a blackmail operation despite the nice PR. This is well known, widely documented, and widely reported stuff, and many TI’s claim to have been stalked by these and their affiliated groups as well.

    The ADL has been providing unaccountable surveillance, and often harassing people via ‘investigations’; stirring up cases if these targets don’t comply with ADL political agenda’s, and then turning the results over to the FBI or local law enforcement for prosecution for decades, and any SA knows that it is the kiss of death to criticize this organization:

    Alternative media journalists are highly targeted, and some report years of harassment, and each case differs from the next. But the MO remains similar/ the same, as does the ongoing paucity of proof as to ‘who is doing it/how is it financed, etc.’ But these facts I provide above can narrow down any single case, and in fact validate them one by one.

    COINTELPRO provided the template, and more, but it wasn’t nearly as well funded as the current MIC- the DHS alone has a 70 BILLION dollar budget. Think about that- that is not an insignificant number, but when you factor in black budgets and then, DHS grants to ‘community organizations’ with NO REQUIREMENT for accounting as to where these funds are spent, well, the picture becomes more clear. And all of THAT compounded by the Citizen Corps, InfraGard, private security and intelligence firms like Stratfor, etc. These are not trivially funded organizations.

    And to make matters worse, these federally and internationally funded ‘disruption’ campaigns at targeted persons have no reporting requirement, and LEO’s can always hide behind “law enforcement privileged evidence,” and “ongoing investigations,” to hide the breadth and scope of these actions.

    Google: “The Intercept” and ” fbi-wont-explain-its-bizarre-new-way-of-measuring-its-success-fighting-terror” where you find that this is in fact exactly what COINTELPRO was, but this time with the internet, and electronic means of targeting persons long term; and databases that are by design,whole person entrapment schemes.

    Remember: these are targeted individuals- not just anybody. These people are for some reason, the outlier’s. Anti-war activists were and still are primary targets, and we even see how the morphing definition of terrorism- under Obama, peace activities, and belief in the Constitution were added to the ‘threat matrix” of domestic terror- truly newspeak.

    And frequently, these multi agencies and their affiliated HYDRA’S and XKEYSCORE aware groups work together to frame individuals or cause the appearance of impropriety ( Martin Luther King’s many affairs were never revealed in his lifetime, meaning that he could have been controlled on some level- but we only heard about and the suicide letter that was sent to him by an FBI operative only recently)

    Yes, of course, most of us wouldn’t care if our drawer was left open and so on- this scheme depends upon people saying ” if you have nothing to hide…” and so on. But Snowdens replly to that was ” then you probably also have nothing to say.”

    But what if it went on for months, or years? If you were for example, a professor at a University who refused to go along with AIPAC curricula; or a now-free victim of a black site torture, whose internet was being used as a tool of silencing you, or worse, as the furthering a mind control experiment upon you ( and it cannot be understated that the last Florida shooter claimed he was being ‘forced’ to watch ISIS video’s- the internet, in the privacy of ones own space, and weaponized and targeted as we know it IS and CAN BE, this is noteworthy); or a pastor who worked in an area where an illegal war crime took place, and came home to America to find that these things were directly leading to death threats online with subtle inferences that you should shut up about what you know; or just a waitress or DJ in a bar where drug dealers and wealthy rock stars all hang out, and you just want to be left out of the attempts to get you to reveal facts about patrons- you might see the trivial harassment differently (and it only increases in severity the less you comply with their interrogations of your narrative).

    At what point would you begin to care, Mike? For many, the Milgram experiment- when do you stop pushing the button you are told to push (i.e. this is a mental disorder-v- symptom of a sick and hidden practice perpetrated by huge and well heeled organizations)? Milgram and the Stanford prison experiment provide ready examples of the general nature of humans to care, or apply reason and altruism. And I think these are key to moving forwards to deeper insight on this topic. Further- no academic has yet addressed these cases in any depth beyond official narrative, but there are very true stories out there that validate it as real,despite the politically correct or state approved semantics.

    Thanks again Mike, for your response- and note how popular this post gradually becomes;) I could design and replicate it a thousand times, and gradually reveal that everything I say up there is empirically true. You see- the dialectic itself is one full of well financed hidden agendas across socio-economic classes,and political or religious spectrum’s, that are designed to mask real abuses of real persons.

  22. PFA Beacon says:

    Here is one blog from 2007- a whistle blower to the Securities and Exchange Commission, who devolved into paranoia AFTER he was targeted by unknown ‘goons’:

    Just a bit of research would reveal this case is fact based, or falsifiable. And there are hundreds more.

  23. PFA Beacon says:

    Here is the Intercept covering the Orlando gay club shooter’s pre- shooting harassment by the agency- and especially note the fact that a mentally ill homeless person was used to target the shooter with bizarre plots- keep that in mind with the F15 guy above:

    What the issue really is is the abuse of power, control of the narrative- and hidden methods of ‘policing’ that disguise themselves as counter-terror, or whatever, but are really legally questionable and very unethical isolation campaigns of powerless iindividuals, and then, exploiting them for PR purposes, and congressional funding.

  24. PFA Beacon says:

    Mike, note Bruce Schneier’s skeptical analysis from 2008.

    He indicated then what we know now: Counter Terrorism initiatives are basically a hoax perpetrated by the “Praetorian Guard” that the sec industry is today, and all C/B analyses is dependent upon the worst forms of speculation and hyperbole. Fraudulent analyses based in total conjecture and profiling based in whole cloth contrivance, and outright lying over great periods of time to achieve a wider and more nefarious end, that benefits only the hoaxers, while undermining, discouraging, criminalizing, or otherwise negating open discourse.

    There are many more examples- but basically all of them ask the question: whose side are you on- us or the terrorists( and those, nebulously defined, and ever-morphing, and even more poorly empirically validated. What you have essentially, is lots of labeling theory meeting hysteria, and certain groups exploiting data for their own ends. Or- the lie travels the world 1000 times before the truth wakes up and puts on it’s pants.”

    Per Scheier then in 2008:

    “this study is even more reliant on assumptions than usual. Even so, in three cases the cost of the action so far exceeds the benefits that doubts about the reliability of the estimates recede.

    Because the loss of life is so low, they measure the benefits of successful counter-terrorism measures in terms of loss of gross domestic product avoided. Trouble is, terrorism does little to disrupt economic growth, as even September 11 demonstrated.”

    Bruce goes on after that- but we see today that he has moved into the inner circles of privacy advocacy, and is well aware of the arbitrary abuses of data in the dialectic. Not surprisingly, when you Google “counter terrorism cost benefit” Bruce Schneier is #3 just under the Rand corporation’s link, which is telling indeed. And that, depending upon which version of Google the agencies have you looking in…

  25. PFA Beacon says:

    Mike- then, there’s this, from a former CIA asset- you can look it up:
    Susan Lindauer
    August 12 2015, 8:33 a.m.

    Let me show you all how easily this gets corrupted. I was one of the targets in the U.S., when the American Psychological Association got in bed with the Bush Administration on national security cases. I was the Chief CIA Asset covering the Iraqi Embassy in New York for 8 years. I am also a vocal opponent of war and torture policy— and my team gave advance warning about 9/11. After the Justice Dept arrested me on the Patriot Act, and falsely accused me of acting as an “Iraqi Agent”– not espionage– corrupt psychiatrists declared me “incompetent to stand trial,” on the grounds that I “was so overwhelmingly convinced of my innocence that I could not appreciate the gravity of the charges.” I was thrown in prison on Carswell Air Force Base without so much as a hearing, and locked up for a year, while psychiatrists argued that I should be forcibly drugged w/Haldol, Ativan and Prozac (though they admitted in Court I suffer no depression or mood disturbances) , so that I could be forced to stop saying I had worked as an Intelligence Asset. Psychiatrists destroyed my reputation to protect Bush policies. As a result, the global public is ignorant of critical knowledge, and Americans might actually put Jeb Bush in the White House. That’s where this goes.

  26. PFA Beacon says:

    Mike- If I am submitting more proof than is necessary, or belaboring the points above, let me know.

    But specifically, I wish to show you that there is a real community, not a fake one, and that there is a point where surveillance DOES cross over into targeted harassment that can lead to charges or institutionalization, based in extra-judicial provocations of ‘targets’ where, again, COINTELPRO provides the necessary Occam’s Razor necessary to slice through this dialectic (the past is the resent if we don’t change it for the future):

    Case Study of two contrasted Targeted Individuals: Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson, who is an activist in the BLM (who has never described himself as a TI), and the case of Cosmo Setepenra, aka Gavin Long, who described himself as a TI. BOTH were targeted by the same databases, the same multi-agency task forces, the same electronic surveillance, the same gas-lighting from local police ( and it cannot be forgotten that Myron May also had extensive contact with LE’s before his rampage).

    Both were profiled, targeted, followed, and, then- accosted physically under color of law- but each reacted differently. And all of that was in the eyes of the national media/ ad mediated as a narrative by the same.

    So while legitimate investigation entails much the same activity as ‘ targeted individuals’ claim, the main difference is its legality under the current DHS framework (operative word ‘ frame’)- and that gray area between where an activist is stalked and or/framed/harassed/intimidated until they comply and become an informant, in which case these odd dialogues take on new meaning. This framework has yet to see a single challenge in the court room.

    Electronic harassment takes on new meaning when examined in light of the thousands of new tools that agencies are deploying against activists- and monitoring Twitter, then pinging a cell phone, then sending a surveillance van by a ‘target’ and even using biometrics and thermal imaging along with off the records forms of intimidation are just a few of them. So too does the language itself, which like all agency double talk, or LE’s trying to infiltrate movements, it is in fact coded speech.

    One of the very common off the records forms of intimidation is what is called security mobbing, or just mobbing. I will confess, that I once worked in the security industry in various roles, and watched these take place. And what we see today is this: a ‘target’ is surveilled via check in points, and transit, then followed via cell phone signal to their hotel, then, hotel security is there behind them as they check in. As the targeted individual makes there way to a restaurant on foot, they are on camera at citywide fusion centers, who direct security and police trainees and citizen corps to position themselves strategically behind the target, and so on.

    Then, depending on each target, street theater takes place, and yes, hookers are wdely used today as ever; so are drugs and more- this is how ‘probable cause’ is built in a case, but also, how blackmail material is created when targeting informants.

    Can you imagine the level of anxiety/paranoia/intimidation that this could induce? And not every target reacts the same way- but neither are there checks and balances within this apparatus for complaint or redress! So what we have is a self perpetuating model of bad guys and good guys- but nowhere do citizens or psychologists get a glimpse of ‘stressors.’

    But it is designed for exactly that kind of mental stress (think D.E. Cameron’s ‘depatterning’ and ‘isolation’). So in these scenarios above we bring gang stalking out of ‘conspiracy theory,’ and instead place it in the realm of “abusive surveillance, coupled with abusive and targeted control” and in the case of creating informants, we have total manipulation of a person, who for whatever reason has been placed into this abusive ‘threat matrix.’

    The dialogue itself is often one of mockery- power speaking to the powerless, and often designed to intimidate on an entirely subliminal level (many targets report their phone conversations being spoken back to them- all of this directed from fusion centers and mass surveillance), and the often blatant misuse of the terms, and the fact that it takes place outside the view of the public adds new dimensions of abusive control; and that can lead to terror and ‘schizophrenic’ like paranoia; and worse.

    Anyways- for you or future researcher of organized gang stalking, multi-stalking, I hope you find this useful.

    • Mike Wood says:

      I’m afraid you’ve misconstrued what I said about the dresser drawers issue. I’m not saying anything like “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” – I’m saying that trying to drive someone crazy by breaking into their house and leaving their dresser drawers open would be a monumentally silly waste of resources, because there’s a high cost in terms of manpower and time invested, a high risk of detection, and a very low probability that it will actually accomplish anything. I suspect that either the woman in the story has a garden-variety stalker – she didn’t say anything about there being multiple perpetrators, so despite the reference to gangstalking it could just be a jealous ex or something – or it’s a combination of possibly subclinical paranoia and her kid leaving drawers open and leaving a webcam around. Like how poltergeists somehow only manifest in houses with young teenagers in them.

      I think there is a pretty clear line here. On the one had you have people like Deray McKesson, who is a high-profile activist and organiser, was profiled and monitored by police and probably wrongfully arrested, and no doubt remains under surveillance. He is an understandable (not justifiable, mind you) target for organized surveillance, His social media accounts and possibly phone GPS could be tracked and monitored with relatively minimal investment of manpower and resources. Maybe the NSA’s got a keylogger or Van Eck device on his devices, or just has his browsing history warrantlessly dumped into an “of interest” database on a server in the desert somewhere for bulk analysis. Maybe there’s a note on his file to pull him over if he’s going 1mph over the speed limit. All this is pretty mundane and believable to anyone who’s been paying attention to how policing works in the US. Bullshit surveillance, government overreach, and wrongful imprisonment? Absolutely. But that’s not what gangstalking is, at least not in any sense of the word that I’ve ever heard it used. This is the sort of thing your links mostly support – you seem to conflate the two a lot.

      On the other hand, you have “TIs” – people who report campaigns involving dozens of people, round-the-clock stakeouts, “total manipulation” as you put it, and, in general, investments of time, money, and resources several orders of magnitude larger than in McKesson’s case, yet are not public figures of any note. The objective is to make them seem mentally ill, or to mimic the symptoms of mental illness, or to drive them to mental illness. Other people ostensibly in this group are in fact government agents planted to sound REALLY mentally ill so as to discredit TIs and make them all seem mentally ill, and the scholarly literature on the subject, which says this is probably a mental health issue, is also an element of the conspiracy.

      The simple fact is that psychosis is very common, and persecutory and influencing-machine delusions have been around a lot longer than any three-letter agency. The creeping surveillance state certainly doesn’t help – but the differences are fairly clear, if you look at them.

      Anywa, yeah, it’s a busy time right now – start of the semester, so lots to do at work. I can tell you’re pretty passionate about this from the 8 posts in a row and the email to all the authors of this blog. I’m afraid I can’t really give you the dialogue you’re looking for on this at the moment or look into all of the cases you’ve linked in great detail, or address all your points. But the email’s really not necessary. Gangstalking can certainly be argued to be a kind of conspiracy theory, going by the definition we usually use in psychology. Not all conspiracy theories are wrong. This one sure seems to be, though.

  27. PFA Beacon says:

    Thanks Mike, best of luck this semester. OK, so we disagree on some key points. I will leave this here as a a paean for future generations of organized gang stalking research.

    That happens. No offense, but I’ve put hundreds of hours into it, and interviewed a few actual people, so my view is different. And I side with you in some cases- I have met the schizophrenics AND the others first hand.
    About “the scholarly literature on the subject, which says this is probably a mental health issue, is also an element of the conspiracy” yes, there seems to be a dearth of literature on it, and the agencies are the sum of that. And no doubt there is bleed over between existing psychotic features in some, and induced features in others.

    About the colleagues- I thought a few experts might find new interest in the topic, with new resources and information- dialogue and debate are good.

    If you ever want to explore further, I’m game!

    Best Regards-

  28. PFA Beacon says:

    Oooops! I forgot to tell you about Chameleo!

    By Robert Guffey a lecturer in the Department of English at California State University – Long Beach.

    “Their purpose, no doubt, was just to annoy him. Imagine a ridiculous college fraternity with the resources of the entire black budget of the United States of America deciding to play one long prank on some faceless guy in San Diego. And imagine that the faceless guy is you. It might seem absurd at first, until you start to lose your mind.”

    Dion found himself arrested (under the ostensible auspices of The Patriot Act) for conspiring with international terrorists to smuggle Top Secret military equipment out of Camp Pendleton. The fact that Dion had absolutely nothing to do with international terrorists, smuggling, Top Secret military equipment, or Camp Pendleton didn’t seem to bother the military. He was released from jail after a six-day-long Abu-Ghraib-style interrogation. Subsequently, he believed himself under intense government scrutiny — and, he suspected, the subject of bizarre experimentation involving “cloaking”— electro-optical camouflage so extreme it renders observers practically invisible from a distance of some meters — by the Department of Homeland Security. Hallucination? Perhaps — except Robert Guffey, an English teacher and Dion’s friend, tracked down and interviewed one of the scientists behind the project codenamed “Chameleo,” experimental technology which appears to have been stolen by the U.S. Department of Defense and deployed on American soil. More shocking still, Guffey discovered that the DoD has been experimenting with its newest technologies on a number of American citizens…..

  29. John says:

    Mike Wood – Thank you for your very insightful and intelligent article and comments. I find this topic (and the human mind) fascinating! These poor people are clearly suffering from Persecutory Delusions. I hope they can someday find peace from this suffering. Best wishes to all! – John

  30. John Smith says:

    “The biggest conspiracy has always been the fact that there is no conspiracy. Nobody’s out to get you. Nobody gives a s**t whether you live or die. There, you feel better now?” – Dennis Miller

    • SNAP says:

      SO YOU THINK PEOPLE ARE CRAZY AND IMAGINING THINGS? I HOPE YOU GET TARGETED AND THEN HARASSED TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH FOREVER YOU STUPID LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AFTER WHAT I READ EARLY IN THIS ARTICLE!THE DALT HOTEL ON 34 TURK STREET IN S.F. CA. protects defends and encourages all the people who endlessly talk insult and gossip spread lies etc. about plenty of people there not just me! The people who you’re left to complain to are mostly new hires who accept the job of protecting and defending all the creeps and get people into trouble who get angry enough to yell and swear and it never really stops for more than half a day maybe in that place!

  31. PFA Beacon says:

    You should take a look at how “Google”(not NSA fake Google, which defaults to Yahoo, and returns results for ” Mike Wood conspiracy theory” these days- very interesting how your “Google” results have changed since I first encountered you, and this blog.

    Suuuuure. it’s a “”conspiracy”” or, maybe, you should learn a thing or two about PR, and perception management, combined with how agency level “perception management” affects search results. and then, individual perceptions….

    Suuuuure. They’re a bunch of nutters….

  32. PFA onlooker says:

    John Smythe-

    Really- you need to get off the couch more often, and into the field, where real subjects and real issues live.

  33. Targeted Individual says:

    Short story of what happened to me and how I KNOW it is real…..2012 I was dealing alot of weed I mean ALOT so I had plentt of money no job and nothing but time…..OKKKK SOOOOO I was always intrigued by conspiracy shit and never looked into them so I decided to……WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE……I literally watched every fucking video I could find on any conspiracy like 9/11 and old war conspiracies from the NAZI era……When I was convinced that our government was really that EVIL and MONEY HUNGRY what ever the fuck you wanna call it I GOT MAD AND POSTED ON FACEBOOK AND HASHTQGGED SHIT LIKE……FUCK NSA FUCK FBI FUCK THE GOVERNMENT…..yeah flash forward to present late 2016 I got arrested for making hash oil which is the same charge as making METH believe it or not so yeah everytime some one get arrested I KNOW FOR A FACT NOWADAYS THEY WILL LOOK INTO YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER POSTED ON FACEBOOK FOR SURE……They saw what I posted in 2012 and BLAM soon as I get out of jail THE HARRASSMENT STARTS “ALMOST AS IF TO SAY OHHHH HAHA THIS GUY THINKS HES FUNNY LETS SHOW HIM FUNNY LETS FUCK HIS WHOLE LIFE UP ESPECIALLY SINCE HE DOESNT PAY TAXES” IF U DISMISS THIS YOUR A FUCKING RETARD AN UNINFORMED RETARD……..THAT IS ALL

    -Targeted Individual

    • Almost Dead says:

      You’re clearly a troll.

    • Andy Droiduser says:

      This comment above is not an implausible scenario and fits a pattern of how the agencies create ‘narrative’ , and likely comes from one of the many informants that are on the FBI’s string, or another paid troll. The story itself rings true though.

      Per the Intercept (Edward Snowden’s paper)

      What Infragard and other internet peeping tom’s are doing is trolling social media and deliberately conflating word’s and intentions with posts, and then, blackmailing or intimidating the posters, depending on that posters sphere of influence.

      They use Palantir, or other SOCMINT mining tools and apply typical police black and white thinking to otherwise gray area in conversations.

  34. researchorganizedgangstalking says:

    Nice work up there. But I think you need to look a little deeper, weed out the mis/disinfo, and note that these cases are not cut and dried; they aren’t all so easy to quantify as ‘one’ illness or as a single conversation.

    In fact, there are many types of organized stalking, ranging from religion based to intelligence agency recruitment. You might want to have a deeper look sometime.

    • Almost Dead says:

      A lot of it is just training, admittedly. If the targeted individual makes the stalker, they don’t make the cut. Funny thing is a lot of the TIs are just letting people go, pretending to be oblivious because its easier than calling people out constantly. They’ll also, if at all possible, harass someone in their home, at work, etc. Internet attacks are relatively new and fairly ineffective. If you’re trying to silence someone’s online voice, you can attempt to discredit them, but any publicity is good publicity. So there isn’t much you can do. In fact, nearly anyone who will participate in operations like this are so easy to make due to their sociopathic tendencies that any individual with decent social skills can make them in seconds.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Huh? Make what cut? You’re saying then, that these only seek low-IQ types?

        “They’ll also, if at all possible, harass someone in their home, at work, etc. Internet attacks are relatively new and fairly ineffective. If you’re trying to silence someone’s online voice, you can attempt to discredit them, but any publicity is good publicity”

        Internet attacks are highly effective means of mind control-full spectrum dominance- if used as JTRIG and the FBI’s DITU, LEIU operators and others are using them. And don’t forget the ever helpful InfrGard right there in the switch room.

        Tactics include cutting a connection repeatedly, stalling a blog comment, or flashing white screens. Cutting into 911 calls, re-directing web searches, etc. All of these are proven methods of learned helplessness and Pavlovian conditioning, but also discrediting on the highest levels, as merely describing this stuff makes a target sound crazy.

        And that’s just the small stuff.

      • Almost Dead says:

        Yeah, it still doesn’t compare, to, say, a black ops guy huddled in a military jacket outside of your door in the morning, who doesn’t respond when you question him. It doesn’t compare to someone setting off your fire alarm just as you’re falling asleep for three days in a row. It doesn’t compare to,… well, a lot of things. They’ll do street theatre and have someone who is pretending to be crazy physically assault you. They’ll drug your food with shit that slowly kills you. They’ll interrupt any connection you’re forming with anyone with noise disturbances. You can always turn your computer off. You can always live without it. There are alot of things you can live with. You can’t survive while being poisoned though. You’ll slowly start to die. You can’t succeed while being chemically castrated, arbitrarily and randomly. The internet is effective at limiting your opportunities, believe me. When your email address is hijacked and they can pick and choose which jobs you can have so they can organize workplace mobbing. However, you don’t need the internet, and you don’t need your phone. Particularly after they’ve reduced you to nothing anyway. When they poison you though with shit that gives you inflammation of the kidneys, turns your skin red and makes your hair fall out, they’re straight-up killing you. You can endure any amount of psychological torture if you’re strong enough. They’ll seduce any woman you start a relationship with…. I mean they’ll do fucking anything. Any way they can attack you. The only attack you can’t withstand is chemical, and at some point, if nothing else is working, they’ll start in on that and kill you slowly. They operate in a network where everyone lies to everyone and everything, if there is any documentation at all on it, is classified. So they don’t actually have any rules. If they can’t achieve their objective without the use of chemical warfare, they will use chemical warfare. So to be perfectly frank, I’m not the least bit sympathetic as far as your web search results go. Or how long it takes your posts to be published. They use a combination of agents-in-training and networks of people who are just above retarded to do anything they want to you. The agents are never people who are actually grounded intellectually, and the imbeciles simply can’t be rational, they’re not that smart. The combination means no rules. If they’re using five gang stalking organizations to attack you, or even three along with two or three groups of citizen volunteers, no one knows exactly whats going on. Even to the fucking gangstalkers themselves you appear to be overreacting.

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        I generally agree with you, based on the evidence that is available, and I hope you are staying healthy out there.

        You sound like you know a lot about this topic.You should contact Dr. Lorraine Sheridan directly-she is one of the few psych’s who is on record with a study about OGS- and she conducted that with anonymous internet voices in her computer.

        Search through my blog here, and find her email-send her your story.

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  36. Ryan smith says:

    Have been dealing with intimidation and severe efforts to scare me Used to prey I was imagining all this Followed by helicopters. Cars Trucks Thought it was police. They are not police and I stopped caring a long time ago. I will not fold or cave. Let them hate but better keep distance cause they aren’t police or law and I will defend and hold my ground Several others have witnessed all this They don’t get the picture. I do and will never care who took the picture or what they do. I’m paranoid that I’m going to set a example Ok. Ille do time for my manhood. Not police. Others who got it twisted with misconceptions. Never fear any man or men or anything ever. They can’t do any damage to my mind frame. I know the time without a watch.

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  38. Power says:

    To stop gang stalking get the power of everything get a Ricoh theta camera on your birthday take a picture of yourself and your watches then set the camera to time/date of when you were born then get a gold rolex on your right hand and a silver omega or sekonda on your left at the time you were born flip a pound coin in your right hand make sure it lands on heads and put it on top of the gold watch facing heads up then get a 10p and flip from right hand to left make sure it lands on heads put it on top of the silver make sure you don’t drop the coins then straight after put your index and middle finger on your cerebral cortex on your head you will realise everything with the knowledge and power after you view through time

  39. su1973 says:

    I don’t think at all that it’s some form of conspiracy. Altho I do believe in gang stalking, I unfortunately was in wrong place, wrong time. I know who & why I’m stalked, he is in some form of gang. I’ve been silent for a long time now due to the fact that anything I say will be automatically label me as crazy.
    Gathering evidence against your stalker is not easy as we know & with modern technology it’s becoming harder to prove & easier for the stalker.
    It angers me that some one reports been stalked & they get referred to mental health team. I’m not delisional s

    • Yeah- that is odd that you got referred for mental health, but it’s quite common. The main reason they do that is because the cops themselves are part of the stalking. Look up “Adrian Schoolcraft” the NYPD whistle blower-they did that to him.

      The only conspiracy so far is that psychologists often work with police, GCHQ, FBI, etc to use the dialogues for ‘investigative purposes,’ and one hand washes the other to keep it under wraps. Another form of gas-lighting.

      Look up USAF OSID and “OSI informers” on Talkshoe- the whole thing is a psyop, designed to entrap informants.

  40. Fightingback says:

    I have been targeted by gang stalkers for more than 8 years. Their attacks are designed to have a plausible explanation or to be so ridiculous no-one would bother doing them. Either way, if I report them, I am automatically discredited. It is a no-win situation. The attacks started after I objected to the activities of a property developer. My thanks to the psychologists who are willing to listen and to look beyond the misinformation that is so widely propagated. Gang stalking is not a conspiracy theory. It involves multiple criminal activities, and has a profound impact on the lives of people who become targets.

  41. Jed Crow says:

    Hey guys Gang stalking is really just mind control. And mind control is really just the agencies way of figuring out why so few people are awake, meaning truly conscious, objectively in mind and emotion. Buddha type shit k? And why mostly everyone else is asleep ready to walk down the road with Hitler to the end or but whatever is sold etc. When a person is observed and they react without calm they push to see what that particular person is capable of. If your an upright man or woman they become grateful observers or maybe even more. Mistakes are made. It’s a tough world and there are a lot of imposters misbehaving and creating a false image of the programs and then all of the people who in trying to find the truth allow archaic archetypes like A Satanic New World Order Apocalypse to explain the events and their deep, human fear. But fear not, we are the good guys.

    • AlmostDead says:

      No its not. They just kill people. They’re not meth and prostitute addicted morality enforcers, that doesn’t make any sense. They put stuff in my toothpaste that will eventually make my teeth fall out. They put stuff in my hair that makes my hair fall out from places hair is never supposed to fall out. They chemically castrate me any chance they get. They’re not the least bit concerned with morality. They pimp children. They have no morality. None. They tell gullible church people that’s what they’re doing. They’re far worse than Hilter ever was. Even worse, they chemically castrate me in order to keep me from killing them while they torture me subtly all day. If people are torturing you, pimping children, selling drugs and drugging you, making your teeth fall out, making sure you can’t work because they torture you at at work, then you probably should flip out and kill them. They’re just new world order murderers, and killing people slow is 100 times more psychopathic than killing them quickly. That line only works on church people. You’re the worst, least moral and least intelligent people that can be found in any society, profiled and recruited specifically for your sociopathic tendencies.

      • AlmostDead says:

        Its funny actually. They chemically castrate me, so penis doesn’t work unless manually stimulated, and then follow me around all day checking to see when i masturbate, which I have to do because I won’t get an erection naturally without the presence of an attractive and interested female, just to keep my penis working. And they call it morality enforcement. They force me to masturbate, then say I’m evil for masturbating, and then use it to attack and castrate me more. Its funny how it all works, but none of these individuals can be allowed to live.

  42. Aundreighia says:

    This article is an example of disinformation. Disinformation is created intentionally by people who perpetrate gang stalking criminal activity towards their targeted victim. For an honest,serious and more in depth look into what gang stalking, organized stalking and covert counterintelligence is and is not please go to “FightGangStalking.Com”

  43. Gregory Gaspard says:

    I don’t know if anyone will get this as everything in own has been hacked or broken. I have been group stalked for almost two years and don’t know where to turn. No one believes me. They say I’m crazy, even my friends and family are involved. I am alone and can have no friends because when I make a friend not long after they begin acting strange and doing things thatbdont make since such as keeping me away from home or distracting me from areas that could be of some significance. I don’t know what or where to turn. I have lost everything twice and about to lose again. I was put in the hospital when I went to the police because they didn’t believe me either. I’m afraid because it keeps getting worse. And I have no where else to run. I left Louisiana and went to Pennsylvania after about 3 weeks it started again. So I left and went to Ohio again after 2 weeks it started I left and went to west Virginia to a small town in hopes that would help but again I was wrong. It sounds crazy but I know that several are affiliated with local emt firefighters and law enforcement. In Louisiana it was freemasons so I assume it is that here because of the connections to each other. I’m afraid and have no idea how to get away or even what I did wrong. Please help me I don’t know what to do.

    Gregory S Gaspard
    202 Sunnyside Lane apt 215
    Parsons WV. 26287

    • John says:

      The first thing you ought to ask is why? What is so special about you that you’d think people would do this?

  44. Kausam Salam says:

    Thank you for sharing this important information. I suppose there must be degrees of torture on the subjects, as I’ve received myself.

  45. John says:

    this guy makes a great point in the video below. the so-called “victims” of gang stalkers are actually doing what they’re accusing the “stalkers” of doing! how ironic! –

    Internet Insanity: Gang Stalking
    Mister Metokur
    Published on Jun 4, 2017
    Beware drivers of red cars that scratch their nose!

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  47. Gangstalking, Gaslighting, and BITE Model Victims says:

    I just posted the below comment on a web site after finding an article when I searched for “Australia Gangstalking Police”. My desire was to find a case that I could point or refer to when I make a police statement. I understand doubt and credulity when talking about this stuff – I would have felt the same way before I experienced it myself, so my desire was to point to a case police have investigated before given this is far from an isolated occurrence. But I found the below article and made this comment with some minor updates (still being moderated so hasnt appeared on the site yet).

    Gangstalking is real and is simply put, the most disgusting, sadistic, and deliberate abuse of a human mind that you could ever possibly imagine. They rely on their abuse to be so relentless, and so morally reprehensible, so extreme, as to be disbelieved. In my case, gangstalking only describes the physical and visual element of the activity, but if you google a term called the “BITE model” you will see a complete description of the methods they employ against you, and indeed their members so as to ensure their silence. This method also describes two critical steps – disinformation and propaganda, which they use extensively and to (unfortunately) incredible effect. They will often pose as someone who is a targeted individual and make ridiculous claims and go out of their way to make themselves sound irrational, crazy, or use incredibly bad grammar and spelling to make themselves sound stupid, so that they and any genuine TI, can be easily dismissed. They dominate discussion boards to post disinformation articles and to troll and alienate legitimate victims searching for answers and support. A HUGE amount of time and resources are dedicated to this one measure, and for good reason, as long as this harassment can be discredited and kept in the dark, then it can continue.

    I have been a victim of most elements of the BITE model for over 5 years, and while it started out as people simply making hand gestures in public spaces around me, escalated to neighbors shining visible lasers through bedroom windows at night, it quickly devolved into 24/7 harassment with electronic weapons being used, gaslighting by loved ones, and a constant battle against sleep deprivation. If you search gangstalking tactics you will see their primary goal is to discredit you – and once they believe this has been achieved, harassment escalates significantly. I personally believe the purpose of this crime on innocent people is recruitment. They systematically try to break you down, destroy your life, remove every link you have to the community – friends, family, work, sport, they try to devastate you financially so you do not have the resources to escape or fight back, and fundamentally change the person you are until such time as you have the same perverted psychological profile as they do and are willing to hurt/harass innocent people. They goad you with relentless petty taunts based on racism, sex and sexuality, and exploit any perceived insecurity or weakness with petty harassment, with sleep deprivation, and try to cause you to act out publicly so you can be discredited, and further so that you start employing the behaviors that they do. They encourage you to install surveillance gear* (so that you spend time and money – but primarily so you begin acting like a gangstalker in so much as you watch and report on activities, even tho you are doing so as a line of defense), their petty harassment is such that you want to respond with equally petty taunts or noises, they condition you to become sensitive to certain activities or visual cues – like 50 people walking past you in a day who cough every time they walk past so you then attribute every cough to a gangstakling member and may cough yourself to indicate you are “in” on the joke or cough when you recognise gangstalking activities. So you end up adopting many of the characteristics of the people you despise, and then they can paint you as the people they are as you coughing at 50 people makes you look nuts, but 50 different people coughing at you can be passed off as “normal” behaviour. They draw you further and further down the rabbit hole, so that if you do not relent to become a gangstalker yourself, your behaviour has become such that you can be easily discredited, or that the transition into becoming a petty scum gangstalker is easier to make.

    * For the record I also recommend installing CCTV, but do not use it to watch or spy on people. Just to record those who access my property and perimeter as both security and a deterrent. I used to have people bang on my fence, my gate, and even my bedroom window, at all hours of the night and day – this no longer occurs. I also turn off the CCTV monitor a lot and only refer to it when I am experiencing harassment. For me its important to not let this consume me and become someone like them.

    There is a reason this is called the “perfect crime”, it is incredibly hard to prove to the levels that a court require. But if you persist you will collect evidence, but then getting the legal protection and cover you have a right to is the next battle as peoples resources are usually non-existent by this stage. It is the perfect crime as even you may initially think you are going crazy especially if you have a loved one who gaslights you at the same time. Until you hear about, and research, gangstalking, gaslighting, and BITE model, you think it is so extreme and so overboard as not to believe it yourself – at least I didnt. But the moment you know those terms everything changes – unfortunately for me it came after harassment hit fever pitch and I was so desperate to escape it that I made an attempt on my life several years ago, which unfortunately gave my harassers the ability to discredit me (or attempt to) in perpetuity. But I will not be silenced. I will talk about both the harassment I have suffered, those I know to have been involved, and even tho I know full well that talking about electronic weapons makes me sound nuts, I will talk about that as well. I would have thought the same until I had experienced it myself. If I were to go back in time just 50 years with some of today’s tech I would be able to make myself look like a magician – be able to do things people didnt think were possible, hell people talking about what I showed them may have even appeared crazy (history is riddled with examples where advancements in knowledge and technology people get labeled as nuts). Electronic weapons are no different to that. And why people dont believe that secrecy would surround such advances in weapons tech – an area where everyone would accept secrecy, lies, and deception, come with the territory – its simply because these advances have been positioned to replicate both science fiction, and mental illness. I can order off eBay right now a directional mike which would allow me to listen in on a neighbours conversation in their bedroom from across the street, or indeed a directional speaker which would allow me to project my voice to only a single person in a crowded room – imagine what is available in certain circles if that is available right now on eBay and to the general public. (And for the record, I dont have either of those devices, and I an im not someone who prescribes to government conspiracy – apart from the fact that they would actively deny the existence of such tech, as used appropriately in defence of this country, even I would endorse some of them).

    But now I know the above terms and have seen the overwhelming amount of online articles by fellow victims, and faced first hand the ridiculously over the top, zealous responses to try and discredit you – I know better, and will say the truth no matter what. People can call me names, try and label me as crazy, but if they do not have an agenda, and sit down and discuss things with me – I can prove what I say, from home networks and devices being hacked, countless examples of gaslighting in action, to illegal use of private and government resources, to noise harassment, and proven attempts to discredit/slander my name and reputation including community based harassment and involvement. It is simply the most disgusting use of technology and utilises psychological warfare techniques and takes place in plain sight in modern day Australia and in the UK.

    One final thought is that I concur with one of the comments above, there appear to be certain areas which appear to be “hotspots” of this activity, where a high proportion of residents, shops, services etc, participate in gangstalking. Dutton Park in QLD is one (where I live and have been subjected to 9 months of continuous harassment), and Beacon Hill in Sydney (where on my most recent visit, where when I left a family members house, literally every single house on the street there was a person standing outside the front door facing the road when I drove past – not necessarily residents but a VERY overt public display).

    So, while gangstalkers will try and paint you as paranoid – my hard earned advice through being gaslighted and lied to constantly, is to record EVERYTHING. Buy either a dictation device (non wi-fi enabled is best), or an iPhone and have it recording sound 24/7 so you can disprove lies from your harassers and ensure you have a record of every encounter so they cant simply lie about what was said or what happened. Buy a car video recorder so you can document obvious gangstalking and street theatre displays, and buy a CCTV system. My recommendation is to only comment on or record obvious, overt, or undeniable activities (there will be HUGE amounts you record where you know it is harassment but that could easily be explained away – eg my CCTV records lasers pointers every single night (where only the dot is visible – not the beam), but it could be dismissed as a bug or some other excuse, however I also have footage of a laser being shone at my front door in the same spot for more than an hour – not moving, just shone on and it shows it being put in place and being removed. Undeniable proof that someone is using lasers. Authorities may argue that in itself doesnt cause harm, however it proves that outside or neighborhood harassment is occurring and that you can not be dismissed out of hand. Start a journal, a blog, or someway to record activities which are time and date stamped, so as to voice your perspective of activities that occur so that you can refer back to these incidents if anyone tries to use them, or claim and event happened to discredit you. As an example and prior to me recording everything, I had gaslighting where on a Sunday I was woken by two uniformed police and people saying they were from a QLD mental health organisation where supposed “evidence” had been presented to paint me as requiring a mental health assessment, a tribunal met and supposedly reviewed the “evidence” and approved the people to come to my property. They arrived with no notice, would not discuss or provide any of the alleged “evidence” to me, would not reveal who had made the application, or provide any information whatsoever for me to disprove or counteract the accusations, or indeed face my accusers. Apparently you have no right to defend yourself against these sort of accusations and require a freedom of information request to obtain any information at all. And despite this being a completely bogus and engineered encounter, and of course, they had no grounds or finding for further action, it goes on my record and aids toward any future attempts at discrediting my name. Similarly I had some woman come to my house, bang on my side gate (not my front door) then walk off and start gossiping with a neighbour. When I approached and asked why she banged on my gate she said she wanted to talk to me and then accused me of being a criminal. She refused to identify herself, if she was a neighbour, if she was representing some group or organisation, and then made a complete and utter lie that I was being aggressive and that the encounter confirmed what she had been told and refused to talk any further and made a veiled threat that she would reveal who she was at some later date. Because I recorded the entire encounter and can prove everything she said and claimed as a lie I was not overly worried about the threat. Pissed off obviously, and even though you know mentally that she had no right, or grounds to do what she did, you cant help feel the burden and pressure of having to constantly defend yourself from harassment. It does have an absolutely profound affect on you and your life. But it was further evidence of exactly what I have been saying of community based attempts at intimidation and harassment. So record EVERYTHING. If I had not, I have no doubt that encounter would have escalated or resulted in some further action. In hind site, I also should have reported that encounter to the police so that it was on record.

    This is the reality that a targeted individual faces on a daily basis. It takes tremendous courage and conviction to stand against this type of discrediting and harassment which is why it seems so many have fallen into participating in this hideous practice. This abuse will come to light one day. And I intend to be on the right side of history. Its not the perverted people who participate that enable this abuse to happen, its the silent majority who witness and remain quiet, that throughout history have enabled any form of abuse to continue to occur.

    What has prompted this comment is that tonight I was woken at midnight, then again at 2am with electronic harassment which then continued so I couldnt get back to sleep. While I was still in bed, with my eyes closed but while being harassed, I commented out loud that I predict there will be some outside noise from a neighbour or a car about to arrive or leave. Not more than 5 minutes later both occurred, noise from next door on one side, and a car arrived at the next door neighbour on the other side. This isnt signs of psychic ability – just months of experience, where electronic harassment precedes some activity which they use to attempt to legitimise your being woken and to provoke you into a public confrontation. They try to mask your electronic harassment with an activity where you can be discredited. So if I had gone out to confront my neighbour, or if I were to complain to police that I was woken by a neighbour arriving home in their car, they would laugh me out of the office. But my complaint will be about neighbours participating in community harassment – including the use of electronic weapons. They may try and paint me as crazy, but so be it. The truth is the truth – and even if it takes years for this practice to be exposed, I will go on public record that it is happening to me, and that I let authorities know it was happening. I may be discredited in the short term, but I know I will be vindicated at some point.

    So kudos to the original poster and anyone who speaks out about this atrocity. Change doesnt occur without people speaking out.

    • ROGS says:

      GS-GL-BITE model:

      You are definitely not likely imagining anything- it is very real. In order to get a better picture of who it is that is behind your personal stalking (globalists/Zionists and other sociopaths are frequently implicated, but also christian dominionists, fascists, communists, and other cultists, many if not all of them working under the “community policing” scheme). It happens on both the left and the right of politics.

      Look at www(dot)researchorganizedgangstalking(dot)wordpress(dot)com and see if you can find a clear trail in your own case. There are tools and suggestions on how to fight back, document them, and learn collect evidence so that you an sue them in court.

      Just the other day, civil rights lawyer Andy Ostrowski was arrested in Pennsylvania WHILE HE WAS DOING A PODCAST, and police used the “72 hour mental health evaluation” to shut him up and discredit him.

      Without irony, Ostrowski was a direct adversary of the state governor, Tom Ridge, who used to run the US Department of Homeland Security (the DHS is behind much of the gang stalking in the US).

      Gang stalking is not just some delusional disorder-in fact, just a month or so before this arrest in Pennsylvania, someone was Googling “gang stalking in Pennsylvania” and m blog registered that search language. But chronic, and pervasive harassment and surveillance, as well as the various psychological operations that these POS use can cause deliterious psychological effects.

      It’s too bad psychologists are so “in on it,” and “out of touch with pedestrian life” that they contribute to the gas lighting on this subject.

      Oh, yeah- thank’s for that great link to BITES!

    • figntingback says:

      Good on you for shining the light on these vicious crimes. As someone who is also being gang stalked I recognise the truth in your comments.

    • Idk can't say says:

      Yes I know you are saying the truth it will be exposed one day all of it good luck

  48. vhsr11 says:

    hi this is a d it yoursel/ how it works and simple solution

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