Dan’s consequences welcome

As this is my first blog post on here, I thought I best start by introducing myself properly. I’m Dan, based at the University of Kent, going into the second-year of my PhD. My research is based around the psychology of conspiracy theories. Specifically, I am taking quite an experimental approach in exploring some of the consequences of conspiracy theories. Therefore, some of my previous empirical work has involved exposing participants’ to conspiracy theories, and then subsequently measuring their behavioural intentions.

Using this kind of experimental approach, it is possible to explore cause and effect, which most research in the field has been unable to do. I have previously investigated exposure to conspiracy theories impact on both political and carbon footprint intentions, which have both yielded  some interesting findings.

I am currently now exploring other behavioural consequences. For example, relating to immunisation conspiracy theories and their potential association with vaccination intentions, again using experimental methods. However, in order to demonstrate a fuller picture, I also aim to investigate some of the positive consequences that can be associated with conspiracies. For example, are there certain traits that can be associated with conspiracy theory beliefs that are positive?

I can’t promise I will an amazing blogger, but hopefully I can provide an interesting perspective, from a slightly different experimental angle.

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  1. hybridrogue1 says:

    This is an experiment:

    Are you a real person? Will you answer back?

    Is black white and white black or is black and white gray?

    Do you walk to school or carry your lunch?

    How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

    Who funds your research and experiments?

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