The psychology of conspiracy theories: CSRfm’s brain bites podcast, with Dan Jolley & Mike Wood

On Tuesday 11th December 2012, Mike and I recorded a radio interview for CSRfm‘s Brain Bites show, based on the psychology of conspiracy theories.

You can listen to the podcast of the show here:

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6 Responses to The psychology of conspiracy theories: CSRfm’s brain bites podcast, with Dan Jolley & Mike Wood

  1. ihatenexus2013 says:

    Scientology was founded by satanist L.Ron Hubbard.
    Hubbard was a follower of satanist Aleister Crowley.
    Hubbards’ followers may, or may not, be aware that
    their religion is a front for satanism, agnosticism etc.
    Hubbards’ followers include Duncan Michael Roads of
    Nexus magazine which publishes UFO/alien conspiracy
    stories about evil small grey aliens.
    Crowleys’ ‘spirit guide’ in the dark arts looks just like a
    small grey alien.
    So, either Scientology is satanic because Hubbard was
    a satanist. And, or,
    Scientology is in league with the evil grey aliens because
    Hubbards’ mentor Crowley was led astray by the evil aliens.
    Or, Nexus/Roads and the whole UFO conspiracy industry is
    one huge NWO conspiracy orchestrated by the evil grey
    aliens who used Crowley/Hubbard/Roads to do their evil
    bidding by drowning the internet in conspiracy theories
    which leaves everybody disillusioned, misled and
    In any case, Roads and Nexus magazine are part of the
    evil New World Order they claim to oppose.
    The Scientologist / Nexus NWO is evil hiding in plain sight.

    This is why I hate Nexus.

    • hybridrogue1 says:


      That’s is some real far out stuff you got brewing in your noggin.

      I have studied JPL and Jack Parsons, and know his links with Hubbard. But you have taken it way out beyond any substantive connections into pure conjecture.

      One needs to separate what the subjects of ones research believe and what it true.
      That is recognizing that there is indeed belief in numerology by some of the core founders of NASA, some due to the early Nazi influences. But just because they believe it and plan missions and such by the numbers, doesn’t mean that numerology has any basis in fact.

      Anyway, I find your assertions disconnected from reality, and can see why some folks like the hosts of this site might want to figure your belief system out. Like ‘what’s cookin’ in the candy factory you call a brain’?

  2. elpfeifer says:

    You’re right about them.

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  4. hybridrogue1 says:

    Interesting how it is so casually admitted that the facts of any particular conspiracy are not considered in this psychological theory on conspiracy, just the ‘mental conditions’ of “conspiratists”.
    Of course the fact that everything is viewed out of context of any factual data about the events themselves under discussion is hand-waved as “science”.

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